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April 12, 2017

chapter 479 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Stab!
The teacher had his head up, without looking at anyone in the courtyard.

{Changshan Commandery, Zhending County}
[?]: Chop!

[?]: The sword style of Changshan’s Zhao clan has been kept within the family for generations. It has long been world-renowned.
[?]: Back-step!
[?]: And it brings pride to every descendant of the Zhao clan no matter where they are.

[?]: Even your father would keep up with the training during his yearly visit.

[?]: Nephew…

chapter 479 The One I Want To Kill

[?]: why don’t you train with them?

[Zhao Huo]: A style with prestigious origin looks pretty but is hollow underneath. I don’t see you practicing either, teacher.
[?]: Haha, how could a member of the Zhao clan criticize the hard work of his ancestors?

[ZH]: Martial arts of the Central Plain have always been mere tricks to fool people.
[ZH]: There’s only hand-to-hand in battle. It’s not a performance.

[ZH]: If martial arts would’ve made a difference, then key positions in the world would already be dominated by various schools.

[?]: Then how do you think beginners should learn martial arts?
(not sure)

[ZH]: I dare not boast, teacher. Please enlighten me.

[?]: Kill people.

[?]: Without such experience, martial arts is just a form of therapeutic dance.

[?]: Without such experience, a strategist will live their whole life merely theorizing.

[ZH]: Even a strategist has to kill people?

[?]: You won’t understand books on warfare without knowing how to kill.
(not sure if it’s “how to kill” or a more general “the feeling of killing someone”)

[?]: Tell me, what kinds of books have you read?
(“I ask you…”)

[ZH]: I learn from history; I repeat what the texts say.

[?]: You won’t understand history without knowing how to lie.

[ZH]: Physical strength.

[ZH]: It’s the only standard of measure of a warrior in the history text.

[?]: Yes. Physical strength is the only thing that cannot be faked.
(“…other can [be] fake, muscular strength [should/could] not [be] false”)

[?]: With enough physical strength, any form of martial arts training will do.

[?]: Come.

[ZH]: Which move?

[?]: The riskiest.

{sfx: pa~}

[ZH]: Waist.
[?]: Shoulder.

[?]: Hero’s duel. A path of no return.

[?]: Very good. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Learn to fight, not dance.
(homonym wordplay on 武martial/舞dance)

[?]: Living in the Zhao family, I haven’t felt like this for a long time.

[ZH]: If you dared to take the risk, teacher, you must have a way to counter me.

[?]: Please allow me to teach you, for I have a feeling that…

[?]: you’ve killed many people already.
(“you [have] killed people, and not few”)

[ZH]: So you’ve taught people like me before?

[?]: Regrettably there was only one before you.

[ZH]: Even in the Zhao clan?

[?]: He left… because he unearthed a secret in the existing literature.
(not sure)

[ZH]: That’s a relief.

[?]: What do you mean?

[ZH]: Teacher, what do you call this move?

[?]: Changshan’s

[?]: twist and turn.
(“left turn right return”)

[Zhou Cang]: Boss, our troop has entered the city!

[ZC]: Bo…

{Twist with physical strength-}

{horizontally with the waist.}

{Turn and use that force}

{to target the shoulder.}

That man also seems to be reciting those words under his breath…

And then be stunned like me in the aftermath.

[?]: The eighth battalion will be rear guard. We still have time to retreat!
[?]: Eighth master, keep pressure on your wound!

[ZC]: Boss, his personal servants confessed that he’s from the same village as Zhao Fan and they knew each other in their early days.

[?]: Also from Zhending of Changshan.

That village, that family…

[ZH]: Zhao,

[ZH]: tell me your name!

Teacher, who was that man?

[Eighth]: Huff.

I’m not allowed to say…

Why not?

It cannot be revealed before graduation.
(the super vague syntax allows ambiguity in point-of-view)

And then the teacher raised his head again, still so proud.

Clouds were flying that day.

(hahaha, fake Zhao Yun meets real Zhao Yun?)

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: The Adviser to Military Advisers”

March 29, 2017

chapter 478 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: He’s here!
(“[have] come”; no subject, so interpret based on context)

{City of Ye}

[?]: Notify our master that the Young Master has arrived.

[?]: You must be tired from the trip, Young Master!

[?]: This way, master. This way!

chapter 478 The Eight Da of Sima
(“si ma eight da”, “Da” being part of all eight sons’ courtesy name; this title can refer to all eight or the eighth)

[Liao Liang]: Well now, look who’s here.
(there’s a flavorful manner of speaking here, using “aiyo”; so maybe I’ll try giving him a bit of flavor in English, maybe Southern-ish)</font
{a wealthy merchant of the Ji Province, Liao Liang}

[Sima Min]: I (Sima Min) have come to visit you, mister Liao, at the behest of my elder brother.

