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July 17, 2010

Oh god chapter 316 is going to kill me!

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If the text report is real then Mr. Chen quotes from the driest type of “list of event” literature that is “The Spring and Autumn Annals”. Even the slightly elaborated “Commentary by Zuo” is still in super terse classical Chinese.

This source is incomplete: http://www.chinaknowledge.de/Literature/Classics/chunqiuzuozhuan.html

This source is also incomplete: http://www.anselm.edu/homepage/athornto/zuozhuan.htm

In the meantime I’m trying to research this in Chinese in order to understand the quoted text first! >_>


December 1, 2009

“New Youth” will change to bi-weekly release schedule

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original thread by reader lunyeah

===== Translation ======

Jun Zhu Dian, the editor of Ravages, mentioned this [in a forum post]:
“If I say our change to bi-weekly from a weekly schedule was due to awesome sales figure of ‘New Youth’… I think even 3-year-olds won’t be fooled. So… to be honest, we had no other choice. The biggest influence on our [lack of] sales these years are of course the ‘online comics piracy’ [phenomenon]. When this trend has become the norm, less and less people are willing to pay money for comics magazines. Thus I’m really moved when readers tell us that they’ve been supporting us for ten years. I hope you will continue to support us for the next ten years~~^__^”
I feel terrible after reading that.
Who knew the financial state of “New Youth” has fallen to such a low point.
I think my uploading [photos of the magazine] releases is like “killing the goose that lays the golden egg.”
If “New Youth” keeps losing sales, who knows if we’ll be able to read [Ravages] at all at some point.
I know all of you here (Baidu tieba forum) wishes to see the newest release as soon as possible.
But our desire may be ruining Ravages.
I want to read the story til its end. I don’t want to see “New Youth” cease publication.
From now on, I will not upload photographed version of the new releases.
And I hope the [good] person who scans the pictures would delay uploading them, so as to give “New Youth” some leeway.


This is talking about the sales of the MAGAZINE (which features mostly Japanese Manga stories), not the BOOK/VOLUME. Although I have no numbers to back up any claim.

Some readers think that the “delay” is already happening. And now we see either a valid explanation or a valid reason that it will continue this way.

Basically, we need to become more patient. XD If any of you once followed Avatar: The Last Airbender as the episodes are first aired on TV, you will know the agony of waiting months for a new release. So, be prepared.

Apparently most mainland Chinese readers have trouble buying the book version – let alone the magazine – from Hong Kong, especially when the shipping fee makes it less appealing. So it’s not just you guys who complain that “our country/region doesn’t market this directly to us.”

OK, getting off my manipulative soap-box. XP

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