Ravaging Times

chapter 393

[?]: Clear path ahead. Move out!

[Cao Cao]: Over fifty officers killed…

[CC]: Frightening.

chapter 393 The Broad and Magnanimus Path

[CC]: Unfortunately that’s what war is like.

[CC]: Right now I just want to ask-

[CC]: as outstanding as that man is,

[CC]: is he Liu Bei’s subordinate Zhao Yun,

[CC]: or Sima clan’s Liaoyuan Huo?

[Sima Yi]: Apologies.

[SMY]: I’ve failed to guide him properly.
(“…teaching lacked [proper] methodology”)

[CC]: Providing guidance… is certainly a headache.
(slightly distorted)

[CC]: I heard about your newborn son…

[CC]: You’re a father now.

[?]: My Lord, the little one is much too young to be a hostage, how about…

[CC]: Amazing. Even you all are in his pocket too.
(“…even you (plural) also been him bought off”)

[CC]: Winning hearts is a key condition toward a successful undertaking.

[CC]: But I was going to say, being a father is no easy task.

[SMY]: Yes. Sacrifices are harder when blood-relation is involved…
(not sure)

[CC]: So you, too, understand that one day I shall lose my son.

[CC]: They’re equally talented…

[CC]: and now I’d like to ask: Will it be the elder Cao Pi?

[CC]: Or the younger Cao Zhi?
(some readers are pointing out that Cao Pi is third son while Cao Zhi is either fourth or fifth son; the book version text has updated the numbering; Mr. Chen is probably simplifying the numbering because we have not been introduced to Cao En and Cao Zhang)

[SMY]: Apologies.

[SMY]: I have no right to answer.

[CC]: As this pie of the world in my hand expands, outsiders won’t be the only ones who want a bite.

[CC]: There will come a day when my sons will also join the fray.

[CC]: Even the powerful Yuan Shao and Liu Biao had sons who did the same.

[SMY]: Yes. Siblings fought each other through every dynasty.

[SMY]: As intelligent as your sons are, I’m not surprised that they’re taking the same path.

[CC]: Haha, born to a businessman, wise like a businessman.

[CC]: I knew you would be taking this path.

[CC]: Cao Pi is a fine investment and a good protection charm.

[CC]: You gave him credit for opening the water passage to Red Cliff. That was a job well done.

[CC]: And I also have complete faith in Guo Jia’s appraisal of you.

[CC]: War is merciless. Sometimes regrettable things happen.

[CC]: It’s understandable that you would hate me.

[CC]: However, I think you have the right to answer.

[CC]: In the name of “political sibling rivalry,”
(“…brothers struggle for power and mutually harm”)

[CC]: I grant you the right to give your cruelest payback to me, a father.

[CC]: At the same time… may the best man win. And that shall be your greatest contribution to the Cao clan.
(“in the same way…”)

[CC]: You’re smart. You should know that you cannot refuse.
(“…no refusal’s capital”)

Yes. For now I cannot.

[?]: Hm.

[Jia Kui]: Terse but chilling.

[JK]: Though his enlightened acceptance of what’s to come is exactly the trait that one could appreciate.
(not sure)

[SMY]: He hits the nail every time when it comes to affairs of life. There’s a reason why Cao Cao is formidable.

[SMY]: What he wants and what I intend to do have coincided.

[SMY]: I have indeed been “guided back on track.”

[SMY]: Cao Zhi made a move. Looks like Cao Cao has already provided “guidance” to Yang Xiu,

[SMY]: who now needs Cao Zhi as his protection charm.

[SMY]: Any wrong move in this power struggle between brothers will end my or Yang Xiu’s life.

[SMY]: Amazing. With his sharp observation, everything is within his control.

[SMY]: He might be the enemy, but an admirable one at that.

[SMY]: Oh Cao Cao, under your capable command…

[SMY]: I suddenly want to serve you.

{army moving sfx}

[?]: Is he still fighting?
(“still not fallen”)

[Cao Ren]: My, my, how many rounds by now?

[?]: They’re on the move; over a hundred rounds already!

{sfx: don~}

{sfx: don~}

[Zhao Yun]: Huff.

[Zhang Liao]: Hoo!

[?]: Look, Zhang Liao’s blade hasn’t been cut yet!

[Xiahou Yuan]: That was Guan Yu’s pure iron blade. It’s so heavy, but his breathing isn’t!

{sfx: don~}

{sfx: ka~}

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: don~}


{sfx: ka~}

{sfx: don~}
{flag reads: Zhao}

[ZL]: You’re at your limits, boy!
(“…your strength is not catching-up”)

{sfx: don~}


{sfx: don~}

{horse neigh}

[ZL]: Right! You’re not worthy of that sword!

[XHY]: Cao Ren, look!

[CR]: Zhang Liao, don’t get on the bridge!

[?]: Right,

[?]: So’s that blade


[Zhang Fei]: too good for you!


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