Ravaging Times

chapter 403

[?]: Farmers tend their paddies for the rice.
(“…have rice to eat”)

[?]: Fishermen sink their hooks for the fish.
(“…have fish to eat”)

{sfx: shoo~}

chapter 403 The Number One Advisor

[?]: I see the Heaven’s smile.
(“seeing old sky dragon face happy”)

[?]: Fourteenth, sunny.
(fourteen of what? day of the month? no idea; this must be ancient Chinese astronomy terminology)

[?]: A harvest, a harvest.

[?]: You there!

[?]: Kooky old man, why are you fishing at this odd hour?

[?]: To the hills and down the waters. Why are you still here with the war looming?

[?]: The villagers have all fled. You should hurry too!

[?]: I’ll catch one soon. Just a little longer.
(“almost hooked, more waiting a bit”)

[?]: Kooky old man! We gotta go!

[?]: Again.

[?]: Again with this breed.

[?]: And they’re all coming over here…

[?]: Something’s out of the ordinary this year.

[?]: So it is. The water’s warmer.
(global warming? XD)

[?]: Oh.

[?]: Hooked.

[?]: I warned you, kooky old man. Head for the other shore!

[?]: You hear me? Get outta there!

[?]: It’s admirable
(“valuable as famous person”)

[?]: that a famous man like you still live a primitive and hard life.
(“studious” is not right, I just don’t know how to elaborate on “primitive”, because it’s obviously not caveman life style)

[?]: We should not abandon the agricultural tradition that we grew up with.

[?]: And your determination to carry through is admirable too.

[?]: It’s a pity that no one will appreciate you in a place like this.

[?]: Yes. Men of today only care about waging war. Who understands the way to be one with the Heavens?
(“…who knows with sky coexist”; not sure)

[?]: Except that using such skill for fishing is disrespectful to the Heavens.

[?]: Your former colleague has empowered the Sun clan and helped them conquer the entire southeast.

[?]: Don’t mind him, mister. My friend is just being forward.

[?]: The stink of money. Please don’t compare me to “him”.

[?]: To be honest, we’re both leaving today all thanks to “him” as well.

[?]: So you have also offended Zhang Zhao?

[?]: Yes, unfortunately.

[?]: The Sun clan has decided to oppose the Imperial court. We’re well-meaning, but powerless.

[?]: Rude remarks were made in order to defend the unity of Great Han.

{sfx: ka~}

[?]: What do you think?

[?]: Good. It’s like walking on land!

[?]: Three per unit; use the ship like a wall.

[?]: The ships chained together will be able to withstand their warships’ ramming. That’ll stave off Sun clan’s surprise attacks for a while.

[Cai Mao]: Once our men become familiar with the water through a month of training, the southeast will have our payback.

[Xiahou Dun]: Yes. The severe winter is coming. We must mobilize by next month.

[?]: But I’ve been warned repeatedly by our base…

[XHD]: “Beware of an attack by fire.” That’s Xun Yu’s only order.

[CM]: Don’t worry, General. Only northerly winds blow in the winter.
{Zhang Yun}
[Zhang Yun]: And of all my years in Jingzhou, there had hardly been any unexpected weather.

[Xun You]: If it wasn’t for unexpected weather, how could Guo Jia use the sudden tide to attack Jingzhou?

[XY]: I say Guo Jia may have calculated to this point, but he could not know every possible outcome now that he’s gone.

[?]: If the Sun clan can use fire in their attack, we could also wield it like a weapon.

[XY]: The “burning of Red Cliff” certainly is a tactic that could be used by both sides.

[Jia Xu]: Yes. If our ships could approach the enemy shore, a more powerful gust will aid in our massacre of their forces.

[JX]: Unfortunately… Xun Yu and I mostly studied governance and the art of war, not so much in astronomy and calculation.

[JX]: But there are two unknown masters in the School of Water Mirror. One is Zhang Zhao,
[JX]: who specialized in management and finances. He has become renowned for leading the boom of the southeast.

[JX]: The other was born to a farming culture. A living almanac. He was also invited by the Sun clan after the school closed its doors.

[?]: He’s stubborn, however. And in recent years his differences with Zhang Zhao had caused him to retire into the hills.

[XHD]: Zhang Zhao’s influence is strong. A farmer without a background is unlikely to bring about an upswing.

[XY]: He taught astronomy to the Eight Geniuses… Our might will be redoubled if he’s willing to join us.

[JX]: Remember the two spies I sent to the southeast?

[JX]: Ma En and Cheng Chao are on their way back.

[JX]: They had another mission other than reporting to us.

[JX]: And that is to establish contact with him.

[XHD]: Jia Xu, what’s his name?

[?]: Mister Kan Ze.

[?]: I have finally found you, sir.
(this sentence is so awkward to say)

[?]: I can’t believe you’ve been studying astronomy so diligently.
[Kan Ze]: Haha, the wisdom of farmers is broad and deep.

[?]: The setup had taken so long. We’re sorry to have put you through this.

[KZ]: Lu Yuan.

[Lu Yuan]: Yessir.

[KZ]: Inform Gong Jin,

[KZ]: that I have succeeded in infiltrating Cao Cao’s camp despite his paranoia.

{flag reads: Cao}
[KZ]: The date of the Cao army’s mobilization is within my grasp!

The cold air has not arrived by October, but the symptoms of the plague have begun to appear. The army was weakened. In order to avoid Jingzhou’s severe winter, there must be a gain for a loss.

Cao Cao has cut off all means of retreat.


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