Ravaging Times

chapter 405


[?]: Revolts broke out simultaneously across the southern development zones!
{flag reads: Sun}

[?]: At the speed those rebels are spreading, I doubt it was spur of the moment.

[?]: And the Shanyue tribe has joined in the chaos south of Haihun!

chapter 405 Zi Yi And Wen Yuan
(courtesy names of Taishi Ci and Zhang Liao)

[Huang Gai]: That means there are Cao Cao’s men hiding among the refugees of Jingzhou.
{Sun Quan’s General-in-Chief, Huang Gai}

[HG]: The rebels and barbarians chose to take action after we transferred troops to Red Cliff. Looks like they had this planned out.

[HG]: Notify the camp masters to spare some men to suppress the rebellions in the south.

[HG]: Guard your posts, everyone. Be extra careful!

[?]: Sir!

[?]: We spotted Cao Cao’s troops in the woods near Haihun!

[HG]: What? Didn’t they pull out earlier?

[?]: Not at all- there are so many of them!

[HG]: Decoy tactic…

[HG]: Looks like the attack on Red Cliff is merely a pretense.

[?]: General Huang, do you mean the main force of the Cao army… will attack by land?

[HG]: Who else is still at Haihun?

[?]: The camp master on the hill is General Taishi Ci!

[?]: His lone battalion is too weak!

[?]: Please let us go save him, General Huang!

[HG]: No, a moment longer.

[HG]: Has the scouting vessels returned?
[?]: Yessir, I’ll go look!

[?]: Has the scouts returned?

[?]: Sir! Cao Cao’s warships have been transferred back again!

[?]: Over two hundred ships this time, more than what they had withdrawn before!
[?]: Wh… what!


[HG]: Stay put. Those two hundred ships will target here once they land!

[HG]: Yuzhang cannot be lost. Zhou Yu told me to redeploy troops carefully, and this time…

[HG]: I have miscalculated!

In early November, the Cao army made another attempt to invade by land.
{flag reads: Cao}

The military base at Haihun had been completely surrounded.



[?]: Fend off the enemy, hold your ground!

[Deng Ai]: Got it.

[?]: Huh?


[DA]: Aha.





[Zhang Liao]: My, my.

{sfx: ka~}

[Taishi Ci]: Not bad yourself.

[TSC]: You remind me of someone.

[ZL]: Who?

{sfx: ka~}



[TSC]: An old friend.

[ZL]: Your opponent in that legendary brawl?
(“has you fought once, is that the legend”)

[TSC]: Yes.


I can feel that way once again.

[ZL]: Thanks.

[TSC]: No.

[TSC]: I should be the one thanking you.

Thanks. This is how it feels to understand the other.
(part of the old saying “know thyself and thy enemy”)


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