Ravaging Times

chapter 395

I am a criminal-

a thief that strayed onto this crooked path for as long as I can remember.
(“from young to adulthood…”)

In this day and age,

who… doesn’t want to take the right path?

chapter 395 A Gain And A Loss

[?]: The fuck you steal!

[?]: Who the fuck said you could steal!

[?]: Sirs… the kid doesn’t know what he’s doing, please spare him!

[?]: Forget it, shopkeeper!
[?]: They’ll die if you keep at it!

[?]: Scram and don’t ever come back!
(“roll far far away…”)

[?]: Yes… yes… yes, mercy, mercy.
(“…I give old man kowtow”; kowtow can be to show respect, begging, or saying thanks)

[?]: Child, wake up.

[?]: You throw away your life to steal… Is it worth it?
(kind of awkward, but is used later on to echo another character’s dialog)

[boy]: You gave all the food to me, daddy. Aren’t you hungry?

[boy]: You’re sick. Eating tree roots won’t help.

[boy]: Once you eat a bun you’ll have the strength to work…

[boy]: People won’t spare us food if you don’t work.

[boy]: If you don’t take care of yourself…

[boy]: there won’t be anyone left to love me.
(wordplay on “hurt“)

[?]: Child!

{sfx: foo~}

[?]: Www-

[?]: Wuahh!


[?]: Daddy’s no good, he’s no good.
(“father no use, father no use”)

[?]: No damn good.
(“really no use”)

[boy]: Daddy,

[boy]: it doesn’t hurt.
(“…I not a bit [feel] pain”)

[boy]: Not at all.

In this day and age, who doesn’t want to take the right path…

But… is there one?

[?]: Does it hurt?

[Liu Bei]: Zi Long, wake up.

Zi Long…

Who doesn’t wish their child to achieve greatness…
(“who not wish child becomes dragon…”; wordplay on “zi” ~ child, and “long” ~ dragon)


will this fill your hunger?
(“does your eating satisfy hungry”)
{flag reads: Zhao}

[Zhao Yun]: Your little bun is still here…
(metaphorically speaking)

[?]: It’s… it’s Ah-dou!
(Liu Shan’s baby name)

[?]: My lord, what’re you doing?

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Wh… why?
[?]: My Lord, you could’ve killed him!

[LB]: This kid almost…
(“for this boy, I…”)

[LB]: almost cost me a great officer-

[LB]: a brother who’ll stick by me through thick and thin!


[LB]: I always thought you’re smart.

[LB]: But you’d throw away your life to save a kid…

[LB]: Is it worth it?

[LB]: Would you be content…
(“like this died”)

[LB]: had you died because of it?
(“you… acceptable/satisfied?”)




Yes, I’m content.

My Lord…

it doesn’t hurt.
(“I not a bit [feel] pain”)

Not at all.

He left.

I know.

This time for good.
(“…he really truely left”)

[?]: Young Master,

[?]: Jia Kui has asked that the person be “escorted” here.

[Sima Yi]: Sorry for the inconvenience, madam.

[?]: Young man, you’ve been too kind to the elderly-

[?]: finding me before I even reached Jiangxia.

[SMY]: Ah, apologies.

[?]: Amazing. So I’ve been in your sights all this time.
(“…long been by you eyed”)

[SMY]: Yes.

[SMY]: It’s our habit to hold the target’s family as hostage.

[?]: My son is loyal to Imperial Han. He will not take the crooked path.

[SMY]: A mother loves her son;

[SMY]: but the son loves his mother more.
(slightly distorted)

[?]: Submitting to a traitor will ruin his reputation before winning the war.
(not sure)

[SMY]: Madam,

[SMY]: your son will gladly sacrifice himself if he knows what my strategy is.

[?]: Why must it be my son when you have so many capable subordinates?

[SMY]: Talented men are rare…

[SMY]: I’ve just lost a competent partner.

[SMY]: But I believe your son Xu Shu is certainly… better than him.

Take back something else to replace what you lose.

That is the way of business.

In year 208, the filial son Xu Shu surrendered to Cao Cao and served alongside Sima Yi.


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