Ravaging Times

chapter 391

[?]: Fill in!
(“mend position”)

The launching of their formation was like a thunder of drum roll.

[?]: Hurry up!

And an earthquake of galloping steel.

chapter 391 As If, Therefore
(What the heck does “彷佛所以” mean altogether??? Probably nothing, just a mishmash of keywords)

As if the heaven is crumbling and the earth is shattering.

[Cao Ren]: Encircle!


To be destroyed by both heaven and earth!

[Cao Hong]: Chop!

{sfx: zing~}

{sfx: zing~}

[?]: Get’im!

[Xiahou Yuan]: Get’im!


{sfx: dang~}

[Zhao Yun]: Huff.

[Li Dian]: Encircle!

As if…

Heaven issued the execution order of a traitor…

{cavalry galloping sfx}

a traitor who forgot his benefactor.

As if everyone in this formation is filled with righteous indignation.

As if this bundle of flesh in my possession

symbolizes how I betrayed my master for the sake of glory.

I’m reminded of someone,
(“[within] brain sea flashes across a person”)

and the thought haunts me.
(“[it] long time cannot return to calm”)

No, I’m not.

Not quite a man of three loyalties, yet not far off either…
(“…three surnames…”)

But I’m not Lü Bu!

{sfx: dang~}

I am not!

[?]: Don’t let him break through!

[?]: Get’im!

Because my path…
(“…I walk on”)

[?]: Infantry, block him!

{sfx: pa}

{horse neigh}

is one that the world is looking forward to.
(“is [a road] world’s people yearns for”)


the road extends far-

and is endlessly long.

{horse neigh}

It always is.


my comrade.

[?]: Get’im!


my falling comrades.
(“…one after another falling down…”)

[ZY]: Up!

{sfx: pong~}
{flag reads: Zhao}

{sfx: pong~}

Therefore you must pull yourself back up after a fall.

[?]: Cavalry!

[?]: Attack!

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Attack!

Follow through
(“[if] it’s right”)

when it’s right.
(“must follow through to the end”)

{sfx: sha!}



Young Master,

your path remains.

I have never forgotten!

Never forgotten.

Even if…

I’ll still help you reach the top.

And then…

And then…


[?]: Don’t block my way.
(“don’t block”)


my life has just begun!

He is… the most powerful God of War!

Everyone said it under their breaths.


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