Ravaging Times

chapter 462

{army movement sfx}

[?]: Drums! Spoof the enemy!
(“…create decoy”)

[?]: Enemy at the foothills. Set up a defense in the woods ahead!

[?]: The enemy has taken the entrance of the path. Unit two went to fend them off!

[?]: Damn it, hurry up!

chapter 462 As If Grieving, As If Loving

[?]: They’ve already taken the the hills to our left!
(“…already in their hands”)

[?]: Third master, the enemy has occupied many rallying points!

[?]: They’re already keeping our deployments in check!
[?]: None of us have gained any advantage!

He obtained all of the rallying points in the hills in such a short time…

Without a single move wasted, he utilized his small force to its full potential.

What a skilled commander.
[?]: Sir, the enemy has deployed a unit in the woods!

[?]: Drums near the front of the hills. Could be an ambush!
[?]: The views through the hills have been obscured. Situation unclear!

[Wei Yan]: Return the favor. Raise signal to light a beacon in the back hills. Confuse them.

[WY]: That northerner is indeed the real deal.

[?]: Wake up. Master Wei is serious this time!
(“still stunned…”)
[?]: Unit five, head up the hill from the left path!

[?]: Unit six and seven will aid the troops down below!

[?]: Smoke. They’ve taken the right hills.

[?]: We could attack the troops below within a hundred steps!

[?]: We see’em. Set up formation!

[?]: All units prepare to engage!

[?]: Third Master, the trees are too tall and thick. We can’t see what’s going on behind the woods.

[Zhang Fei]: Maintain formations. Do not be rash.

[ZF]: The enemy force is growing. Suspiciously so.
[?]: Do you mean that guy’s setting decoys?


Now they’re lighting up all the hilltop beacons.

His tactic is fast and fierce without reservation. And there is cleverness in that chaos…

But don’t forget, in this place…

I’m no longer that “land-lubber”.

{sfx: pong}

Don’t forget, I am Liaoyuan Huo…

I’m undefeatable!
(“only win, never lose”)

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Bone dislocation. Doesn’t it hurt?

{sfx: pa}
[Liaoyuan Huo]: Not at all.

[?]: You exceeded expectation. No wonder it was impossible for him to defend against you…

[LYH]: You think handcuffs would make me give in?

[LYH]: Lead the way. I’m not done drinking with Zhao Fan yet.
(I could translate it to be “haven’t finished my fun with Zhao Fan”, but maybe keeping it simpler is better)

[ms. Fan]: So “drinking” is more important than me?

[LYH]: Yes.

[LYH]: You’re just like any other mission. Merely something to bed.

[F]: Yes.

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pa~}

[F]: It’s time to wake up.

{sfx: pa~}

[LYH]: Yes.

[F]: Switch.

{sfx: pa}

[LYH]: It changed hands. Fast-

[LYH]: like how you move on from one man to the next.

[F]: Huff…

[F]: Huff.

{sfx: da}

{sfx: da}

{sfx: da da}

[F]: Huff…

[F]: Eeeek!
(sounds like “yah”, it’s supposed to be girly shriek, damsel faking distress?)

[F]: Eeek!

[F]: Aiyeeee!

{sfx: pong~}

[F]: Guards!

[F]: Jailbreak!
(“escaping inmate”)

[Zhao Fan]: Have no fear, your man’s here.
(“don’t worry, [your] brother/boyfriend is here”)

[ZF]: Hypocrisy will grind down the mind; while virtues will put the mind at ease

[ZF]: Finally, I can feel it ending.

[?]: It’s all right now, milady.
[?]: Surround him!

[F]: Huff.
[F]: Huff.

[ZF]: What do you want, lunatic?

[LYH]: Your city,

[LYH]: and my woman!

I looked forward to the occasional breeze, and to hear the faint sound of ten earrings striking each other. That sound…


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