Ravaging Times

chapter 464

{Xiangyang, Mount Atou’s Pass}
(??? not sure if 阿 is “a” or “e” in this time period; to keep consistent with “Ah-man” and “Ah-dou”, I’m going to let this one be “ah” instead of “eh”)

[?]: Third round of siege begins!

[?]: Take down Mount Atou and Xiangyang will be in sight!

[?]: Release!

{sfx: shoo~ shoo~)

chapter 464 A Godsend Without Renown
(it’s really just “powerful troop/weapon”, but my first reaction is to use “godsend” to describe it, may change later)

[?]: Protect Mount Atou- our first line of defense!

[?]: Arrows from Cao Ren’s troop are decreasing. Should be depleted soon.

[?]: Their men at River Huai are sparse. Our troops at Hefei have done their job.

[?]: No reinforcements at all around Jingzhou.

[Zhou Yu]: This proves that Cao Cao has no more troops to use.

[ZY]: There’s hope for propagation.

[ZY]: What do we know from the surrendered troops?
[?]: Xiangyang’s Cao Ren and Jia Xu have no new deployments.

[?]: They also said they’ve been moving supplies to the rear, as if getting ready to withdraw.
[?]: That detail is in agreement with what our spies have found out in the city.

[?]: Having verified the report, I’ve moved Long River’s fleet upstream for collaboration.

[?]: Once Cao Ren retreats, Lu Xun’s naval force on the Long River can pursue them immediately.

[?]: The Cao army will crumble in the chaos.

[?]: And our insiders at Jiangxia have been watching Zhuge Liang like a hawk.
[?]: As you predicted, our covetous stance toward Jiangxia has locked Zhuge Liang in place.

[?]: Neither the Third nor the Seventh Genius has made a move.

[ZY]: No, there’s one more.

[ZY]: That guest of the southeast…

[ZY]: He might have disappeared prior to the battle of Red Cliff, but I’m certain…
[ZY]: that he has joined Liu Bei’s side.

[ZY]: And as a “spy”, he is more capable than anyone else.

[?]: But our intelligence reports make no mention of such person, so…

[ZY]: An unknown adviser.
(“no name military adviser”)

[ZY]: He’s the only one I’m worried about.

The Crouching Dragon submerges, except… the Fledgling Phoenix has spread its wings.

[?]: Put your backs into it! Drag!
(“use strength”)

[?]: Drag!
(“use strength”)

[?]: Skiffs.

[?]: By the hundreds. A specialty of Xijiang.
(“…west river…”)
[?]: Their pride and joy.
(“their most pride-inducing light boat”)

[?]: Notify the Chief Controller, that they took all the skiffs after winning Xijiang.
[?]: Their target should be Liu Du, but now…

[?]: You’ve infiltrated Liu Bei’s troop for this long…
[?]: Sorry, I just couldn’t find out more about this troop.

[?]: They’re quite strong, like veterans.
(“…like long-endured training”)
[?]: I think they’re Liu Bei’s personal guards.

[?]: You can’t even find out about their commander?

[?]: One commander and one adviser, that’s all I know.

[?]: I figure they want to take a detour to ambush Lingling.
[?]: Their path makes sense, but when they reached these hills…

[?]: why would they be climbing…

[?]: Brother, you mean…
(“big brother is saying”, here big brother might or might not mean blood/oath relation, but just courteous honorific for an older man)

[?]: There’s another river behind the hills.



[?]: Unit one, board now!

[?]: Down the river, take three rallying points.
[?]: Set up covering fire for the main force to follow!

[?]: They’re not after Lingling of upriver!
(not sure if “upriver” would be incorrect geographically speaking? Maybe “upstream” is safer word choice?)

[?]: They’re going with the current to take downstream!

[?]: Ah!

[?]: Wh… who’s there!
(“has… has person “)

[?]: Oh. Zhou Yu’s spy.

[?]: Go back.

[Chen Dao]: Tell him that “Chen Dao of the White Feathers” said hi.

[?]: The river passage is smooth. We’ll arrive soon!

[?]: All of you in the hills, start travelling downstream.
[?]: A boat-ride is so much faster than walking!

[?]: Are the rations ready?

[?]: Ready. I had to keep it a secret until now.

[?]: The Advisor said the White Feathers will go first with your support.
[?]: The Sun navy has been transferred upstream. The Long River is cleared of blockade.

[?]: Yes. They didn’t expect that we have skiffs to make a speedy landing.
[?]: You White Feathers might be powerful, but your numbers are still limited.

[?]: Besides, it’s hard to defend against Zhou Yu even after victory.

[?]: No. Don’t forget that our Lord has popular support at Jingzhou. He can draft a militia to aid in the defense.

[?]: Our troop at Youkou has been under surveillance. We have to take a detour and go straight to the coast of Jing.
[?]: As famous city defenders, make good use of your strength.
(not sure)

[?]: I repeat,

[?]: With enemies on three sides, abandoning Jing is Cao Cao’s best strategy.

[?]: They would only retreat to Runan to protect capital Xu.
(he didn’t say “capital”, but I thought it’s clearer this way)

[?]: And when Cao Ren retreats, those cities will be empty…

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Watch it!

[Pang Tong]: As an addendum, we’re one step ahead of Zhou Yu-

[PT]: to replace him!

This is Zhuge Liang’s move, but I’ll make another move instead.


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