Ravaging Times

chapter 370

{fire sfx: foom~}

[?]: The boat cove’s on fire!

[?]: Damn it, they burned it all!

chapter 370 The Unbeatable Anti-hero

[?]: Look, it’s Zhou Yu’s fleet!

Such development in a mere few years. The navy of the eastern region is really frighteningly strong.
{Huang Zu’s subordinate officer, Gan Ning}

[?]: Sir! The Sun army has entered the city and taken Jiangxia…

[Gan Ning]: Where is Commander Huang Zu?
[?]: They’ve all retreated.

[?]: But,

[?]: the Sun army withdrew again instead of occupying.

[?]: This time… he abducted Jiangxia’s civilians.

[GN]: With this many ships, it sure looks like it.

[GN]: Civilians are the foundation of a country. Having civilians is akin to having tens of thousands of acres.

[GN]: People who know only the glory of military men, know not such wonton military aggression

[GN]: owe it all to the unending supply behind the scene.

[GN]: A talented managerial mind like Zhang Zhao uses civilians as the basis to drive the military might.

[GN]: The cooperation of wisdom within the Sun clan is the essence of why the eastern region developed so rapidly.

[GN]: Of all my years fighting, I’ve never seen such a clan that’s so proficient at the art of propagation.

A match between politics and business… The Sun clan of the eastern region is definitely a dream team!

In year 207, Sun Quan, titled General who Punishes Insurgents, again attacked the Jiangxia province of Jingzhou and captured a large number of civilians.

(“city of Liu”, but not related to the surname Liu)

[?]: The Sun clan’s constant attack on Jiangxia

[?]: is actually meant to incur heavy damage on the Jingzhou navy.

[?]: Having lost all of his warships, it’s even more difficult for Liu Biao to move far on the Long River.

[?]: If we’re to take Jingzhou, the next move southward would be much harder.

[?]: That’s what we’re planning- we prepare for the future.

[?]: So you mean to say, Advisor… that I should improve the situation regarding the water way?
(not sure how to clarify this)

[?]: Yes. I want you to create man-made lakes in the city of Ye to train our navy.

[Guo Jia]: The Sima clan has the shipbuilding technology plus the enormous funding.

[GJ]: Who better than you to take on this important task?

[GJ]: Okay. Let’s analyze your viewpoint.
[Sima Yi]: Yessir.

[SMY]: As you predicted, the Yuan brothers won’t find a footing in Liaodong.

[SMY]: Once Gongsun Kang surrenders, so ends the Yuan clan for good.

[SMY]: Without war trouble in the north, the amount of military presence there could be reduced- by one-tenth per month.

[SMY]: Eight-tenth will be reduced by next year, and those troops could be transferred to the south.

[SMY]: Proper management will increase their numbers, and all would return to central command after the war.

[SMY]: I suggest we leave half for investment to calm the population. Then we conduct businesses in Hebei. The return would be exponential in three years.

[SMY]: We maintain the enlisted with funding, then recruit from Hebei. After a year, we’ll have a hundred thousand men.

[SMY]: By this reasoning,

[SMY]: our army will be unbeatable.

[GJ]: Engaging in constant military aggression certainly relies on the businessmen.

[GJ]: Employ the right man for the job. So I leave these tasks to you, Zhong Da.
(Zhong Da is Sima Yi’s courtesy name)

[SMY]: Your high regard of me won’t be misplaced.

[GJ]: I know the vendetta you had against our Lord years ago.

[GJ]: Yet you accounted for the overall situation and made the country’s welfare a priority- exemplary to the many Yuan army personnel who crossed over to our side.

[GJ]: So it is true- the greedier the businessman, the greater his analyzing skills.

[SMY]: Aren’t you also in collusion with the treacherous, Advisor?

[GJ]: As you say, I would only collude with the treacherous.
(the tone is slightly stronger, as in, “an un-treacherous man is not worth my time”)

[GJ]: Commoners would only call our Lord an anti-hero in wartime.

[GJ]: They lack real understanding of the fact that only an anti-hero could bring peace to the world.

[GJ]: No businessman lacks greed; no statesman lacks treachery.

[GJ]: Greed and treachery may be derogatory terms, but they are also the most powerful impetus.
(maybe “motivation” is good enough?)

[GJ]: The only difference is whether one has the skill of analysis.

[GJ]: You’re doing your best to protect your own interest.

[GJ]: Similarly, our Lord is doing his best to bring peace to the world.

[GJ]: Perhaps he lacks Yuan Shao and Liu Bei’s extravagant display of loyalty.

[GJ]: Nor does he have the esteemed status of being a member of the Imperial clan, like Liu Biao or Liu Yan.

[GJ]: However, he’s the only Loyalist who thinks of the son of Heaven.
(“but, only he, is the only [Loyalist] who put son of Heaven on heart […]”)

[GJ]: He’s the only man who is quietly supporting the fallen Han on behalf of His Majesty.

[GJ]: Why are there still revolts in spite of the son of Heaven?

[GJ]: It’s because the truly corrupt vassals are stirring up trouble.
(“…making waves”)

[GJ]: Anyone who dominates the court is a corrupt vassal.

[GJ]: Anyone who protects His Majesty is his kidnaper.

[GJ]: You’re a smart man, Zhong Da; you should’ve seen through this racket.

[SMY]: You spoke my mind, Advisor.

[GJ]: I’m glad, I’m glad.

[GJ]: So then, you also know of my impending death…

[GJ]: and that my deployments and goals are all within your grasp.

[GJ]: You’ll be able to rise in rank with my deployment.

[GJ]: There’s only one last step to take.

[GJ]: I ask you,

[GJ]: in the future you’ll most likely become an able minister who answer to only one man.

[GJ]: Once you achieve that goal,

[GJ]: how will you overthrow our Lord?

[GJ]: A businessman’s true nature is to climb for gain, then devour when the opportunity arises.

[GJ]: You run a business. I run a country.

[GJ]: We’re the same type of people. How could I not understand you?

[GJ]: Repay injury with kindness. Who on earth is this saintly?
(first part is a quote from Master Lao)

[GJ]: Let alone Zhong Da, a man born to a world of business.

[GJ]: Anyone I take notice of never dares to withhold the truth from me.

[SMY]: Hahaha.

[SMY]: How could I not know when you’ve put me through test after test.

[GJ]: Doesn’t it hurt to keep it all in?

[SMY]: Having come to this, allow me to cut to the chase.

[SMY]: You were right on all accounts, Advisor Guo.

[SMY]: I do intend to engulf Cao Cao, and I’m very determined.

[GJ]: Very good. That’s the real conversation.

[SMY]: Since we walk the same path, you should know what’s happening.

[SMY]: You’re testing me, but similarly,

[SMY]: I’m testing you too.

[SMY]: You’ve been on my side from the start!

Guo Jia let out a chuckle.

And Sima Yi let out a cough.


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