Ravaging Times

chapter 159

Strategies and resourcefulness; achieving success and having principles.
(you can interpret the second part in two ways, another is, “there is a way to succeed”)
Strategies are set in stone, while resourcefulness is the true essence.
(“strategy is a dead thing”)
Success is the act, while having principles is the true essence.

The decline of Imperial Han caused the fragmentation of territories.
In addition to the major campaigns between warlords, hundreds of city-keepers fought for their own benefits as well.

{House of Water Mirror}

chapter 159 Principled Brilliance

[general Chen]: We meet again, advisor Dong.
[advisor Dong]: General Chen, I almost didn’t recognize you without your uniform.

[D]: Today we should talk only of academics, not old grudges.
[C]: Yes. Until another day in battle.

[scout]: Military Report, make way!

Make way!

[C]: That flag means our side continues to be ahead.
(“up flag” is a military term, I don’t know what it means; probably indicating which side)
[D]: Once I return I’ll surely turn the situation around.

[scout]: Song Li‘s army pushes from the east route and has taken two cities!
[scout 2]: Got it!

[scout 2]: Military Report, make way!

[?]: Song and Liang’s battle? They know about that even from this far?
[?]: No wonder Master Watermirror knows the world’s events without leaving the house.

[?]: Who’s teaching today?
[?]: Oh no, at the sixth courtyard again.

[D]: The sixth courtyard… that boy again!
[C]: No way! For two days he’s been repeating the same thing.

[?]: Song Li’s army will take two cities. Liang Ping‘s army will retreat ten li, then hold their ground.

[assistant]: Correct, the scout said Song Li’s army took two cities.
[?]: Then predict the next step.
[?]: Liang Ping will remain in defense and wait for a turning point.

[Water Mirror]: What do you mean?

[Seventh]: Since Liang Ping will not confront them, Song Li’s army could only strike the east side.
[Seventh]: But Song Li will soon withdraw his forces.

[WM]: Withdraw? Why do you think so?

[WM]: Song Li’s army is many times bigger than Liang Ping’s army. And with such a high morale, why couldn’t they break the enemy?

[WM]: Are you… exhausted?

[Seventh]: Yes, I would like a break.

[WM]: Give me a summary.
[assistant]: Fifteen consecutive rounds, all correct.

[assistant]: It’s a pity that he thought up this one so casually. Song Li’s army obviously has the upper hand, yet he…

[WM]: It appears that he’s distracted.

[servant]: Master, why not just let him go home.
(here “Master” is not “teacher”, but the head of the household)

[WM]: Advisor’s lesson: treat the classroom like a battlefield, with calmness as a basis.
[WM]: Must not get personal…

[WM]: Send someone to his home,

[WM]: and take care of his uncle’s funeral.

[Sixth]: Strategy, as they say, amounts to only one (type).

[C]: Not… not again.

[C]: Mister Fledgling Phoenix, can you teach us something new?
[C]: You already taught this lesson… yesterday.

[Sixth]: No, I’ll keep saying it until you people understand.

[Sixth]: In the beginning you want the enemy to know your next move.
[Sixth]: Then, you carefully predict his every move after that.

[Sixth]: If you’re talented, you let him know your next two moves.

[Sixth]: If you’re really talented, you let him know your next three moves.

[D]: Enough! Mister Fledgling Phoenix, we come here for three days and you talked gibberish for three days!
[D]: What you have said are all common knowledge. Can’t you teach us something useful?

[Sixth]: So you know? Then why is your Lord Liang Ping losing like that?

[D]: Stinking brat! You… you…
[?]: Composure, mister Dong.

[Sixth]: Next…

[Sixth]: if you’re really really talented…

[Seventh]: Class is over? So early today…

[Sixth]: I only teach the essence. if they don’t get it on day one, there’s day two, and day three.

[Seventh]: This concept might be too deep for them.

[Sixth]: When it comes to strategies, how many people can understand the reason for resourcefulness?

[Seventh]: And how many of these warmongers can truly understand the suffering of the people?

[Seventh]: Saying they’re for the people, but they’re just for themselves.

[Seventh]: In the end, calls for a dynasty-change only pits the common folks against each other.

[Sixth]: So your ideal still revolves around restoring Imperial Han?

[Seventh]: It’s just a way of setting an example, to teach people not to use dynasty-change as excuse for bloodshed.

[Sixth]: So you mean… you will still support the emperor even if he is King Zhou?

[Seventh]: Humans are born good. The fault of King Zhou’s evil is on the corrupt officials he grew up with.

[Seventh]: Blame it on the scarcity of good-intentioned advise, and on the mindless sycophants.
[Seventh]: When it comes to achieving success, how many people can understand the reason for having principles?

[Sixth]: It’s good to be loyal, but Filial Piety is also important. Your uncle raised you, so why aren’t you mourning at home?

[Sixth]: I’ll gladly substitute for your class tomorrow.

[Seventh]: No need.

[Sixth]: Then can you tell me what you’re teaching them?

[Seventh]: Three days of “the way of a Loyalist.”

[Seventh]: Full devotion until death.

[?]: The continuous rainy weather caused Song Li to withdraw. Sixteen rounds all correct – a new record.

[WM]: After teaching for more than half of my lifetime, finally…

[WM]: a god is before me!
(this is kind of “literal” translation; to be milder it should be something like “godly skilled”)

How many strategists can understand the way of resourcefulness?

How many warmongers can truly understand the suffering of the common folks?


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