Ravaging Times

chapter 394

[?]: Sir! Reinforcement from Jiangxia has reached the edge of the woods and is ready to assist.

[?]: Cao Chun is staying put since the main army hasn’t arrived yet!

[?]: Good. Now’s our chance to move!

chapter 394 Subdue Without A Fight

[?]: Lady Gan was startled, my Lord, but she’s fine.

[Mi Zhu]: What about the Young Master and Lady Mi?
[?]: No news yet.

[Liu Bei]: Don’t worry. Zi Long is skilled enough to save them.

[MZ]: But his tardiness still worries me…

[LB]: Are you still suspicious of him?

[MZ]: Yes, my Lord.

[MZ]: If I were him, I could pretend to release Lady Gan then lie about the other two being captured. That could still win your trust.

[?]: You’re thinking too much, brother Mi Zhu.
[?]: The scout said he has just rescued Young Master but got trapped inside an encirclement.

[?]: And the enemy deployed a formation that we’ve never seen before.

[LB]: Would that be… the “Eight Trigram Formation”?

[?]: Yes, my Lord, but… how did you guess that?

[?]: I heard that the power of the Eight Trigram Formation comes from the size advantage of an army.
[?]: But to encircle a single man using tens of thousands, that’s unheard of…

[LB]: Deputy,
[?]: Yessir.

[LB]: notify Liu Qi to withdraw from the encampments to our south.

[?]: Withdraw? We’ll lose the initiative then, my Lord.

[LB]: Advisor said no stronghold could withstand the Eight Trigram Formation.

[LB]: It’s an overkill to trap a single man like Zi Long.

[LB]: They’re demonstrating their strength.

[LB]: As powerful as Yuan Fang’s forces were, they had to train for years to master this formation. Yet it took Cao Cao’s army no time to accomplish.

[LB]: Men, we’re surrounded by flat terrain. We won’t be able to withstand such an attack.

[LB]: Amazing. They’ve subdued their opponent without a fight-

[LB]: deployment positions for Red Cliff have now fallen into his hands.

[?]: The torrent is strong, General Zhang, be careful!

[Zhang Liao]: Damn that narrow bridge, I only lost focus for a second…

[ZL]: Where was that wider bridge before?

[?]: No idea… Looks like it was dismantled!

[Cao Cao]: Again… with this guy.

[Xiahou Yuan]: Extreme caution, my Lord.
(“master, absolutely do not act blindly without thinking“)

[XHY]: The dust cloud behind him might hint at an ambush.

[Cao Ren]: He seems to be familiar with the nearby terrains.
[Cao Hong]: Don’t worry. It’s to his detriment if this gets dragged out.

[CH]: Yu Jin has led a troop upstream to search for shallower water to cross.

[?]: Hoo.

[Zhang Fei]: Zhang Fei here! Any challenger?

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

[ZF]: Approach!

{horses neigh}

[CC]: Horsey!

[Li Dian]: Stay calm!

[LD]: Stay calm. He’s just one man.
[LD]: Stay calm!

[CR]: Han Hao, prepare the archers!
[Han Hao]: Not yet, the distance is off!

[ZF]: A mighty army that won’t fight. What’re you afraid of?

{horse neigh}

[Yue Jin]: I’ll fight- you don’t scare me!
(translation suggestion by reader Chortles)

[YJ]: Approach me if you got the guts!

{sfx: ta}

{sfx: ta}
{sfx: ta}

{sfx: ta}
{sfx: ta}

[XHY]: Is… is he mad?

[?]: He’s really coming over?

[CR]: Yes, gutsy!
[CR]: A little closer!

[CR]: The distance is right. Archers!

[?]: Aim!

[?]: Fire!
(I heard some Medieval reenactment people use the term “release” or “loose” for this, but doesn’t sound as shout-friendly)

{sfx: pong}

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pa~}

{crowd gasp}

[CR]: Again.
[?]: Archers, nock arrows.

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

[ZF]: Traitor Cao!

[ZF]: I know scare tactics too!

[ZF]: Except I’m more elegant!
(“I than you even more elegant”)

[ZF]: Traitor Cao,

watch me make some art!
(“I am gonna paint!”; other translations I thought of, “It’s painting time!” “It’s time for me to paint”)

Who knew what he wanted to paint? The only thing they could remember…

was what he used to paint with.


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