Ravaging Times

chapter 157

An able minister, as well as an anti-hero.

Is it a contradiction to be both?

[Yang Feng]: Take the Emperor and we take the world, yeah right! Thanks to your idea we’re now…

[Xu Huang]: If you didn’t already have this intention, my Lord, how could this have happened?
[YF]: Wh… what?

[XH]: The wings have grown.

chapter 157 Post-Loyalism
(like in “post modernism”)

[XH]: Yang Feng,

[XH]: thanks to your ambition, you’ve done something very meaningful to this world.

[XH]: Now, there are two paths before you.

[XH]: One leads to life…

[Xiahou Dun]: Wh… what? You were put down?

[Cao Cao]: It was a critical moment, how could I have done anything else in front of those slaves?

[CC]: I thought we would be holding a nestling hostage. Who could’ve known… that it’s a full grown eagle!

[XHD]: That’s strange, the Emperor has always been timid before Li and Guo.
[XHD]: How could he have turned into a different person all of a sudden?

[Cao Hong]: An uncooperative Emperor will negatively impact our future conquest!

[XHD]: As an anti-hero, A Man, what do you think of this?

[CC]: I saw,

[CC]: the lost prestige of the Great Han.

[CC]: If his father had shown such power, how could the world be in pieces now?

[CC]: And how could anti-heros like me fight each other for our own gains?

[CC]: When I saw the Imperial prestige, I had an impulsive desire to give my life for the empire.

[CC]: Now that I think about it…

[CC]: I feel like I’ve just been had.

[XHD]: You’ve been had? By who?

[CC]: That uninvited man!

[XH]: Yang Feng, you always pick the wrong path.

[Xun Yu]: Only arrows, Man Chong,

[XY]: work against corrupt vassals!

[Man Chong]: Yessir.

[CC]: Say, why would a talented man like Xu Huang serve under a dog like Yang Feng?

[CC]: Why didn’t Xun Yu leave, when I intended to hold the Emperor hostage?

[CC]: Why did the Emperor suddenly leave Changan, just when I was planning to attack the city?

[CC]: Today I see a genius, whose talent rises above that of Jia Xu and Guo Jia!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pa~}

[XHD and CH]: They were in this together? You mean… Xun Yu set this up?

[CC]: Training through battle is a fundamental in warfare. I trained soldiers at Puyang; he taught the Emperor at Huaying
[CC]: The Emperor’s change today was due to his realization of his inherent “privilege”!

[XHD]: Yes, the Emperor commands the world, so his enemies must face a world of opposition.

[XHD]: A Man, that boy Xun Yu thinks nothing of you.
[XHD]: Why don’t we strike now, before he influences the Emperor…

[CC]: Master Mo said, Good bows may be hard to draw, but they can reach great heights and pierce deeply. Good horses may be hard to ride on, but they can carry heavy burdens and make long journeys.
[CC]: Why didn’t the warmongering Guo Jia go help Dong Zhuo? Why didn’t the peace-loving Xun Yu go help Yuan Shao?

[CC]: Both of them are cleverly picking the instrument that will help them reach their goal.

[CC]: I’m both an anti-hero and an able minister –
[CC]: with the ambition for conquest, and the ability to govern with kindness and righteousness.

[CC]: It’s commendable that Xun Yu would still govern with benevolence under my name, even when I have revealed my ambition.
[CC]: A true loyal vassal would use power to suppress the corrupt ones.

[CC]: Why are the able ministers loved by the people for centuries?

[CC]: Like the Emperor, I am also being taught a lesson.

[CC]: Having been approved by these two polarized Geniuses, I have suddenly understood everything.

[CC]: I am truly a man who can change the world.

[XHD]: So Wu Xi really would make a move. No wonder that boy told me to pursue for only ten li – he has already predicted this.
[CH]: We get Changan without entering hostile ground, and we won support without a bloody fight.

[CC]: Ever since the campaign against Dong Zhuo, I have been building my empire’s foundation through “black” methods.

[CC]: With “white” methods we accept civilians and establish ourselves through kindness and righteousness. Each aspect must complement the other.

[CC]: Another example.

[?]: My Lord, my master Man Chong heard that you have met a talented man on the way here. And by luck they knew each other…

[XHD]: If you mean Xu Huang, just tell him to get his ass over here!

[?]: Wh… what?

[CC]: No matter. I appreciate it.

[CC]: Xun Yu – he has surpassed them!

People do not think the same way.
Letting the light and darkness come together and using them with ease,
that is the so-called “harmony”.

Contradictions are but fools’ worry.
Suddenly we see the true way of governance!

In 196 AD, Cao Cao returned the Emperor to his throne, and set the capital at Xuxian.

Imperial Han did not fall during the tens of years when Xun Yu served in the Imperial court.

Neither did Cao Cao.


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