Ravaging Times

chapter 375


[?]: What do you mean we’re to stay put?

[?]: Please don’t misunderstand, General. Right now the Sun army morale is too high to face head on.

[?]: Our army has just returned to Jiangxia, so we should make repairs instead of taking military action.

chapter 375 On the Open Road or the Shady Path
(“lighted path shadowy way”)

[?]: That was commander Huang Zu’s plan.

[Gan Ning]: The Sun clan harasses Jiangxia while we remain defensive despite our advantage in numbers…
{Huang Zu’s officer, Gan Ning}

[GN]: I proposed several strategies but he considered none of them, what…

[?]: Apologies. Commander Huang thinks a strong military presence in Jingzhou would help in case of a secret raid by Cao Cao.

[?]: As for the important task of protecting the shoreline, sir, we’re counting on you. Excuse me.

[GN]: Such a simple-minded commander-in-chief…

[?]: Boss, Huang Zu might be trying to preserve a private army to protect First Master Liu Qi.

[?]: I heard the Cai clan is growing in influence in Jing, which means Second Master Liu Cong might have a chance to replace Liu Qi.

[GN]: So this big-shot Liu Biao couldn’t even decide on a successor let alone important affairs of his country!

[GN]: I just don’t see how Jingzhou could ever grow and prosper…

[?]: Boss, I think we’re wasted here.

[GN]: Pity…

[GN]: Had we chosen the right lord back then, we’ll be the ones fighting Cao today.

[?]: Boss, how do we get out of this predicament…
(“…we ride tiger difficult to dismount…”)

[?]: Boss, someone asks to see you.

[GN]: What a frightening enemy…

[GN]: who would disregard the rules of human relations and commit treason for the sake of his cause!

[GN]: Don’t forget that the hatred between me and the Sun clan runs deep.

[?]: You were an officer carrying out orders. If the Sun clan holds a grudge against you, then my Lord is but a riffraff…
(thanks to reader MLee for translation suggestion)

[?]: not a hegemon of the eastern region.

[?]: What’s the great cause? And who’s the enemy? Perhaps only the men of insight could understand.
(not sure; thanks to reader MLee for suggestion)

[GN]: Get Huang Zu’s messenger.

[GN]: Tell him… that I captured an important person from the Sun clan.

[GN]: Better convince me before he comes back.
(“you only have enough time it takes to brew tea to speak your piece” not sure; see reader MLee’s explanation)

[Pang Tong]: No. You’ve already decided.

[GN]: Decided what?

[PT]: I dared to come because my Lord has one merit.

[GN]: What merit… does your Lord Sun Quan have?

[PT]: You already know, General…

[PT]: The Sun clan understands growth better than anyone.

{city of Jiangxia, shore}

[?]: Jiang Qin’s troop, dock at the west side!

[?]: Pan Zhang’s troop, dock at the east side!

[?]: Han Dang’s troop, dock in the middle!

[?]: Xu Sheng’s troop, patrol the waters!
[?]: Ding Feng’s troop, handle the supply line!

[Taishi Ci]: Gan Ning is at the forefront, Chief Controller. Be careful.

[Zhou Yu]: No. He won’t attack.

[TSC]: Do you believe Gan Ning will surrender?

[ZY]: Yes.

[ZY]: Because no one could refuse Pang Tong’s offer.

{banner reads: exact revenge}
[?]: Head out. Huang Zu’s time has ran out.

It’s time to avenge Master Sun Jian’s death!


[?]: Shops like this are opening up all over the place.

[?]: Maybe there are more northerners here now.
[?]: Yes. Ever since Liu Bei came…

[?]: Oh.

[Liu Bei]: Yi Ji, why are you here?

{Liu Biao’s military advisor, Yi Ji}
[Yi Ji]: I heard the Imperial Uncle was coming to see my Lord, so I waited here to greet you.

[LB]: Unfortunately I’m heading to Xinye for an important matter.

[YJ]: Oh.

[YJ]: Imperial Uncle, isn’t this horse…

[LB]: Yes, I had given it to my brother, but he believes it’s more appropriate for me to take to the battlefield.

[YJ]: A good steed.

[YJ]: But… Imperial Uncle, it had gone mad once hadn’t it?

[LB]: Huh, how could you tell?

[YJ]: It ate something it shouldn’t.

[LB]: No wonder my brother was almost thrown off the horse.

[YJ]: Sigh.

[YJ]: We judge horses like how we judge people. When there is a victim…
(see reader MLee’s explanation)

[LB]: Say no more.

[LB]: No one would believe us without clear evidence.

[LB]: Choose your words wisely when you return.
(“…don’t recklessly speak”)

[?]: I’ll be careful.

[YJ]: Then please hurry, Imperial Uncle.

[?]: Are we ready?

[?]: Ready.

[?]: Our troop has placed roadblocks along the way. He wouldn’t realize what’s happening.

[Cai Mao]: Good. We’ll take action at the mouth of the river.

[CM]: Liu Bei, you won’t make it back to Xinye.

[?]: Sorry everybody, closing time.
[?]: What? This early?

[?]: The report says Cai Mao will be there personally.

[?]: The Xiangyang troop has taken a detour to leave the city.

[?]: Good. Let’s do it.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: It’s time to step down, Cai Mao.

Under the cloud of rumors, Liu Bei hasn’t visited Xiangyang in a while.

Under the gloom of war, that group of men have also avoided taking leisure trips.


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