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April 4, 2016

Patreon Incentive Ideas?

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Hi fellow Ravages readers,

If you are willing and able to support my translating efforts, what kind of digital service would you like to receive in return in addition to my gratitude? :)

My current thinking is:
* all chapter translations continue to be public, free (not donation-motivated), and on the same schedule as normal (once to twice per month), usually should be after pictures are available at you-know-where
* any Ravages related article/posting that I stumble upon that have “value” will continue to be public, free (not donation-motivated), and ASAP
* at first level ($2? per creation), funding goes toward purchasing the physical books from volume 51 onward. I’m thinking of showing the video recording of the first round of translation process of a chapter (based on text transcription by other fans such as Ciper at PTT forum); these are not necessary for the understanding of the series, so they don’t need to be public
* at second level, ($5?) I’m willing to translate specifically designated short article/post/media-segment that’s Ravages related that I didn’t know about (Please note: I prefer not to deal with the light novels at all, but if you’re just asking for very short snippets from them, I’ll consider the content on a case-by-case basis); once translated, they will be public
* at third level, ($?) livestream of a translation session? I’m interested in branching out to other Chinese comics that I find interesting (not the Hong Kong musclemen comics, please), no blatant plagiarism (as in copy-paste content or same pose and background from another comic!), and those that don’t already have dedicated translation teams behind them
* I’ll try to provide a paypal option for supporters who don’t want to create a Patreon account

What I want is to provide a service that is not easily replaceable by another person/team. I’m not the best in terms of translation skill, but I have been doing this consistently for 10+ years. I never made money from this before because the act is unethical, but I feel the project is worth doing, and I want this project to be part of my “self-employment career” as an “edutainer”.

Feedback and suggestions welcome (such as how to further add “transformative value” to what I’m doing that makes all of us feel less guilty about profiting off of Mr. Chen’s work). If Tong Li tells me to cease and desist, then I may have to stop for good. But I really hope they consider hiring me as an independent contractor for the English-speaking fanbase! :)

Thank you for your support.



March 17, 2016

Fireborn Phoenix

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Reader sss asked for a translation of a song written for a Stageplay (亂世英雄, “Heroes of A Wartorn Era”) of Lü Bu’s final arc in The Ravages of Time. The song, sang in Cantonese by Liang Yu En (Cathy Leung), can be found on YouTube. I’m not a lyricist, so I encourage everyone to try making it fancier/prettier/poetic by building on the gloss and my simple attempt. If you are really ambitious, try to match the number of syllables too. The tune itself is not that easy to sing to though…

[bathe-in fire become phoenix]
Fireborn Phoenix (or “Out of the Ashes”?)

music: Lin Jun Hui
lyric: Hao Xian
arrangement: Lin Jun Hui
MV producer: Chen Yu Bin, Lin Jun Hui

[like floating cloud follow fate meeting departure will not wait]
Like clouds, chance encounters are fated.
[like floating log thrown in chaotic times leaning cause hate/resentment]
Like driftwood, wartime splash causes hatred.
成敗分秒必爭 追趕最終的慶幸
[victory defeat minute second must contest, pursue chase final rejoice]
Split-second decisions make all the difference in a contest.
(suggestions from reader Deceiver)
贏在起跑 終點 不要問
[victory at starting point, destination, do not ask]
Though victory is often determined from the onset.
(suggestions from reader Deceiver)

[raise head look bright moon light a lamp]
Look up, see how the moon is like a lamp in the dark.
[lower head look city interior cohabit not close]
Look down, see how people are so close yet so far apart.

時代吹起烽煙 想改變
[times blow signal smoke, want change]
War is coming! Revolution
[thousand hand thousand seeking]
takes determination. (??? could also be referring to Guan Yin the bodhisattva)

隨年月偷生 浴火中你我
[follow years months surviving, bath fire within you me]
Day by day in hell fire, you and I endure.
不改的哄騙 看不清福禍
[no change deception, see unclear fortune misfortune]
Unchanging lies and an uncertain future.
誰能回當初 火屑中盼望
[who could return past, ember/speak within hope]
Can we turn back time, as we pray to the ember.
歷練間醒來 無從怯懦
[toughening experience awoken, no how fear]
Wake up startled, this fear has no answer.

[raise head look bright moon shines on truth]
Look up, see how the moonlight accentuates purity.
[lower head look city interior infighting no trust]
Look down, see how mankind struggles with enmity.

時代吹起烽煙 想擺脫
[times blow signal smoke, want escape]
War is coming! To rid of it
[instead cause wind dust]
causes more hardship instead.

隨年月偷生 浴火中你我
不改的哄騙 看不清福禍
誰能回當初 火屑中盼望
歷練間醒來 無從怯懦

誰流連烽煙 不放膽寄望
[who linger signal smoke, no bold place hope]
Who is fond of war and not hope for something better? (???)
現實中醒來 乘風破浪
[reality within awaken, ride wind break/slash waves]
Wake up to reality and brave the great endeavor.

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