Ravaging Times

chapter 399

[?]: Steer the ships this way to block the enemy there, then use archers.

[?]: Attack the left flank with leather-covered warships and separate the enemy into two groups. Wear down the weaker one first.

[?]: Which group should we strike if they’re about the same size?

[?]: Determine by the current then. Strike the ships that are caught in a torrent.

chapter 399 Wordy Diplomacy
(“thousand words soft intersection”; no clue what this means! and the innuendo, holy smokes)

[Lu Su]: This… is the battle tactics of the southeastern navy.
(“jiang dong”, eastern region, etc.)

[Liu Bei]: I cannot thank you enough for your generous advice, Lu Su.

{Lu Su}
[LS]: Since our two regions have formed a line against the traitor, we should forsake former enmity and complement each other.
(“jiang dong and jiang xia…”)

[LS]: Unfortunately my skills are limited,

[LS]: or I’d definitely form a truce with lord Liu Biao in our shared fight against traitor Cao’s hegemony.

{Liu Qi}
[LS]: If peace could’ve been reached earlier… General Huang wouldn’t have needed to die in battle.

[LS]: Our duties differed, but I knew General Huang valued loyalty above all else.
(not sure about first part)

[LS]: It’s only now that I’ve realized how much he has done for Jingzhou.

[Liu Qi]: Yes. Uncle Huang toiled away day and night because of our clan’s infighting. We’ve brought much grievance upon him.

[LQ]: Without his ingenious strategy of transferring me to Jiangxia to replace him,

[LQ]: I would’ve followed in my brother Liu Cong’s footsteps and died by traitor Cao’s hands.

[LB]: Unlike most men, Lu Su always thinks of the big picture.

[LB]: I am again thankful that the southeastern power does not disregard Jiangxia because it’s weak.

[LS]: No no no… we need your strength too, Imperial Uncle.

[LB]: Haha, what strength to speak of when I’ve lost so many battles.

[LS]: You’re too modest, Imperial Uncle. Who doesn’t know that you command over a flood of mighty warriors?
(“…so many like clouds…”)

[LS]: And just recently one of them single-handedly broke through the Eight Trigrams Formation. He is now more renowned than the Lü Bu of old.

[LB]: Ah, your praise for Zhao Yun is too high.

[LS]: Everyone knows Zhao Zi Long!
(“…who doesn’t know”)

[LB]: Do you want to meet him, Lu Su?

[LS]: Haha, which hero…

[LS]: isn’t beloved?
(not quite right, but the phrasing order makes it tricky)

[?]: Most of our supplies from Jiangling have arrived.
[Zhao Yun]: Good. Assign more guards for them.

[?]: Hey.

[?]: Liaoyuan Huo.

{Sun Shu}
[Sun Shu]: Another name change…

[SS]: Who will you be next time?

[SS]: What? Avoiding me, are you?

[ZY]: No, but…

[SS]: But too many things were happening?

[SS]: Did you take care of them?

[ZY]: Yes, mostly.

[SS]: Do you still remember me as your fiancee?

[?]: That woman is General Zhao’s fiancee?
[?]: Oho, hot stuff.
(“…so beautiful”)

[ZY]: You’re old enough, why haven’t you been married off yet?

[SS]: You!

[SS]: You heartless prick! Why would I wait this long!
(the direct translation’s word order bothers me, so I’m reordering the two halves; “…if it weren’t for you”)

[SS]: If it weren’t for you!
(“[would] I have waited til today”)

[SS]: Say it- how many years have I waited!

[SS]: If I don’t beat some sense into you today…
(“today don’t beat wake you…”)
[ZY]: Hold- hold on.

[?]: Haha, not even the Eight Trigrams Formation could defeat General Zhao…
[?]: but this run-in will undo all his glory.
(“…legendary reputation totally lost”)

[LB]: You mean, you want to betroth miss Sun to Zhao Yun?

[LS]: Yes. A union between the mightiest warrior and our number one heroine. A perfect match.

[LS]: Besides, it’s great publicity for our alliance.

[LS]: Maybe not so young anymore, but Miss Sun’s still a nice catch.
(implication only, could refer to decency of character, but sexist-leaning in that era)

[LB]: It’s amusing, but we’d still need Zhao Yun’s approval.

[LS]: That… is something I’ll need your help with, Imperial Uncle.

[?]: Hahaha, they say Lu Su is keen on friendships. Now I’ve witnessed it first hand.

