Ravaging Times

volume 55

Back Cover Couplet
The peerless Dragon and Phoenix; who else is even comparable

Previously on Ravages
Kong Ming used the right timing of a weather change; Zhong Da waited for the right timing to kill an immortal

Ravages Afterword
For someone like me who enjoys studying strategies, the Korean Wave in recent years have really opened my eyes.
For us older generations with a foundation in Japanese culture, it requires very persuasive arguments to make us accept new ideas.
From my experience, one must study the art films of a trending culture in order to see its scope, before looking at what’s in the mainstream.
And in reality, South Korea has made it to an unreachable height.
Don’t just think that it already dominates the mainstream while forgetting its extensive roots in the humanities.
We often mock Korean Soaps as being formulaic, and yet we don’t even have A formula to create from.
That’s because we don’t really understand art.
When I went to Japan this year, they played K-Pop music in restaurants and sold Hanbok in clothing stores. I might’ve gone to the wrong place…

Next on Ravages
And the historically Invincible General shall encounter the most difficult challenge of his life…
(“…frequently victorious general…”)
The beauty trap!
Volume 56
Lady Fan
Chen Mou’s commentary written for volume 55


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