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December 15, 2011

Rumor: The Light Novel Affecting The Comic

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Wang Yi Xing (“Wong Yi Hing”), supposedly a fellow creative in Chen Mou’s professional circle, has written 6 light novels so far of the Ravages series. He is officially endorsed by the publisher and professionally supported by Chen Mou. (note: nobody knows what kind of friendship they have; so far Mr. Chen has consistently praised Wang in articles/interviews, but also consistently mocked Wang in his art – or is it friendly ridicule between friends?)

It doesn’t look like he’s going to stop writing this “official” series. And as writing can go faster than drawing, he is outpacing Chen Mou’s plotting.

The rumor is that Wang’s writing is affecting Chen’s story. And now there’s fandom outrage. If the rumor is true, then they’re right to be upset: what amounts to be fanfiction is causing canon to accommodate.

I only read the first light novel (and hated it), which SPOILER apparently had Yuan Fang’s minions kill Zhang Fei’s entire family, with Yuan Fang present. By chapter 357 you might see why this rumor is making me nervous.

I want to read Mr. Chen’s Ravages and no one else’s. Have mercy.

A Chinese fan parody of this situation, changing the dialog of chapter 356 to depict the “possible” predicament of Mr. Chen (here as Sima Yi), in the face of Wang (here as Yang Xiu). A damn clever little piece. In the name of helping the artist, write some light novels to attract readers (of the book “Xiao Meng”), then eventually become the comic’s editor.

“You will be under my command.”

I won’t translate the whole parody for now, in case we’re just overreacting to the recent development of the light novel and the comic. Obviously we want Ravages to attract more and more readers from outside the comics circle, but we liked Ravages for a specific reason…

UPDATE: Dec. 21, 2011, according to the editor’s reply to reader badgering, Mr. Chen said Wang might’s well write his own version since writing can be done quicker than drawing, but the outcome still surprisingly resembles each other. The editor then teased us by saying, “you’ll know what I mean if you read to the end of the novel.”

Readers are dubious, saying it’s a ploy to get them to read the light novel.

UPDATE: Dec. 26, 2011, some credible sources say the editor has confirmed that certain editorial piece was done as a marketing ploy, not to be taken seriously. Mr. Chen insists he’s in full creative control of the story.


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