Ravaging Times

series 3 chapter 6

{sfx: loom~}

[?]: Slowly, pour it down slowly…

Chen Mou
chapter 6

The Last Pillar

Not Human series (3)

[?]: Prime Minister!
[?]: Prime Minister!
[Zhuge Liang]: Cough!

[ZGL]: Heavens rejected me!

[ZGL]: Why have you… sent me back!

[ZGL]: How… how is the situation?

[official 1]: We’re retreating…
[official 2]: Ah!

[official 2]: Look! Isn’t that Jiang Wei on the hill!

[official 2]: Bo Yue! Jiang Bo Yue!

[official 1]: Bo Yue! Bo Yue!

[Jiang Wei]: Excellent. I managed to catch up with you all. Why isn’t anyone protecting the rear flank? This is dangerous!

[soldier]: That has always been Wei Yan‘s duty. I wonder why he’s so temperamental?
[JW]: He must have quarreled with the Prime Minister and his followers again.

[JW]: Doesn’t he understand that personal problems should stay out of the job? How about this – if nobody objects,
[JW]: I’ll protect the rear flank!

[JW]: Riders down there! Follow me!

{sfx: loon~}

[JW]: Bastard!

{sfx: loom~}

[Wei Yan]: Blessed are the young.

[WY]: No more opportunities for the old…

[ZGL]: Order…
[ZGL]: Order Wei Yan to protect the rear flank… if…

If it is like this…

[ZGL]: If Wei Yan disobeys,

[ZGL]: order the army… to abandon him!
[official]: Eh…

[soldier]: This is bad. Someone saw Wei Yan leading a troop away from us!
[official]: What?

[official 1]: Is he thinking of surrendering to the Wei army?
[official 2]: Don’t hesitate! You go find Jiang Wei, I’ll go find Yang Yi!

Why do you force me to kill you, Wei Yan?

[ZGL]: I don’t have much time left…

[ZGL]: Write a letter for me… to Jiang Wei…

[ZGL]: Bo Yue… I am sure that by the time you receive this letter,

[ZGL]: you would have gained control of the situation…

I hope Wei Yan’s revolt have not caused too much damage to our Kingdom! I really regret having looked down upon him back then, making him resentful, and I know he suffered when he was cast aside.

Based on his performance, he should have been the best choice of being my successor. But when I remembered what Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have done, I could not feel at ease…

Guan Yu likes to flaunt his superiority, thinking that he is always right; Zhang Fei tends to be extreme in his views and actions, and both men lost their lives because of these flaws, hurting our Kingdom in the process…

Wei Yan is just like them, and even if he does not revolt, I will not let him rule the country while I am still alive.

Of the people around me I see that you are the only person who is responsible, thorough, careful, intelligent, and diligent with your military duties. Perhaps… you are the Supreme Commander that I have been searching for all my life.

Right now the thing that worries me the most is not the Wei Kingdom, but Wei Yan. He has always treated the soldiers well, hence he has many followers. Once I die… the in-fighting might be unavoidable…

You are the best candidate to carry out this last mission. Now, I hope that you can humbly accept other people’s opinions, weigh pros and cons carefully, and choose talents wisely…

Don’t follow in my footsteps!
[ZGL]: For me…

[ZGL]: Speak for me… in front of Wei Yan’s grave –

[ZGL]: Know a man’s worth… and use him properly…

[ZGL]: under the former Lord… Wei… Wei Yan became…

[ZGL]: a Pillar!

[?]: And… the counter-part verse?

[?]: Prime Minister!

[WY]: Ignorant Zhuge!

{In 234 AD, Wei Yan revolted.}

{Ma Dai}

[Ma Dai]: I have fulfilled the Prime Minister’s dying wish.

[MD]: It’s up to you now…

{wind sfx: hoo~}

[JW]: What should I do, Prime Minister!

People regard me as a God. But I am just a human being…

A human being always has flaws…


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