Ravaging Times

chapter 227

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[Gao Shun]: Based on these tracks their rations transport couldn’t have gone far!

[soldier]: General Gao, the transport is heading into the valley!

[GS]: Faster, my brothers!

chapter 227 Into the Burning Pit
“lure the man into the urn” a Chinese idiom?
one version of the story goes: In ancient times there was an inspector who was sent to investigate a wicked magistrate. He asked the cruel local magistrate how he interrogates suspects. The magistrate says he puts them in a burning pot until they confess their wrong doing. The inspector then tells the magistrate to get in the pot. The magistrate promptly begged for mercy.

[soldier]: Sir!

[soldier]: Our Mount Tai allies are in pursuit of their escorting troops!

[GS]: They wanted to lure us away with their escorts, but now they’re defenseless.
[GS]: Excellent! They shot their own foot!

[soldier]: General Gao, we caught up!

[soldiers]: Gao… Gao Shun caught up!

[soldier]: Gao Shun is here!
[soldier]: Gao Shun is here!

[?]: Prepare for battle!

[captain]: Block them with the carts; run for it!

[captain]: Hurry!

{night . Yu Jin’s camp}

[?]: Tilt up,
/* “up three” */

[?]: Fire!

{sfx: shoo~

[outpost]: I see them.

[outpost]: They’re fast; must be cavalry!

[?]: The enemy is ready.
[?]: The fifth round of attack is about to begin!

[?]: Everyone get ready!
[?]: A tough battle is about to begin!

[Yu Jin]: Hoo! This isn’t the appetizer anymore.

{sfx: long~}

[Zhang Liao]: Their reaction is even slower this time.

[ZL]: The Cao army appears to be on edge.

[ZL]: Keep it up; keep them from sleeping.

[ZL]: The cavalry will rest upon returning; the infantry will go next.
[ZL]: Wear them out until the real offensive on the day after tomorrow.

[soldier]: Sir!

[soldier]: Xiahou Yuan and Han Hao’s remaining troops have returned. Altogether three thousand, five li from here.
/* “li” is a distance unit */

[soldier]: We’re ready, awaiting your orders!
/* simplified */

[ZL]: Change of plans.

[ZL]: We should stay put until they withdraw.

[?]: You mean wait for Xiahou Yuan’s men to return to camp?

[ZL]: Correct. If all goes well Gao Shun should’ve obtained their rations.

[ZL]: How long can they last with three thousand extra mouths but nothing to eat.
/* reworded */

{sfx: don~ don~ don~}
/* rhymes with “on” */

[?]: Somebody!
[?]: Somebody!

[?]: Hurry up!
[?]: This man’s dying!

[?]: Call doctor Hua now!

[Xiahou Yuan]: Hold on, big brother! Hold on!

[official 1]: Advisor Guo, our rations can’t support the additional troops!

[official 1]: We should take on the enemy with everything we got!
[official 2]: We’re doomed if Zhang Liao decides to wait us out!
/* “…turns offense into defense! */

[Guo Jia]: That is distressing.

[GJ]: But only if we have lost all rations.

[Han Hao]: Yes, nothing’s definite yet.

[HH]: We haven’t lost our rations. They are just delayed.

[GJ]: How long will it take?

[HH]: Send an escort to the back hills tomorrow.

[GJ]: You were assigned to guard the rations for both camps. How could you leave you post?
[HH]: Uh…

[officer]: Right. How will the rations get here without a buffer?
[official]: Han Hao, how could you use this kind of excuse to save your boss?

[?]: Did you forget your priorities?
[?]: Han Hao, what do you have to say for yourself?
/* simplified */

[HH]: No, I did what Advisor Guo told me to.

[GJ]: I didn’t tell you to do that.

[GJ]: Unless you mean him.

[HH]: Yes. You said to obey him when Xiahou Yuan is absent.

[?]: Who… who is that?
[?]: Who is in our army?

[GJ]: Who else is worthy of my attention?

It’s that prankster.

{fire sfx: froom~}

{fire sfx: froom~}

[soldier]: General Gao, those carts are full of flammable material, not rations.

[?]: The fire is blocking our path, General, we can’t pass it.
[?]: It’ll take at least four hours if we go around!

[GS]: Speed won’t help us now, my brothers.

[GS]: Oh well, we can finally take a break.

[?]: Sir! THe Mount Tai rebels have been lured away. There is no obstacle ahead.

[Sima Yi]: Ok then,
/* “good, send word,” */

[SMY]: the rations transport will head out.
[rations officer]: Yessir.


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