Ravaging Times

chapter 315

{Handan Zheng}
[Handan Zheng]: Two cavalry forces?

[?]: Yes, they sprang from the northern woods,

[?]: and kept harassing us with hit-and-run tactics.

chapter 315 First Win
(“first to pluck/draw top/winning chip/token/bamboo-counter”, this might need some research if you’re an ancient culture buff)

{Yuan Shao‘s younger clan-brother, Yuan Mao}
[Yuan Mao]: It’s Xiahou clan’s cavalry in the north, isn’t it?

[YM]: The troop in Xiahou’s camp is small, which limits their offensive power. Don’t let them disrupt our battle formation.

[HDZ]: My Lord, the complex woodland terrain and their cavalry advantage make it hard to rein in the situation.
(“…control…” or “predict”?)

[?]: Sir!

[?]: Yan Liang and Guo Jia‘s troops have clashed up ahead.

[?]: The battle isn’t over yet; commander Han Meng sent another message to urge us to hurry.

[YM]: How is Guo Jia’s troop size even comparable to Yan Liang’s.

{Duan Zhao}
[Duan Zhao]: It’s not. But the Caoarmy’s extensive training has taught their men at least eight (different) formations.

[DZ]: Their troops can adapt to changing formations much better than we can.

[YM]: Yan Liang won’t have a sweet victory. Looks like we must be the ones to turn the tide.
(“…looks like if we don’t show, it will be difficult to turn the situation around”)

[?]: Let’s go deal with the skirmishes and clear the passage as soon as possible.

[HDZ]: Don’t worry, my Lord. We Wuwan army is no joke either.
(“…not boastful talk”; Wuwan is location name)

[?]: Team two, follow me!
[?]: Team three, let’s go!


[?]: Master Dun, two enemy troops are coming!

{Xiahou Dun}
[Xiahou Dun]: We’re outnumbered. Follow me into the woods! Target their main army’s right flank!

[?]: Fall back!

[?]: Master Dun, our other troop did not retreat!

[XHD]: What?

My, my…

what confidence…
(“that confident?”)

[DZ]: A cavalry of only eight hundred?

[DZ]: Fine! Box’em in and pound them!
(“…surround them and attack”)

{sfx: cha~}

[DZ]: Enter formation!

[DZ]: You’ve got guts, but do you know who I am?

[Zhang Liao]: High-ranking generals of the Yuan clan?

[ZL]: Pooey!
(a non-literal spitting sound, showing contempt)

[YM]: Xiahou Dun headed for our right flank?

[?]: Yes. Our right flank rations transport has been blocked. They cannot advance.

[YM]: Like a tiger, that one-eyed Xiahou sure makes one cringe in fear.

[YM]: But my head hurts more when an elephant is bitten by a cunning rat.

[YM]: Who is that rat?

[?]: My Lord,

{Liang Yi}
[Liang Yi]: that’s not a rat…

[YM]: What?

[?]: Spreading the midway thin and aiming for the throat.
(could also meant Zhang Liao’s troop, since the plural or singular is not explicit)

{sfx: cha~}

[ZL]: Okay. Fall back!

[LY]: He fights like Lü Bu‘s Chargers…
(could also meant Zhang Liao’s troop, since the plural or singular is not explicit)
{Geng Wei}

[LY]: My Lord… that is a wolf!

[?]: Go! Avenge our two generals!


[?]: Sir, the Cao army reinforcement has arrived!

[?]: What about ours?

[?]: Not… not yet!

[?]: Sir, the enemy has changed formation again!

[?]: Go around! Target their left flank!

[Yue Jin]: Xu Huang, work with our formation!
{Yue Jin}
[Xu Huang]: Yessir!


Since I last saw him years ago, this guy…
(“many years not seen…”)

has grown more powerful!

{sfx: zing~}

Strong, so strong,

from this blade that almost no one can wield…

to this stallion that’s as fast as the wind…


this suffocating killing intent!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha!}

[Guan Yu]: Hoo!

Each wild swing ends in a gory aftermath.
(“blade edge dace crazily, blood and flesh fly everywhere”)

{sfx: cha!}

That’s strange… what was he aiming at?
(“…what is he cutting/chopping/slashing”)

[GY]: Left.
[GY]: Go.

His troop… changed formation…

He… he’s able to command an army in the middle of a fierce fight?

He’s able to soar under the employ of Cao Cao!

[?]: Yue Jin and Mao Jie’s cavalries have arrived!
[?]: Our army has reached ten thousand strong!

[?]: No sign of Yuan Mao’s army yet.

[?]: Looks like Xiahou Dun has successfully pinned down Yuan clan’s reinforcements.
[?]: We still have some time before the enemy arrives.

[?]: Attack full force. By nightfall…

[Guo Jia]: we shall take down Yan Liang!
(“take Yan Liang’s head”)

{sfx: cha~}

[YL]: Huff.

What an extraordinary man
(“godly person”)

[GJ]: First shixiong, in this campaign…
(shixiong = “male upperclassman”)

[GJ]: I have taken the first win.

April, Guan Yu cut down Yan Liang.

The counter-siege of Baima succeeded.
(or “Boma”, if you prefer)


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