Ravaging Times

chapter 460

{city of Guiyang}

[?]: Who knew a banquet would lure out so many insiders…
[?]: Scary…

[?]: I’m amazed by the pervasiveness of Liu Bei’s influence.
(“did not think liu bei’s osmosis ability that powerful”)

[?]: No wonder that Zhao guy dared to come alone.

[?]: Though I must say, he’s gutsy

chapter 460 Hard To Clear Muddy Water

[Zhao Fan]: to have even gone after Xiao Fan.

[ZF]: He’s something all right.

[?]: Do you mean during the banquet Lady Fan and Zhao Yun…

[ZF]: Yes. Their relationship is complicated indeed.

[?]: If so, my Lord, we should be careful in case he’s up to something.

[?]: Not to mention Lady Fan has some clout in the Commandery.

[ZF]: Sensible, but…

[?]: This man is special, my Lord. We saw that the Lady held back.

[?]: Even if she used to “detain” her husband to threaten him, this time…

[ZF]: Are you worried that she hasn’t gotten over him?

[?]: You are devoted to the Lady, my Lord, but I’m just…

[ZF]: Ancient history…
(“all past”)

[ZF]: She’s already moved on from the past.
(“those year’s event, she long already dropped”)

[ZF]: I only want to tell that assassin…

[ZF]: you are gutsy to challenge me.

A thorny rose is bad news.
But the leaves are everlasting.

[?]: Xi Shi of the Commandery. You haven’t changed a bit.

[Fan]: No, I have. My hair has gone white too.

[F]: You’re still the same on the other hand.

[F]: Still with that juvenile look.

[F]: You think I’ll give in just because you still wear them?

[F]: Will your “woman” be obedient when you wear them?

[F]: Haha, oh earrings, my wait is over.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Yes, I have returned.

[LYH]: Back then I heard you died, so I…

[F]: Died… What a good “brother” you had…

[F]: And your “repudiation” scheme is laughably stupid.

[LYH]: You’re right. It seems that I’m the idiot.

[LYH]: Too stupid to see through it. Haha.

[LYH]: Hahahaha!

[LYH]: Xiao Meng you bastard!

[LYH]: Bastard!

[LYH]: Ha, hahahaha!

[F]: You have a son.

[F]: He’s all grown up now.

[F]: No fear of death nor pain.

[F]: Also a Zhao…

[F]: An assassin like you.
[F]: Cold and heartless like you.

[F]: Not so funny now, is it?
(“what, laugh not out anymore”)

[LYH]: My bloodline, my son…

[LYH]: All right, let me tell you something.

[LYH]: Back when Dong Zhuo fell…

[LYH]: I relocated your father to the Tianshui commandery.

[LYH]: Chronic illness has robbed him of mobility.

[LYH]: But he speaks of you often.

[LYH]: Not so funny either, is it?
(“what, also laugh not out anymore”)

[F]: Father. Haha.

[?]: He’s still alive. Not bad, not bad.

[?]: Hahaha, hahaha.

[F]: When did your lies become so shoddy?

[LYH]: Yours too.

[F]: Perhaps I have to admit that I’m the stupid one.

[LYH]: I know I’ve wronged you.
(“for you, I only have remorse”)

[F]: That sounds nice. Even a bit touching.

[F]: Except what’s done is done. Nothing worth holding onto.
(“…past thing already gone, I also nothing remain fond”)

[F]: I just want to say, whether you’re Zhao Huo or Zhao Yun, in the end…

[F]: I never… KNEW YOU AT ALL!

[F]: Not even your real name.

[F]: You’re just like the other men who had slept with me…

[F]: Perhaps it’s time to wake up.

[F]: Number two.
[?]: Here.

[F]: Does Zhao Fan still think I’m beautiful?

[?]: After seeing you under the tree, milady,
(“lady, ever since master tree below meet you one moment beginning”)

[?]: our Lord’s been waiting ever since.
(“he, continuously waiting”)

[?]: His heart never wavered.

[F]: Thanks.

[LYH]: Xiao Fan, is my son real?

[F]: Begging for mercy by beating around the bush…

[F]: Except this time you won’t make it.
(“except this pass, you break not through”)

[LYH]: Then please tell my son that his surname is Liaoyuan.

[LYH]: And his father, Liaoyuan Huo…

{sfx: pa. pa.}

[LYH]: is undefeatable!
(“only win, never lose”; see chapter 263)

The morning mushroom knows nothing of dawn and twilight; the summer cicada knows nothing of spring and autumn.

Perhaps only victory will bring out part of the truth.


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