Ravaging Times

chapter 455

[?]: Sir!

[?]: We spotted two enemy troops in the west hills!
[?]: They’re sizeable and are heading for second master from behind!

[Guan Ping]: I see them too.

They’re closing in on our retreat route.

chapter 455 Mastery Over Blade And Arrow

They wouldn’t dare if the Sun clan hadn’t allowed this to happen…

{Guan Ping}
[GP]: How’s the fight at father’s position?
[?]: Han Xuan’s troop has him entangled. No clear victory yet.

[?]: Second master hasn’t crushed the enemy? That… that’s impossible!
[?]: Unless he met a strong opponent?

A strong opponent…

If that’s true.

{sfx: cha~}

Father, right now…
(“…you right now”)

you must be thrilled!
(“…very exhilarated”)

[?]: Barely missed!

[?]: Twenty steps left- It’s unbelievable how Guan Yu has gotten this far!
[?]: Step back, master. Keep your distance!

[Huang Zhong]: Back?

[HZ]: That will only weaken the morale.
(“once retreat, morale will weaken”)

[Guan Yu]: Your arrow is trembling.

{sfx: ta}

[?]: Nineteen, nineteen steps!

[HZ]: No,

[HZ]: it’s just thirsty.

{sfx: ta}

[?]: Guan Yu is heading to the right- for that tailwind!
(not sure)
[?]: Master, take a few steps back to keep your ground advantage!

[HZ]: Why do youngsters always think they know best…

{sfx: shoo}

{sfx: ping~}

[GY]: Two shots left.

[?]: Guan Yu is coming!
[?]: Master, hurry!

{sfx: pa}

[HZ]: Go!

[?]: What! The old man’s charging too!
[?]: Into headwind, idiot!

{sfx: shoo}

[GY]: One left.

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Master, ten steps!

This “boy”

sure is something!

[GY]: Now

[GY]: it’s in my range.

{sfx: pong~}

[GY]: Break.

[HZ]: Huff.

{sfx: pong~}

[GY]: Tired?

[GY]: Your swing

[GY]: is too slow.

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: pong~}

[GY]: Dismount.

[GY]: Fight me properly.
(“dignified and imposing fight”)

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Oh no, he’s been dismounted!
[?]: Do you need assistance, master?

[HZ]: No need.

{sfx: dahn~}

[GY]: Drop.

[GY]: Seize.

[GY]: Break.

[GY]: Chop!

[GY]: Whoa.

[HZ]: How about that?

[HZ]: Too heavy, huh!

His blade is so heavy!

No ordinary man could wield this heavy blade!

{sfx: pong~}

[HZ]: You’re not
(“that blade”)

[HZ]: worthy of it.
(“you are not worthy use”)

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: ka}

[GY]: Your name please, sir elder!

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: nock}

[HZ]: I am,

[HZ]: your granddaddy!

You dare to call yourself my grandfather?

A true hero does not stand shoulder to shoulder with an old soldier!


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