Ravaging Times

chapter 171

Master Wei Liao” says: Opportunity depends on reaction to events; fighting depends on controlling morale.
(not sure)

{note: Wei Liao was from the state of Wei during the intermediate Warring Period. His book “Master Wei Liao” was a book about military strategies, similar to Master Sun‘s “Art of War”.}

Morale is the key to winning.

[?]: The battle has started!

[?]: Amazing. Zhou Yu has robbed their military fund.

[?]: With this capital…

chapter 171 The Aura of Death Rises

[Watermirror]: Zhang Zhao can surely do great things.

[WM]: If it were either of you, what’s next?

[Sixth]: Liu Yao lost this round, but he still have some influence in the Eastern region.
[Sixth]: He will join with his Coalition allies Ze Rong and Xue Li for a counter offensive.

[Seventh]: There will be many battles on the plains, which means Fifth won’t be able to use surprise attacks.

[?]: It’s tough to compete against experienced Generals when it comes to formations.

[WM]: If it’s up to you two… how long will it take?

[Seventh]: I think at least a year and a half.
[Sixth]: Right. It’ll be hard to win, unless a miracle shows up.
(again with the word-play on “seeing ghost”)

[WM]: Lengthy campaigns hurt the people. It seems the people of the Eastern region have more suffering to live through.

[WM]: They have to make sure the morale remains high so the fighting force can last.

[?]: Ration will be a factor, for that Zhou Yu has done a good job.

[WM]: So what about the leader?

[Seventh]: Sun Ce is a hard one to figure out.
[Sixth]: Yes. He’s just like Lü Bu, unhindered by rules and morals when it comes to achieving his goal.

[?]: Sir, yesterday Liu Yao has joined forces with Ze Rong, and were heading for Niuzhu.

[Seventh]: The enemy number is staggering, I bet Sun Ce would retreat.

[?]: Yes, but he only told the army to retreat to Shenting Peak.

[?]: That’s odd. If he retreats to the mountain top, wouldn’t he be surrounded?
[?]: I think he wants to split up the enemy forces. But…

[Sixth]: Seventh… that… was yesterday.
[Seventh]: Right, that’s already the past…

What’s passed is in the past; can we go back?
(“can (we/one) look back?”)

{flag reads: Ze}
{Shenting Peak, outskirts}
{flag reads: Liu}

[?]: The first battalion has sealed off the first exit at the foot of the hill!

[?]: The second battalion has sealed off the southern exit!
[?]: The third battalion has done preparing for any emergency!

[?]: The fourth battalion will protect the rations!

{minister of Xiapi kingdom, Ze Rong}
[Ze Rong]: Movement is easy on the plains. This is the safest formation. What do you think?

{note: Xiapi and Pengcheng were promoted to kingdom status and were administered by Xuzhou. Ze Rong and Xue Li were officials in exile.}

[Liu Yao]: I want to see how Sun Ce can win with his most ridiculous formation.

[LY]: Ignoring the advantage of flat ground – climbing high up instead.

[LY]: Unless a miracle…
(“sees ghost”)
[ZR]: Yeah. How can he expect to break this heavy siege and win so easily?

[ZR]: What’s that?
[LY]: A nice taunt.

[?]: Hahaha, we’ve been calling all day, but they’re too afraid to come down.

[Sun Ce]: I’m… really scared…

[SC]: not of death…
[SC]: but…

[SC]: Heaven… is allowing such a scoundrel to live!

[SC]: Flaunting an item of the deceased stolen from a grave!

[SC]: Master Kong once said,

[SC]: a benevolent man never harms others for his own survival…

[Cheng Pu]: Young Master, where is Justice?

[SC]: Where?

[?]: They are here!

[ZR]: They’re coming this way!
[LY]: A direct confrontation, excellent!

[ZR]: Back up, then attack from both sides when they’re closer!

{galloping sfx}


[ZR]: Justice?





[ZR]: Such… such a powerful aura of death!

[?]: Remain calm! Main force, keep moving backward!
[?]: Left and right flanks attack!

[?]: No good! They’re too fast!

[?]: It’s the Awl Formation!
(aka wedge formation)

[?]: No, it’s the Sharp Blade Formation!

Morale rose to its zenith.
Sun Ce’s army became a sharp blade on that day,
cutting through Eastern region’s strongest defense!

[Ling Tong]: You’re not fooling me…
(“don’t think that I don’t know”)

[SC]: That’s right. I did it to raise morale.

[SC]: The past is gone, but your father’s heroic spirit came back again to help his unworthy master.

[LT]: If there is Justice, you will die a gruesome death.

[SC]: If there is Justice,
[SC]: I swear in Heaven’s wrath,

[SC]: that I shall suffer a hundred days of pain before I die!

The historical record says, so the common men who met Sun Ce were all willing to serve him wholeheartedly,

even to die for him.


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