Ravaging Times

chapter 397

[?]: Stop crowding to one side or the boat will capsize!

[?]: See that? It’s inconceivable!

[?]: Is… is that Chaisang?

[?]: It used to be just a small town, and… and now…

chapter 397 The Assisting Advisor

[?]: The Sun clan really is amazing!

[Zhu Zhi]: There are about twenty thousand Jingzhou refugees aboard these ships.
(suggested changes by reader)

{Sun Quan’s Councilor, Zhang Zhao}
[Zhang Zhao]: Excellent. Prepare to transport them over land to begin developing the southern territory.
(simplified; modification by reader)

{Sun Quan’s General, Zhu Zhi}
[ZhuZ]: Our foundation is solidifying.
(“…seemingly more firm”)

[ZhuZ]: We’ll succeed as long as we survive this challenge.

[ZhangZ]: How is the front line?

[ZhuZ]: The Cao army has occupied Wulin. Red Cliff has been taken.

[ZhuZ]: And… having swallowed up Jingzhou and absorbed troops that surrendered, they’re now boasting of a million strong.

[ZhangZ]: A million- enough to destroy the morale of any opposing force.
[ZhangZ]: And we’re most concerned about… surrendering without a fight.

[ZhuZ]: Advisor Zhang, do you mean…

[ZhangZ]: Hmm.
(should be an exhale, but can’t tell the tone? exasperated? scared? puzzled? excited?)

[Zhou Yu]: Zhong Mou, this is…
(Zhong Mou is Sun Quan’s courtesy name)

{General Who Punishes Insurgents, Sun Quan}
[Sun Quan]: Why did you invite him?

[Zhuge Liang]: No, I insisted on coming along.

[SQ]: You could even read my mind, Mister Zhuge. You really are clairvoyant.

[ZGL]: Yes, we’re all rushing.

[ZGL]: There’s incentive to strike first.
(longer version: “Whoever sets the stratagem in motion first will have an advantage.”)

[SQ]: Don’t overwork yourselves.

[ZGL]: So wouldn’t it be easier to handle problems when they’re all lumped together?

[SQ]: Haha, your words remind me of someone.

[SQ]: Come, let’s head inside.


{sfx: pa~ pa~}

[?]: Sir!

[?]: Liu Qi’s army has pulled out of Red Cliff.

[?]: Xiahou Dun’s troop has moved in. They’re waiting for your arrival.

[Cao Cao]: Any other news?

[?]: Young Master Pi has gained control of the Long River- securing our supply line.
[?]: Our troops in the rear can also be transported by water.

[Cao Ren]: Other than our two-day delay due to the fire, my Lord, everything else proceeded smoothly.
[Cao Hong]: Guan Yu and Zhang Fei retreated. Clearly they couldn’t back up their threat.

[Yu Jin]: The river ahead of us is shallow, my Lord. We could send in a mobile force.

[Li Dian]: And we’ve cleared a path along each land route, effectively trapping the enemies to our south.

[CC]: Good! We’ll move once the fire is extinguished.

[CC]: Everyone,

[CC]: see you at Red Cliff.

In year 208, Cao Cao’s army engulfed Jingzhou and occupied Red Cliff.

{Xiakou, Liu Qi’s military base}

[?]: Here comes a dozen ships. Is our military advisor returning?

[?]: No, we’d know if Mister Zhuge was coming back.

[?]: Look.

[?]: Someone’s coming.

[?]: Did he leave?

[?]: Yessir, because his aging mother was kidnapped.

[Liao Hua]: Xu Shu has always been a filial son. He had no choice.
{Liao Hua}

{sfx: pa}

[LH]: Even though Cao Cao has him now, he would know Xu Shu well enough not to depend on him.

[LH]: And Xu Shu also swore to never advise Cao Cao. Don’t worry, my Lord.

[Liu Bei]: I’m just hurt,

[LB]: hurt that a talent like him will go to waste.

[LB]: Does Advisor know?

[LH]: He did, thus he has sent someone else here.

[?]: Third Master is too busy to discuss military affairs with.

[?]: And our Advisor won’t be back for some time. Therefore he borrowed a man from the southeast.

[?]: Southeast?

[LH]: Yes, a like-minded man to the advisor.

[?]: Take note.

[?]: Add two more divisions here, as a reserve.

[?]: And increase troops to the city’s north- to ward off surprise attacks.

[?]: Liberally plant decoys in the mountains. Use straw-men to bluff, then set them on fire when the Cao army is spotted.
(thanks to reader for suggestions)
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: One more thing. Spread the rumor along the streets that a large mutiny is breaking out at Cao Cao’s home base.
(“…say Cao rear appears large number of defecting troop”)

[?]: The Cao army won’t last as long as we hang on.
(“if only we hold on continues, Cao army maintains not much longer”)

[?]: If they’re still here by winter, say that a plague has spread throughout the Cao army.
(…just say Cao army caught endemic disease, spreading through entire army”)
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: My order was to welcome you, Mister…

[?]: The military advisor of Sun Quan’s army-

[Lu Su]: Lu Su.

Lu Su was invited.

While someone else invited themselves.


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