Ravaging Times

chapter 389

Cao Cao’s army marched southward in year 208 and accepted Jingzhou’s surrender. The defeated Liu Bei and civilian refugees fled to Jiangxia.

[?]: This way!

[?]: Young Master Liu Qi’s staging grounds in Jiangxia have been breached.

[?]: Right now much of Cao Cao’s forces are gathering ahead of us.

[?]: They’re flying General-in-Chief Xiahou Dun’s banner.

chapter 389 The Return of the Powerful Formation
(suggested by reader MLee)

[?]: Fortunately Zhou Yu has pushed back Cao Cao’s southbound navy, so we’ve kept our initiative over the water.

[?]: And our rear flank in the valley is fighting the pursuing army with all they have.

[Liu Bei]: For this long? Against a larger enemy troop?

[?]: No, the scout says the main force of the enemy still lingers at Changban.

[?]: That gave our brothers in the valley a chance to breathe.

[Mi Zhu]: So… what about the matrons?

[?]: Sorry, no news yet.

[MZ]: Our Lord has just had a son, you can’t let them…

[LB]: Mi Zhu…

[LB]: these people have become Cao Cao’s enemy because of us,

[LB]: and now they’re refugees far away from home…

[LB]: These helpless masses are with us all because of their faith.

[LB]: I could not repay their sacrifice even if I were to die ten thousand times.

[LB]: The Book of Changes says, “he whom people help must be a man of sincerity.” The civilians must be our top priority.

[MZ]: Fine! This can wait after everything settles down.

[?]: My Lord, there is another rumor…

[?]: The rumor says, Zhao Yun… has surrendered to Cao Cao!

[?]: There’s much talk amongst our men.

[MZ]: You knew of his complicated background, my Lord, that he isn’t trustworthy…

[LB]: So… any evidence?

[?]: He didn’t follow our main group, and…

[?]: someone saw him trailing behind the matrons’ carriage.

[LB]: Enough. It’s only a rumor.

[?]: The words of a superior man are true and supported by evidence.
(quoting Zuo’s Commentary, section Eighth Year of Duke Zhao)

[?]: You may be able to give up on family, but I can’t.

[Zhang Fei]: The Book of Changes also says, “the superior man takes precaution against potential troubles ahead.
(suggestions by reader)

[LB]: Don’t be reckless, third brother.

[ZF]: Don’t worry, big brother. My expertise of Jingzhou’s geography will keep me out of trouble.
(“…come go no obstacle”)

[ZF]: If Zi Long is really like that, I swear…

[ZF]: I’ll return with one more head in my bag!

[ZF]: Unit one, follow me!
(suggested use of “unit” by reader)

[LB]: You’re wrong, third brother.

[LB]: Your older brother is an expert at judging one’s character!

[?]: Block him!

[?]: Shit! Who knew this boy could hold on this long!

{flag reads: Zhao}

[Xiahou Yuan]: Finish him off! Don’t let him keep our army from moving forward!

[?]: Main cavalry, surround him!

[?]: Xu Huang!

[Xu Huang]: I’m here!

[XH]: Huff!

[?]: Back off!

[Zhao Yun]: Huff!

[Yu Jin]: It’s not working, he’s too strong!
{Yu Jin}

[?]: We can’t trap him!

{sfx: don}

[XHY]: Cao Ren, the terrain here is even more suitable than at Xingye!
{Yue Jin}

[Cao Ren]: Then what’re we waiting for?

[?]: Good. Make it decisive!
(“quick fight quick end”)

[?]: Surround him!

[XH]: Goodness!

[Yu Jin]: Unbelievable!
(“saw ghost”)
{Han Hao}

[XHY]: Cavalry, launch the formation!

[?]: Unit one in the middle!

[Cao Hong]: Boy!

{sfx: don~}

[?]: Unit four, in the middle!

[?]: Unit eight, outer ring!

[?]: Infantry, outer ring!

[?]: An eight-unit encirclement?

{Xiahou En}
[Xiahou En]: Yes. Our late Advisor Guo was inspired by the battle at Guandu.

[Cao Cao]: So they’re testing the formation on him?

[XHE]: Yes, my Lord. We’ll be delayed if we don’t finish him.

[?]: This is Guo Jia’s improved version of…

[?]: the Eight-Unit Formation!

The most powerful formation- for the siege of whom?

Deep down everyone knew his name, and he lived up to their expectation.


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