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May 20, 2016

map at the end of volume 57

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CB – Chibi, Red Cliff
CC – Cao Cao
CR – Cao Ren
HR – Huarong path
LQ – Liu Qi (Liu Biao’s eldest who escaped death by relocating to Jiangxia)
LX – Liu Xie (emperor)
LZ – Liu Zhang (typo?)
SQ – Sun Quan
WL – Wulin (the “dark woods” along the river that was burned to flush out CC’s ambush)
YL – Yiling (besieged by Zhou Yu and forced Jia Xu and Cao Ren to retreat north)
ZY – Zhou Yu


…The province of Jing has seven commanderies. The three in the north are Nanyang, Nan, and Jiangxia. The four in the south are Lingling, Guiyang, Changsha, and Wuling. The closest of the seven to the capital Luoyang is Nanyang, so those were the last battlefronts of the Han dynasty, while the southern four kept lower profile. Jing used to be managed by Liu Biao. His death and Cao Cao’s pressure made the commanderies capitulate to the central government, but when Cao Cao withdrew to the three northern commanderies after the defeat at Red Cliff, the four southern commanderies effectively had no central leader. The four governors faked their surrender to Liu Bei in the hopes of growing their influence. Zhuge Liang ordered three troops to take the four commanderies. In Wuling, Guan Yu was bogged down by Liu Du of Lingling and Huang Zhong of Changsha. Guiyang’s Zhao Fan plotted to assassinate Zhao Yun. Zhang Fei’s scouting mission in Guiyang was also interrupted by Wei Yan and Zhao Tong. Wuling’s governor used to be Jin Xuan, but Zhuge Liang colluded with an officer there named Gong Zhi for a coup, thus Liu Bei was able to obtain Wuling so easily…


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