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November 10, 2009

Tigers Beget Tigers

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original post at New-Youth’s forum (this bypassed their login requirement thanks to Baidu search’s “cache” system).

「Ravages’ Tigers Beget Tigers」Special

In the month of June two years ago, we at New Youth created a special column to meet the holiday theme – listing out the fathers and sons/daughters in The Ravages of Time and naming the piece “Ravages’ Tigers Beget Tigers.” Actually I had blogged about this two years ago at the time of the release, but no one commented on it. I really liked that special, so maybe I’ll get more response if I post all three pages! Here I want to wish my father, who is away in America, a happy Father’s Day! And I want to wish Chen Mou, who has just became a father, a happy Father’s Day! And I wish a happy Father’s Day to all of you!

Father’s Day Special 「「Ravages’ Tigers Beget Tigers」」!

In a story full of heroes, The Ravages of Time has many father figures who have special characteristics. Strict fathers include Yuan Shao, while Niu Fu can represent the loving fathers. To qualify the statement “Tigers Beget Tigers”, these sons must of course take after their fathers. On this once-a-year Father’s Day, the editorial office has picked out a group of powerful fathers and sons to do a comparison. Who shall be crowned “the model father”?

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「Ravages’ Tigers Beget Tigers」Special, page 1

No Pups Are Born Of Tigers

Arrogant In Chaotic Times ‧ Changing Dynasties And Shifting Eras

【Sima Yi】‧ Sima Shi ‧ Sima Zhao
In The Ravages of Time, Sima Yi dreamed the Grand Tutor Sima and his two sons, who we believe are his future sons Sima Shi and Sima Zhao. It is said in the historical text that Sima Yi’s wife Zhang Chun Hua went on a hunger strike because she was upset with her husband, and Sima Shi and Sima Zhao joined her efforts. After finding out about this, Sima Yi said, “Who cares about that old thing, but don’t hurt my sons!” Apparently Sima Yi in history cared more about his sons than his wife. Does that… count as being a good father? Who knows if the story will develop this way or not…

Wisest of the Wise ‧ Two Talents With Brain And Brawn

【Xu Lin】‧ Xu Ding ‧ Xu Chu
Xu Lin may have been a fictional character, but Chen Mou ingeniously assigned two amazing sons to him. His second son Xu Chu was blessed with superhuman strength and he fought alongside Cao Cao as the latter’s most trusted bodyguard. The oldest son Xu Ding might not have had such a long list of achievements, but he still made the rank of General who Manifests Might. Xu Ding and Xu Chu never forgot that their father was killed by the Sima clan. They came up with a watertight plan to infiltrate the Sima clan, and finally avenged their father with a massacre over at the Sima residence.

Three Ministers Over Four Generations ‧ Dominating A Corner Of the World

【Yuan Shao】‧ Yuan Shang ‧ Yuan Fang
Yuan Shao should be a loving father according to the historical text, for he once delayed going to war when his youngest son fell ill. In The Ravages of Time, however, Yuan Shao is no less than a strict father. He purposely made Yuan Fang hate him, encouraging his son to take over everything in the clan. Yuan Shao’s greatest wish is for his descendants to rule the world. He could not do it himself because he has to maintain his clan’s Loyalist reputation, so he had to stake it all on his favored son Yuan Fang.

An Exemplary Loyalist ‧ A Conqueror Of the Eastern Region

【Sun Jian】‧ Sun Ce ‧ Sun Shu
Sun Jian was willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the country, and this Loyalist image made a big impression on the people. However, his two sons Sun Ce and Sun Quan thought blind loyalty will not accomplish much. So in The Ravages of Time Sun Ce said, “Sun clan’s loyalty and Imperial Han will now go their separate ways!” As for the second son Sun Quan, he even went so far as making himself an emperor after Sun Jian and Sun Ce’s death, forming the Wu Kingdom in opposition to Cao Pi’s Wei Kingdom and Liu Bei’s Shu Kingdom.

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「Ravages’ Tigers Beget Tigers」Special, page 2

Loving Fathers and Their Filial Children

【Niu Fu】‧ his son
Niu Fu is Dong Zhuo’s son-in-law. In order to repay the kindness, Niu Fu gladly played the pawn in Jia Xu’s sacrificial scheme, which ended in Lü Bu’s utter defeat. Even if he could not take Lü Bu’s head, his decision led to a major loss in Lü Bu’s military strength. Niu Fu sacrificed himself for the greater good, and that quality is enough to make his son be proud of him.

【Ling Cao】‧ Ling Tong
Ling Cao served Sun Jian and died for his Lord. His son Ling Tong carried on this honorable trait even at his tender age. Ling Tong continued to gave his all to serve Sun Quan after Sun Ce’s death. He saved Sun Quan many times in addition to his countless achievements, and he was later promoted to be Lieutenant-General.

【Dong Zhuo】‧ his daughter
Dong Zhuo in history was a cruel and bloodthirsty conqueror. But in The Ravages of Time we were shown a different side of him, such as caring for his nephew. And the fact that his son-in-law and subordinates are willing to sacrifice themselves for him is proof that Dong Zhuo is a respectable father (figure), and the sentiment is also expressed by his daughter.

