Ravaging Times

chapter 452

{Zhouling county}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: The gate won’t last much longer against the Sun army’s nonstop siege!
[?]: Desertion on the rise! They can’t wait for reinforcements anymore!
(“reinforcements haven’t arrived, spirit first damaged, deserters many”)

[?]: If this continues…

[?]: Sir! Their main city is showing signs of fatigue!

chapter 452 Old And Wily
(I already used the phrase “wily old fox” for Liu Bei, so I’m not sure if I should use the same phrasing for Huang Zhong, so I’m omitting “fox”, which wasn’t in the original sentence anyway)

[Zhou Yu]: What else?

[?]: Jia Xu sent aid to have Cao Ren withdraw from Yiling to the Nan commandery!
(I’m not sure if I should keep the gloss “nanjun” for “south commandery/province, since Chinese names are often translated by their meaning and not directly by phonetics. The “four southern commanderies” are already confusing enough. I might change this later as I read more about this.)
[?]: The Jiangling region should be free of Cao Cao’s troops. All of it now belongs to the southeast!

[?]: Chief Controller, we’ve made a huge leap forward!

[?]: Sir! Letter from Lu Su.

[ZY]: Hahaha, what an expert diplomat.

[ZY]: Lu Su says, Han Xuan has lured Liu Bei’s main forces into the four commanderies.

[?]: No wonder you held back on attacking the four commanderies, Chief Controller. You had this contingency plan all along.

[?]: As expected, they showed their true colors once Red Cliff is in chaos.
[?]: Zhuge Liang thought he made a clever move, not knowing…

[?]: that the four commanderies were already our allies.

[ZY]: Kong Ming won’t be able to escape this abyss.

[?]: So we’ll reap the benefit after the two tigers wear themselves out.

[?]: But will the four commanderies be able to stop Liu Bei?

[?]: He can’t run amok just because of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

[?]: Han Xuan must have a killer move when he’s eyeing the world.

[Gan Ning]: There is someone in Changsha that even I wouldn’t challenge…

{Gan Ning}
[GN]: He has the mad strength to kill anyone within fifty steps of him.

[GN]: Us solders are blessed because the Chief Controller understands this.

[ZY]: Haha, why would I not steer clear of a man whom even Gan Ning would avoid?

[?]: Gate’s down, Chief Controller!

[ZY]: With Zhouling breached, the Cao army will be split in half…

[ZY]: Everyone, our Lord is ready to move too.

In December of year 208, Zhou Yu conquered Jiangling and Yiling. Jia Xu and Cao Ren retreated to the commandery of Nan.

At the same time, Sun Quan’s other main force took one large step into Cao Cao’s territory by waging a campaign in Hefei.

And it’s about eighty steps here.

{sfx: cha~}

{crowd noise}

[?]: Th… that’s the fifteenth shot. Is that bastard human?
[?]: It’s unheard of to shoot with a bow of three-stone draw weight that many times!
(don’t know the unit conversion for stone to pound or kilogram, nor a better term for that type of bow)

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha~}

[Huang Zhong]: Sixteen.

[HZ]: Not a step back. Gutsy.

[HZ]: Back off.

[?]: That bastard is aiming again. Everybody be careful!
[?]: Don’t retreat. If you do our formation will collapse!

[?]: Middle group, do not scatter! Do not scatter!

{sfx: cha~}

[Guan Yu]: The seventeenth arrow is off the mark.

[GY]: Amazing.

[HZ]: Huff.
[HZ]: Huff.

[?]: Seventeen full draws in a row. What a godly talent!
[?]: Could you even make use of that bow once?

{Governor of the Lingling commandery, Liu Du}
[Liu Du]: Too bad Huang Zhong’s strength is waning. Once his arrows lose their kick, we’ll attack from the right side.
{General-in-Chief, Xing Dao Rong}
[Xing Dao Rong]: Yessir.

[XDR]: That brawn. Old man, I apologize for my disrespect…

{sfx: pa~}

[LD]: Huang Zhong’s arrow has slowed. Prepare for a coordinated attack.
[XDR]: Don’t worry. This time we’ll take Guan Yu’s head for sure.

[?]: Go.

[HZ]: Good. You’re coming too.

{rider movement sfx}

Even closer now!
(“distance again pulled closer”)

[LD]: Guan Yu is attacking too!

[?]: Infantry, ready to engage.

{sfx: shoo}

[?]: Second master, what…

{sfx: ta}


He’s pulling another arrow?
That means…

the previous one has already been shot!

{sfx: pa~}

It flew so fast I couldn’t even see it. He has been conserving his strength!

[HZ]: What a way to “feint defeat“.

[HZ]: Fifty steps. Perfect.

These fifty steps took fifty years to master.

Pity how fast those fifty years flew by…


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