Ravaging Times

chapter 398


[?]: Three divisions, totaling forty-two ships.

[?]: Scout ships.
(“reconnaissance vessel” is probably better, but the word is kind of long; reader suggested “scout” instead of “spy”)

{flag reads: Cao}

chapter 398 Upstairs, Downstairs

[?]: Oh for crying out loud, right in our faces.
(“goodness, purposely anchored/parked our face front”)

[Xiahou Dun]: Haha, Sun clan’s warships are too fast. There’s nothing we can do.
[?]: Upsetting for sure. The southeast already own a large number of ships,

[?]: and with the addition of what they seized from Liu Biao, their number of ships is certainly above ours.

[XHD]: So they could easily use decoy strategy with their ships.

[XHD]: It’ll certainly be difficult to locate their main fleet.

[?]: Master Dun, we’ve already sent four troops deep into enemy territory on the opposite shore.

[?]: Geographically, the routes for a land assault will be very tricky to navigate.

[?]: Not to mention the remoteness of the area and the rugged passages would complicate the supply line.

[XHD]: Then stop advancing any further. Caution against being divided and conquered.

[XHD]: Looks like the only way to attack the eastern region is with a frontal assault.

[?]: Master Dun, the supply ships have arrived.

[?]: And quicker than last time. We now have full control of the upper streams of the Long River.

[XHD]: What a magnificent sight.

[XHD]: Taking part in this battle fuels my warrior soul.
(“as a warrior, able to position self in this, really not [in vain/waste] this life”)

[XHD]: No wonder Guo Jia was reluctant to die.

[?]: It’s Cao Pi’s fleet.

[?]: Altogether Cao Cao’s encampments are spanning at least twenty li.
(1 li at the time about 415.8 meters)

[?]: Most likely over two hundred thousands strong.
(“based on numbers view…”)

[?]: Plus Cai Mao’s troop from Jingzhou that surrendered- adding up to a more shocking sum.

[?]: But their maritime skills are still lacking.
[Cheng Pu]: Yes, not nearly enough training.
(“…very inadequate”)

[Han Dang]: But… we’ve only mobilized thirty thousand men- they’ve got us beat by numbers alone.
{Sun Quan’s general, Han Dang}

[?]: There are news of mounting fear in our home base. Recently, people in the city have also begun to make their moves.

[Cheng Pu]: So some people are preparing to surrender?
{Sun Quan’s general, Cheng Pu}

[?]: Yes, and I’ve heard of rumors spreading in our home base.
[?]: Not just them, we’ve found some in our troops too.

[CP]: Can we single out Cao Cao’s insiders?

[?]: Don’t worry about matters like that.

[?]: Focus on the front line.

[Zhu Zhi]: Someone will handle the internal affairs.

[?]: General Gong, please wait!

[?]: We’re all doing this for the good of the Sun clan. Everything’s negotiable.

[Gong]: Hell! So you’ve all shown your true colors!
(spit, “…finally seen clearly you people”)

[Gong]: But Zhang, how wrong was I about you!

[Gong]: Want to pander to traitor Cao? Go yourself!

[?]: Please hold on a minute, General Gong!
(“…please save step”)

[Zhang Zhao]: All right, who else is willing to stay?

[?]: We are, Advisor Zhang.

[ZZ]: Oh good, you’re all here.

[?]: When faced with a powerful Cao Cao, suddenly they’re only interested in saving their own skin.

[?]: Yes, but who knew it would include them too.
(this “them” is unspecified)

[Zhou Yu]: They’ve all been lured out.

[ZY]: Master Zhang Zhao sure is masterful!
(this master means “teacher”, see chapter 168)

[Taishi Ci]: Chief Controller, their numbers surpassed our expectation.

[ZY]: Yes.

[ZY]: And they hold either key positions or the lifeline of our economy.

[ZY]: We cannot afford to suppress them all.

[TSC]: So we must use persuasion.

[Zhuge Liang]: I’m afraid there are more of them than we have time for.

[ZGL]: How about this…

[ZGL]: Let me deal with the problem children all at once!

[ZY]: You want to persuade them personally, disciple brother?

[ZGL]: Who would dare to confess their intention to mutiny in the presence of Chief Controller Zhou?

[ZGL]: On the other hand, there would be no such inhibition when speaking to an outsider.

[ZY]: You like to stage formations.

[ZY]: This being a formation of words-

[ZY]: a verbal “Eight Trigrams Formation.”

[ZGL]: Yes. The most illustrious and talented of the southeast have all gathered here.

[ZY]: And you’re still up to the challenge?
(“…dare to crash…”)

[ZGL]: I’m just obligated to see it through.

[ZY]: Yes. You’re the only outsider here, and you’re also the only one capable of it.

[ZY]: But don’t worry. I have a backup plan if you fail.

[ZGL]: Disciple brother, I have a question.

[ZY]: Ask away.

[ZGL]: By the looks of this setup,

[ZGL]: have I…

[ZGL]: already fallen into your trap?

[ZY]: Haha, yes.

[?]: It… it’s Zhuge Liang?!

[ZGL]: Master Zhang.
(this “master” means teacher)

[ZZ]: Haha! It’s been too long, Kong Ming.
(“…long time no see”)

[ZGL]: My seniors,

[ZGL]: I have need of your counsel.
(Jax, here he is using “below you” to refer to self)

[?]: How modest.

[?]: We are merely comparing notes, mister Zhuge.

And then the crowd enclosed Zhuge Liang.


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