Ravaging Times

chapter 400

{sfx: dong~dong~dong~}

[Cai Mao]: Look, Sun clan’s scout ships!

[?]: But only three of them, General!

chapter 400 Terse Skirmish

{Cao Cao’s General, Cai Mao}
[CM]: Gan Ning! You traitor of Jingzhou!

Who’s the traitor here?

[CM]: Left and right flanks, pincer attack!

{sfx: woo~}
(probably war-horns)

{Cai Mao’s younger brother, Cai Xun}
[Cai Xun]: Right flank, help us surround the enemy!
(“…collaborate with our troop…”)

[?]: They won’t get away today!

[CX]: Archers, get ready!

[?]: We’re closing in, master Gan!

[Gan Ning]: Use the tactic of leather-covered warships- frontal assault!

{sfx: woo~}

[CX]: Fire at will!
(“ten-thousand arrows together fire”)

{sfx: shoo~}

Over there.


[?]: Keep your heads down. We’re going in!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: General, th-they…


[?]: Master Cai, they’ve targeted second master’s ship!

[CM]: Oh no, we can’t get close enough because of the torrent!


{sfx: cha~}

[CX]: Great! Here comes the traitor-

[CX]: on Heaven’s behalf I shall right this wrong!
(“today I will on behalf of Heaven practice the Way”)

{sfx: pong~}

I’m no traitor.

I… never submitted to a criminal.

Unlike you all!

[?]: Our men have boarded the enemy ships. Move in for retrieval!

{sfx: pa}

{Sun Quan’s General, Zhou Tai}

[?]: General Gan, General Zhou,
[?]: please return!

[GN]: Got the head of the left flank.
(“…left ship…”)

[Zhou Tai]: Got the right.

[GN]: Ram.

{sfx: woo~}

[?]: General, the Sun fleet is heading straight for us!

[?]: Evade! Avoid a head-on collision!

[?]: Hurry, turn!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: They passed us! Turn around and catch them!

[?]: General, look!

[?]: They’re so fast!

[CM]: They used the current in their fight, then took advantage of the wind from the gorge.

[CM]: See that narrow gap between the gorge? That’s the source.

[CM]: Their light ships in this wind will be too fast for us to catch up to.

The right time and place are vital in naval warfare. Not easy, that’s for sure.

[CM]: A good lesson… in the naval battle tactics of the Sun clan.

[GN]: Have you mapped out all of the enemy deployments?

[?]: Yessir. I’m in the process of diagramming and reporting to our Lord.

[?]: As the Chief Controller expected, the Cao army is a pushover if their main force is the Jingzhou navy.

[ZT]: They’ll retrain their men after this battle.

[GN]: Inform our Lord that traitor Cao…

[GN]: won’t dare to cross the river for at least another month.

On that day, Zhou Yu has set the date of battle for Cao Cao.


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