Ravaging Times

chapter 237

Sometimes Heaven just likes to toy with mortals.

This year’s rainy season should have already ended a long time ago, but the rain still won’t stop.
I know what is on everyone’s mind.

But no one dares to say it out loud.

[?]: The wall is giving way again!

[?]: Hurry! Patch it up!

chapter 237 Father Tiger, Daughter Pup

Everyone knows that it is all over if the wall goes.

Another month like that has passed.

[?]: Mommy.

[?]: Mommy, I’m leaving.

[Meng]: I already told you, little one,

[M]: I’m not your mommy.

[kid]: Well you smell like mommy.

[M]: I’ll say it again. Your mother died, and I…

[kid]: I know, you are an eunuch. Chen Gong told me a while back.

[kid]: But I also know that father likes you. He just doesn’t say it.
[kid]: Did you know that mommy used to live here…

[M]: Rubbish. Why don’t you go spend more time with your father if you’re so bored?

[M]: Don’t you know that once the rain stops –
[M]: you’ll be married off to Shouchun‘s Yuan clan, in exchange for Yuan Shu‘s military aid?

[kid]: Easily marrying a prince. Why would I be said over such a bargain?
[kid]: You don’t understand because you’re not a woman.

[M]: What?

[kid]: Don’t all women yearn for such a wonderful husband?
[M]: Who taught you that, little one?

[kid]: Father.

[kid]: A Lü must always be more direct than others.

[kid]: Climb higher by any means necessary.

[M]: No wonder your father has no remorse for killing his foster fathers Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo.

[kid]: You are unrealistic, Xiao Meng, just like everyone else.

[kid]: Everyone in the world wants to climb higher. Cheapen one’s loyalty versus committing massacre – isn’t the former method kinder?

[M]: But by rites they are still your grandfathers.

[kid]: My grandfather is a Lü; not a Ding, nor a Dong.

[M]: Father said, exchanging millions of lives for a good name is the filthiest method.
[M]: That is how a Lü is different from the other conquerors.

[M]: Lü’s good name is already long gone.

[kid]: Which conqueror hasn’t done all the unthinkable?

[kid]: When power is in hand, hasn’t the Liu emperors been benevolent for centuries?

{sfx: loom~}

{sfx: ka-boom~}

[M]: See, Heaven disapproves.

[M]: You are a Lü, little one. Why are you scared?

[kid]: Ha… ha. I’m not scared, I’m angry…

[kid]: I hate… hate myself for not being able to share my father’s burden…

[kid]: And I hate myself more for not being a man,

[kid]: unable to fight alongside him on the battlefield!

[kid]: And I really… hate…

[M]: Say it.

[kid]: that a tiger begot a pup!

[M]: Little one,
[M]: why do you hate it?

[M]: Life shouldn’t be this way.

[kid]: No… no… It is a Lü’s way.

[kid]: It’s our way!

I held her that day
with thunder and lightning wavering in my heart,
as if lighting the contradictory feelings of the conqueror.

You are human after all, Lü Bu!

This suffocating uneasiness is pushing the mind toward a breaking point.

I just might want to be comforted too.
To cry my pains secretly.

Ding Yuan, Dong Zhuo. With Heaven’s backing,

are you laughing too?

But your laughters sound so unpleasant.

The one to laugh now, however,

should be me!

Because I lived longer than you two.

I can still do what I want to do.

And you two can only live on useless tombstones.

It is true that I am very weak at the moment.
I cannot even protect my own daughter.

But I dare not say it.
Nor could I!

I am not afraid.
I am only angry!

Heavens, this is life!
My chosen life!

If it goes against your ways,
then I have nothing to say!

I am Lü Bu,
Lü Bu amongst mortals.

At the prime of my life,
fighting for my own way!

Lü Bu is also waiting,



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