【Wang Gang】‧ Wang Shuang
The deputy chief Wang Gang – of the Triad of Clear Wind – is another fictional character by Chen Mou’s creation. And the son is a General-in-Chief in the Wei Kingdom. He might have appeared to be flippant during his initial introduction, as in his dismissive attitude toward Liaoyuan Huo; but when we see him next he fought to his last breath in order to help Xiao Meng. That is enough to prove what an honorable man he is.

Fathers Who Benefit From Their Daughter

【Zhang Wang】‧ Shan Wu Ling(Zhang Chun Hua)
Although Zhang Wang is only a foster father to Shan Wu Ling, his keen business sense led him to invest in Sima Yi through his foster daughter. Is Shan Wu Ling really going to be Zhang Chun Hua? Just wait and see.

【Cao Bao】‧ Cao Yuan
Cao Bao used to be a subordinate under Tao Qian. He later joined Liu Bei, but secretly kept in touch with Chen Gong to serve as Lü Bu’s insider. He even married his daughter to Lü Bu in hope of a comfortable life. Too bad he died by Xu Ding’s hands.

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「Ravages’ Tigers Beget Tigers」Special, page 3

Father-and-sons Who Were Close

【Cao Cao】‧ Cao Ang
Cao Cao has a total of twenty-five sons, who all have inherited his brilliance, and each had a unique strength. Unfortunately his moment of lust led to the death of his oldest son Cao Ang. When we see him weeping over his dead son, however, we may notice that even an anti-hero like Cao Cao has a fatherly side. In addition, Cao Cao treats fostered sons the same as his own.

【Ma Teng】‧ Ma Chao
Ma Teng is one of the warlords of the Xiliang (area). He must be very proud of his son Ma Chao because in battle, Ma Chao can take on many enemies at once. Unfortunately Ma Chao’s later rebellion against Cao Cao caused his family to be systematically executed, including his father and younger brother. This is why he always viewed Cao Cao as an enemy, though he never managed to avenge his father even til the end.

【Third Uncle】‧ his son
Sima Yi’s third uncle and his big brother and forth (younger) brother are all money-crazed businessmen, which is why they praise their nephew Sima Yi’s money-making abilities. However, third uncle and his son were killed by Cao Cao’s army during a revolt.

【Sima Fang】‧ Sima Lang ‧ Sima Yi ‧ Sima Fu ‧ Sima Kui ‧ Sima Xun ‧ Sima Jin ‧ Sima Tong
Sima Fang never appeared in The Ravages of Time, but according to historical records he is still alive when Cao Cao became the king of Wei. To get Sima Yi to become the head of the Sima clan, however, Chen Mou had to “arrange” for Sima Fang to go early. Sima Fang should have been a very strict father. His sons are not allowed to enter [the room], sit down, or reply to a question without his explicit permission. It’s no wonder he could raise such outstanding sons when even the relationship between father and son is this serious.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
(a wordplay on homonym 奇 and 其)

Although we don’t know how many of the Eight Geniuses are fathers, they are certainly too young [to be fathers] in the story. It’s just like Handicapped Warrior Guo Ang – who would believe that he’s already settled with family? But since the Geniuses listed below are real historical figures, we can find the names of their sons in the historical text. Let’s see if it’s true what they say, that “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!”

Second Genius Xun Yu –
His first son Xun Yun became a brave General of the Gentleman of the Households;
his second son Xun Yu (different tone!) became a Palace Assistant Imperial Clerk;
his third son Xun Shen became Gentleman of the General Staff of the General-in-Chief;
and his forth son Xun Yi became a Minister of works.

Third Genius Jia Xu –
his first son Jia Mu became Controller Commandant and also the emperor’s son-in-law;
his second son Jia Fang became a Marquis.

Forth Genius Guo Jia –
his first son Guo Yi became the scholars tutor to the prince/heir-apparent.

Fifth Genius Zhou Yu –
his first son Zhou Xun became a Controller Commandant of the Cavalry;
his second son Zhou Yin became a Controller Commandant of Education (?)

Sixth Genius Pang Tong –
his first son Pang Hong became the Grand Administrator of Fuling.


November 9, 2009

a reference map for chapter 296

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original post

An overview map of what happens in chapter 296 (pre-battle-of-Guandu).

Unfortunately I don’t know if this is based on the novel (“Romance of the Three Kingdoms”) or the “historical record”. But as an overview it may be helpful in case you’re confused about directions.

I apologize for constantly switching back and forth between location names. It is not constant in the original, and I’m not sure how best to keep them clear and faithful.

Xiaopei = “little Pei” ~ Peixian = “county of Pei”
Xuchang (full name) ~ Xuxian = “county of Xu” ~ Xudu = “Xu capital”
Pengcheng = “city of Peng”
Yecheng = “city of Ye”
xian ~ county (or district?)
zhou ~ province
cheng = city

~ means referencing the same general area/location
= means they are the same, or as gloss translation

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