Ravaging Times

volume 10

Back Cover Couplet
Kill for the will of Heaven; inhumanity for the greater good

Previously on Ravages
Lü Feng Xian is near his victory; Jia Wen He swears to retake Changan

Ravages Afterword
Looking through Chinese war history and you’ll find that “duels” don’t exist. One-on-one fights are only plot devices.
The real turning point of a battle depends on the strategists. Win despite bad odds – that is the essence of strategy. I’ve heard people say Ravages contains some “extreme” – even “exaggerated” – strategies. But compared to today’s military planning, diplomatic negotiations, and political maneuvers… Even if I exaggerate them by a hundred times more, Ravages will still be just a newbie against them. The world is definitely not simple. If everyone could observe carefully and think critically, you will find hundreds of “Zhuge Kong Ming” and thousands of “Sun Zi” amongst the population.

Some strategist: Ah! So if I just marry a hundred wives I’ll have a thousand grandsons!
{“Sunzi Speed-training” parenting}
(word-play on the word “Sun Zi”, which could also mean “grandson”)

Next on Ravages
When Cao Cao meets Liu Bei;
When Guo Jia meets Zhao Yun…
Ravages of Time volume 11:
In the flaming summer of August, fight fire with fire


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