[Zhang Fei]: But this is ridiculous, brother Lu.
(“…you are being excessive”)

[ZF]: To humiliate the eldest daughter of the Sun clan with a marriage to a brute-
[ZF]: How shall we face the southeastern folks ever again!

[ZF]: Our Liu clan would never take advantage of others.

[ZF]: If you want a marriage, at least find a worthy match like the Imperial Uncle!

[LB]: What nonsense is this, third brother?

[ZF]: Brother Lu Su, want her to be the matron, or the wife of a subordinate?

[ZF]: Don’t circle around the subject.

[LS]: Ha, haha!

[LS]: My thoughts exactly, to be honest. I was just afraid to ask.

[LS]: Then it’s a deal. No going back!
(“…never regret”)

[LS]: I shall report the joyful news to my Lord!
[LB]: Third brother, you’re really…
[ZF]: Think of the big picture. And you’ll also be helping Zi Long out of a bind!


[?]: Will Lu Su succeed?

[Lü Meng]: It’s only to deepen the friendship between our two sides. No one will think much of it.

[Lu Xun]: Not to mention Lu Su is skilled at foreign affairs. No one could refuse his good will.
{Sun Quan’s councilor, Lu Xun}

[Sun Quan]: Yes.

[SQ]: He may’ve just “caught” a big one.
(“…fished a large one…”)

[SQ]: After this campaign we’ll use the wedding to lure Liu Bei to the southeast.

[SQ]: We’ll imprison him once the time is ripe.

[SQ]: If Liu Bei cooperates, we’ll gain a new family member.

[SQ]: If not… we’ll use him to control his minions the likes of Guan, Zhang and Zhao.

[LX]: I’m just worried that miss Sun won’t accept a different husband…

[SQ]: This is for the good of the southeast. It’s not up to her.

[SQ]: Besides, sister Shu has a complicated relationship with that Zhao guy. Perhaps this can put a wedge between him and Liu Bei.

[?]: Sir, Zhang Zhao has lured out all the disloyal parties. I have their names.

[?]: And Zhuge Liang is persuading them now.

[?]: But… may I please ask-

[?]: Do we need to keep an eye on Yu Fan and Bu Zhi’s faction from now on?

[SQ]: They don’t seem the disloyal type, no?

[?]: No. It baffles me to think that they would rebel.

[SQ]: They’re collaborating with Zhang Zhao by persuading from the inside.

[?]: My Lord… you wanted them to secretly aid Zhuge Liang?

[SQ]: Those few are the best wordsmiths in the southeast. How could it succeed without them?

[SQ]: Just like how no one could refuse Lu Su’s good will.

[SQ]: No one could counter Yu Fan and Bu Zhi’s arguments.

[?]: Yessir! Now I understand.

{Bu Zhi}
[Yu Fan]: Yes, Cao Cao is the traitor to our country, a man viewed in disdain by all.
(“…the world’s …”)
{Yu Fan}

[?]: Today we men of the southeast must stand up to a powerful tyrant and join in the fight with the rest of the world.
[?]: Therefore we must rally. Remember that a united world is more powerful than Cao Cao’s organization.

[Bu Zhi]: Yes. Therefore we must discard our sectarianism. A man of Han is a subject of Han.
(“…if is han person, is han vassal”)

[?]: Decades of war left behind innumerable deaths and displacements– a result of losing our unity.

[BZ]: Stop the vain attempts to defeat Cao Cao by one’s own faction.
[BZ]: Rule over different lands today then later fight again over conflict of interests.

[?]: That’s why we must support a man of strength, raise the banner of Han, and command the masses to fight against the traitor!

[?]: Central Plain! Oh Central Plain! When will the suffering of our people cease?
(“central plain” is more or less synonymous to “middle kingdom”, but has clearer connection to the title “fiery phoenix light up the plains”)

[?]: Capable men, how long could your heart bear this?

[?]: I can tell those disloyal men are starting to doubt themselves.

[Taishi Ci]: The words may sound like a persuasion to change their minds…

[TSC]: but they’re actually meant for something else.

[Zhou Yu]: They would never expect that this battle of words is not about them.

[ZY]: It’s about someone who I’ve always admired.

[ZY]: He cannot escape once he’s inside the cage.

[ZY]: Look, here comes the killer move.

[?]: It’s been too long, Kong Ming.
(“…long time no see”)

[Zhuge Liang]: Elder brother.

[ZY]: Disciple brother, my target.

[ZY]: Please, join us!



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