Ravaging Times



(parody, satire)

By other fans:

seal of “The Ravages of Time” (drizzle_r)

tiny sculpts (止风)

fanart (义嘉嗟)

tons of fanart (Hwei-Lin Lim?)

paper cutouts (戴寧樂)

1-panel gag comic about Jia Xu’s hair (chaononi)

fanart (薄荷点灯)

tons of fanart (Suetsumuhana)

fanart (迷诗_/LostPoetry)

a bunch of tumblr posts under the “the ravages of time” tag

Zhang Fei from The Ravages Of Time (ZomBNB)

Sun Quan: The Ravages of Time (camillebidan)

Xiao Fan portraits (Ammelda-Aini)

隳翼落雨 and co.



  1. It’s… it’s difficult for me to read the text next to the animals. The font seems to be too small… (Maybe it’s just me.)


    Comment by nokibanoogi — April 14, 2012 @ 12:06 pm

    • Sorry, it’s from a long time ago and this is the only size I salvaged without digging through some old backup files. Maybe one day. :P
      The text is just some of their catch phrases.


      Comment by merc — April 16, 2012 @ 7:41 am

  2. Late reply to Lam Ngoc: The cat-like animal in the tree is an analogy to Lü Bu. (not my idea, I just translated that fan’s comments)


    Comment by merc — April 1, 2016 @ 12:27 pm

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