[SMM]: Apologies for the long wait as I find my way around this new place.
[LL]: Well now, aren’t you a polite boy.
(not sure if “nephew” referred here is by blood-relation or polite honorific like “uncle/auntie”)

[LL]: I should’ve been the one to visit Zhong Da.
(Zhong Da is Sima Yi’s courtesy name)
[?]: Hurry, Young Master, we’ve all been waiting for you.

[?]: Th… this is calligraphy by the renowned sir Zhong Yao!
[?]: You know old Liao wanted to have his writing so bad he lost sleep over it.

[SMM]: Mister Liao is certainly as cultured as they say.

[SMM]: My brother remembered what you liked, so he asked Jia Kui to pay multiple visits-
[SMM]: until sir Zhong agreed to write a short verse. Hope you like it.

[LL]: Well now, right on the nose. I love it to pieces.
(“…one arrow hit, simply like [it] like mad”)

[LL]: Zhong Da’s aim is still perfect after all these years.
(“…each [shot] not wasted”)

[LL]: On the other hand, how we’ve made a bad bet on Ji and nearly let Yuan Shao ruin us…

[SMM]: Haha, brother often spoke of your friendship back in the day.

[SMM]: That our two clans united against Dong Zhuo and endured the hard times in the Yan Province.

[SMM]: Too bad I was too young to join in the fight against the traitor.

[LL]: Well now, will you look at that. Little Eighth here is just like Zhong Da back then!

[?]: Yes. Zhong Da was so wise to unite the merchant clans back then.
[?]: Your fame in Yan Province today rivals that of your brother.

[SMM]: That credit goes to my father and older brothers, not to me.
(“…late generation not dare claim”)

[SMM]: Every one of my brothers pledged service to the court. So I don’t really have a choice.
(“…[have to] thicken [my] scalp skin”; not sure how to interpret the second part)

[SMM]: I’ll need the guidance and care from my seniors like you all.

[LL]: The eight sons of the Sima clan are each outstanding talents, hence you’re collectively known as the “Eight Da“.
(wordplay lost in translation, though this time the wordplay is from people of the past, not the author)

[LL]: Every time I talked with your father back when we worked together, he would beam at the mention of his sons.
[LL]: I remember meeting his sons as well…

[LL]: Lang, Yi, Fu, Kui, Xun, Jin, Tong…

[LL]: Tong… oh right, after the Seventh it’d be you…

[LL]: Except… how come I have no recollection of you?

[SMM]: Father’s second wife lived in Yan Province. My mother is the third wife in Xu Province. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see father.

[LL]: How rare it is to be well-raised by brothers instead of a father…

[LL]: They say each of the Sima boys are skilled.

[LL]: I bet that one day…

[LL]: the Eight Da will give the Eight Geniuses a run for their money!
(“with/against water mirror’s eight extraordinary, difficult distinguish official’s hat”)

[SMM]: Hahahaha, we’re incomparable. Good joke, sir Liao.

[?]: Cough.

[?]: The Liao clan speaks cultured tongue. Cough. He wasn’t serious…
(not sure)

[?]: As if a boy like you had anything on the Eight Geniuses?

[?]: Each of them had genuine talent.
(I almost want to translate this as “They were the real deal.”)

[?]: And you

{Liao clan’s elder, Liao Ming}
[Liao Ming]: don’t even measure up to a tenth of Sima Yi.

[LM]: A fox exploits the might of a tiger to paw at the Ji Province.

[SMM]: I don’t understand what you mean, Elder Liao…

[LM]: Tell Sima Yi that since he forced us to move to Hebei back then,

[LM]: this is not his territory. If he wants to talk…

[LM]: give us something in exchange for his little brother.


[LM]: Being favored by the Prime Minister doesn’t mean he can disregard everyone else.

[LM]: There are many people in the court who want him to fall.

[LL]: Send word to Zhong Da and tell him that the two Liao elders miss Yan Province very much.

[LL]: They’re also very willing to take care of the Eighth for him.

[LL]: A great achievement starts “small”.
(“do big thing, today will start ‘small’ do begin”)

[LL]: Treat this place like another home.

(sfx “pong~”)

[SMM]: Wanna talk?

(sfx “pong~”)

[SMM]: We talk here!

[SMM]: My brother is fond of the past, but I like breaking from it.

[SMM]: Just as we could force you out of Yan Province back then.
[SMM]: So, too, could we kill you in Ji.

[SMM]: When it comes to cruelty, Sima Yi doesn’t even measure up to a tenth of me!

[SMM]: Let me tell you something.

[SMM]: We Sima brothers are common targets. But…
[SMM]: remember there’s always an odd one in a line of brothers-
(at first I translated it as “black sheep”, but I’m not sure the brothers would view him as a disgrace, so I don’t want to use that phrasing yet)

[SMM]: a shield to keep out the wind and rain.

[SMM]: Seven out of the Eight aim high.
(“…do big thing”)

[SMM]: One sticks to the low road.
(“…do dirty thing”)

That’s the killing move!
magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: Water Mirror’s Eighth”

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