Ravaging Times

volume 50

Back Cover Couplet
A powerful enemy looms across the river; Sir Zhou raises a thousand sails

Previously on Ravages
Zhao Yun soaked himself in blood to protect his young master; he fought through the enemy formation using Changshan style

Ravages Afterword
Having no other discernible talent since childhood, I’ve resigned myself to an illustration career.
Except somebody said when you turn a hobby into a job, over time the passion for the hobby will wither away.
Fortunately after over ten years of writing and drawing, my passion for it still remains.
One day I paused for a moment and realized that my motivation came from another talent.
And what draws people to my work is not my painstakingly illustrated scenes,
nor the antiquated topic of Three Kingdoms, but rather my casual/write-what-I-want script from chapter to chapter.
Motivation came easy when the script was interesting.
It’s true. After all this time I have just discovered that most readers appreciate my “literary talent” more.
The writing beat the art. No wonder there were more people asking me for scripts.
I must be the most un-comicer-like of all comicers in the history of Hong Kong comicers…

Since I have literary talent, boss, why don’t we try a new subject matter.
“The Ravaging Dream of A Red Mansion”
Guards, take this guy…

Next on Ravages
Yet when everyone is expecting Cao Cao to cross the river,
Jia Xu the Third Genius
has initiated another killer move.
Volume 51
What seems weak is strong.



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