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May 15, 2018

chapter 500 (magazine syndication, not final)

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(there’s a Zigui County in modern day, not sure if it’s the exact equivalent geographically speaking)

[?]: Valuable, yes, but the price is just too high.

[?]: Not to mention to rely on gaining power through a favored palace attendant is out of fashion.

[?]: The days of the Ten Attendants… are no more.
(“right now… no longer ten attendants’ era”)

chapter 500 The Perfect Handicapped Warriors
(at this point the “handicapped” part of the name is not entirely meant in the sense of disability, but as “remnant”, or the ones left over from a rout)

[Huang Hao]: What are you looking at? I’m just a little palace attendant…

[?]: You might not work in the palace, General, but you should know what a eunuch can do.

[?]: He has a point, my Lord. We’re not currying favor with the Emperor, only the Prime Minister.
[?]: This beauty may be your shortcut to fame.

{Grand Administrator of Zigui, Cai Ji}
[Cai Ji]: Hm.

[CJ]: Not bad.

[CJ]: This exotic can stay.
[?]: Thank you, General.

[?]: That’s only a pretty eunuch, not worth such attention!
(not sure about second part)
[?]: You shouldn’t misspend the military funds like this, master!

[CJ]: Don’t you know that a castrated man of this quality is priceless?
[CJ]: A word from him could change everything.

[CJ]: Raise the boy well, and one day we shall see his true power.

[?]: Master, someone from the Cao army is here!

[CJ]: The Jing Province has returned, but the Sun army is still causing trouble in the area.

[CJ]: As a devotee of Han, I promise to fight them alongside Prime Minister Cao.

[?]: I’ll pass on your well wishes, General. But I’m here for your help.

[?]: A young eunuch of great importance has been stolen from the Prime Minister recently.

[?]: Have you any idea…
(“don’t know [if] general…”)

[Wang Shuang]: Thank you for finding the missing person for the Cao clan. And thanks for the generosity.

[CJ]: Th… thank you, sir. How foolish was I to be played by a criminal.
[CJ]: Please put in a good word for me!

[CJ]: Hurry, open the pass for them!
(“…for da-ren…”)

[?]: There. Got our travel funds.

[?]: With the Cao clan on our tails, you all should head north and lay low in Changan for a while.

[?]: Once you hear news of us, come check in at Hebei.

[?]: Then… we’ll be off.
[?]: Hope we meet again. Take care.

[HH]: They’ve all left.
(“left, all left”)

[WS]: Who knew we’d be the culprit for breaking up our organization that has just recovered.

[WS]: Eunuch Huang Hao, sorry for destroying your path to power in the palace.

[HH]: Then send me back, because this old man is starting to regret this.
(masculine self-referential term)

[WS]: I’m sorry about the hard life that we’ll have ahead of us.

[WS]: Especially the life of Young Master in the capital…
[WS]: I hope he can resolve his problems with ease.

[HH]: Boss,

[HH]: doesn’t it scare you to let them all go?

[HH]: The bounties for us are quite high. If greed strikes any of them,

[HH]: giving us away will be their chance for fame and fortune.
(“…promotion [and] strike rich…”)

[WS]: These brothers have been with us through thick and thin. Why would they betray us?

[WS]: A corrupted man like you are filled with corrupted thoughts!
(the term might be part of this phrase, but could also be a subtle mockery of Huang Hao being castrated, interpret as you will)

[WS]: Say, where’s that brat Guo Huai?

[WS]: Why isn’t he back yet!

[?]: Let’s not wait anymore. Dig in.


[HH]: He’s right. That’s the kind of man I am…

[?]: Have they left?
[?]: Yes.

[?]: Everything’s ready, adviser.

[?]: We’ve found everyone we needed to contact.
[?]: But, must we do this?

[Guo Huai]: Yes. You all should come too. The big guy would be the most troublesome.

[?]: It worked.

[?]: I’m sorry, my brothers.

[GH]: Capture them.

[?]: Adviser, is the boss…

[GH]: I told you to up the dosage for him.
(“long told you administer drug heavier”)
[WS]: Huff.

[GH]: The big guy is always troublesome.


[WS]: As expected.

[WS]: A man is what he thinks about.
(“one’s heart this way, [one’s] thought must [be same] way”)

[WS]: First target Zhou Yu, now his brothers.
(“[after] poison Zhou Yu, then poison brothers”)

[WS]: Saying we would go together, but thinking otherwise.

[WS]: Can you do this?

[WS]: Can you?

[WS]: Do you think you’re capable of assasinating Zhou Yu?

[WS]: Repay the clan with your death?

[GH]: It was my fault…

[GH]: so none of you need to be dragged along!

[WS]: We grew up together.

[WS]: I know the way you think, little bro.
(rephrased, he’s referring to himself as the older brother)

[WS]: Third-rate adviser, you learned nothing from Young Master.

[WS]: How could I not worry about you going alone, little bro?
(he’s referring to himself as the older brother, but grammatically it’s awkward to say it that way)

[GH]: I…

[WS]: This “Ten Attendants” level weapon of the Sima clan,

[WS]: and this idiot who’s as powerful as our dad…

[WS]: Sweet little brothers.

[WS]: Take care.

[?]: All right. Tie them up and put them on the boat.
[?]: Yessir.

[WS]: Faking a trip to Hebei, but going southward instead?
[GH]: Yes. Then there’s no one to give away.

[WS]: That’s more like it, Master Adviser Guo Huai.

[WS]: Now, third-rate adviser, with a first-rate warrior like me,

[WS]: we make a perfect team.
(“together, ten complete ten beautiful”)

[WS]: Let’s go.

[WS]: Chief Controller Zhou, the Handicapped Warriors are coming.

magazine-only-teaser: “next chapter: a gutsy Imperial Uncle” (to be continued in New Youth issue 26)


April 24, 2018

chapter 499 (magazine syndication, not final)

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In year 209, Cao Cao’s army suffered another most devastating loss since the Battle of Red Cliff.

The battle at Red Cliff raised Zhou Yu to great heights in his life. And the conquest of the Jing Province would bring him to the peak.

The Sun army swept across Jing. The Cao army suffered defeat after defeat.

The morale hit rock bottom.
(“…straight reach abyss”)

chapter 499 A Heavenly Warrior

[?]: Frightening.

{Senior Adviser of the General Who Conquers the South, Chen Jiao}
[Chen Jiao]: Sun Quan was able to calmly withdraw from Hefei in a single night?

[?]: Advisor Chen, the news say the Sun army didn’t cross the river, but are retreating toward Jing!

[?]: Their speedy redeployment might join forces with Zhou Yu here!

[CJ]: We knew Sun Quan won’t have the numbers to take both fronts. Who knew…

[CJ]: that Hefei was what Master Sun would consider a feint…

[CJ]: Our main force at Hefei can’t be mobilized fast enough since they had to hold their ground… It’s over for us in Jing!

[?]: Sir, we still have men below trying to break through the siege!
[?]: It… it’s General Niu Jin!

[CJ]: What!



{Cao Ren’s subordinate mercenary, Niu Jin}

[?]: He’s an officer under Cao Ren’s command.
[?]: Capture him for a big reward!

[?]: Niu Jin won’t last much longer!

I can’t save him…

[?]: Hurry up and surrender, Niu Jin!

[?]: Cao Cao manipulates the emperor to rule the world, how despicable!
(“…men and gods [would] share [the same] anger”; better wording of the accusation suggested by reader Misogi-chan)
[?]: You see the current state of affairs, so you should surrender!

[Niu Jin]: Hell! His Majesty lives and so does the Great Han!
(“{spit noise for contempt}…”)

[NJ]: Our Prime Minister honors the emperor by controlling the rebels.
(“…command not-subject”; better wording suggested by reader Misogi-chan)

[NJ]: If you see yourself as a man of Han, you’ll fight your way back to the ancestral home or die trying!


[CJ]: Damn it, who’s opening the gate?
[CJ]: Shut it immediately!




[?]: Right! That’s what a man of Great Han should do!


[?]: Master Niu, look!

[?]: Re… reinforcements!
(“…rescuers [are] coming”)

[Cao Ren]: How could a General of Great Han forsake loyalty and honor!

[NJ]: How could a commander who can decide the fate of the entire army engage in battle so casually!

[CR]: Take from an army its commander, but never the will of a common man!

[?]: That’s traitor Cao’s number two. He’s very important!
[?]: You all must somehow capture him!

[?]: Hear that? Everybody charge!

[?]: Wow! Cao Cao’s top officer headed into battle so carelessly,
[?]: even crazier than Chief Controller Zhou!

[?]: Block his return path, so we can capture the commander!

[CR]: Niu Jin, follow my lead back to the fortress!

[?]: Boss, we still have men trapped in their formation!

[CR]: Don’t worry, nobody’s getting left behind!


[CJ]: He went in with so little troops, but that didn’t seem to matter!
(“…yet like entered people-less zone”)
[CJ]: He’s able to lure away the entire enemy force.

[CJ]: Even their formation has been left in disarray!

With the skill to ride through the most powerful formation in the world…

what a Heavenly General he is!
(“General, [is] really heavenly person”)

[?]: We Sun clan shall lay our claim on this guy!

[CR]: No! How about you lay down your bloodline instead!
(wordplay by flipping 孙子 to 子孙, meaning “descendants”)


[CR]: Where are you?
(I think he’s calling for the trapped soldiers)


[?]: Wh… what fearsome warrior to come out of the Cao clan!

[?]: Help me, General!


[CR]: Keep up while I clear the path!

[CR]: Anyone else from my army?

[CR]: Huff!

[CR]: Huff!

[Cao Chun]: Here.

[CC]: Inside your heart, big brother.

[NJ]: Boss, the gate is open. Hurry back!
[?]: We have returned safely!

Yes… I found him.

Keep up, big bro’s gonna clear the path for you.
(I went for a less formal style of speech, because it’s meant to be more affectionate)

[?]: UGH-AH!
(scared utterance)

[CR]: Is this Master Sun’s art of war?

[CR]: Is this the Sun clan?

[?]: Don’t… don’t retreat!

[CR]: Fuck off!
(“roll away”)

[?]: Back… he’s back!

[CJ]: Cover him!

The commander of the entire armed forces with the will of a common man.
He broke through a siege, rescued the trapped soldiers, and frightened the attacking army into backing away.

This man has reclaimed the dignity that was lost to the Cao army at rock bottom.

magazine-only-teaser: “next chapter, the bond between brothers” (continues in New Youth issue #23)

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