Ravaging Times

chapter 140

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

In this world there are many ingenious people, as well as many ingenious strategies.

So too, does every Lord has his countless strategists and strategies.
Fighting a war is temporary,

but strategies are what’s continually controlling the distribution of power.

That’s how it is during this day and age.

chapter 140 Watch the Distant And Take the Nearby

{outside of Xuxian}

[Jia Xu]: I heard that last year’s harvest was good here. Will this year’s be about the same?
[Cao Cao]: Compared to other places, sure.

[CC]: Ever since the war broke out, the farmers had to join the army.

[CC]: Cannibalism had been said to be the norm around the Long River and the Huaihe regions.

[CC]: Taking over the world is a goal, but the reason is for the well-being of the people.

{Cao Cao}
[CC]: Except, many hegemons seem to have forgotten this reason.

[JX]: Yes. Soldiers used to be farmers, but farming is an empire’s foundation. True! True!

[CC]: Mister Jia isn’t here to observe my “agricultural military,” right?
/* http://kongming.net/novel/sgz/caocao.php */
[CC]: A man of your talents could’ve made it big; why would you serve under Nanyang’s Zhang Xiu?
{note: Zhang Xiu, Dong Zhuo’s subordinate “General who Guards the East” Zhang Ji’s nephew}
/* http://members.shaw.ca/jiuwan2/Ranks.htm */

[JX]: I’m here just to give lord Cao a gift.

[CC]: A gift?

[CC]: Could it be… that which was rumored to be hidden by Sun Jian, the Imperial Seal that all the warlords are after?

{Jia Xu}
[JX]: Oh, so lord Cao wants it too?

[CC]: The world under Imperial Han is in chaos, so who wouldn’t want to take the throne?
[CC]: With that move, Yuan Shu has again taken something I like.

[JX]: So you’re hinting that you’ve already sent someone after it.

[CC]: Hoo, one really must be careful when speaking to mister Jia.

[JX]: I heard that Sun Jian thought about giving the Seal to lord Cao, but unfortunately you were still weak back then. It’s strange though… now that lord Cao has become powerful, why hasn’t the Sun clan send it here?

[CC]: I think I missed it because of the trip to Xuzhou…

[JX]: Oh, or is it… lord Cao’s crime at Xuzhou made Sun Ce re-evaluate your Loyalty?

[JX]: But that’s superficial, no big deal, right?

[CC]: What do you mean?

[JX]: On the surface, the Imperial Seal seem to be beneficial for the conquest. But times have changed, and Emperor Guangwu’s trick won’t work anymore.
{note: One of the Emperors during the East Han dynasty, Liu Xiu, used the Imperial Seal as excuse to declare himself the Emperor}
/* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liu_Xiu */

[JX]: At this point, some are wasting their manpower because they don’t see the big picture; while some are preserving life, waiting for the right timing.

[CC]: I don’t know what you mean…

[JX]: The hell you don’t. I’ve studied this move of yours.

[JX]: Someone in the Yuan clan wants to be the Emperor, but a descendent of Imperial Han is still alive, which gives opportunity to those who want to protect the old ways.
[JX]: But when everyone’s attention is diverted elsewhere, you sir, would then take Changan…

[JX]: and use the Emperor to rule the lords!

[CC]: It’s getting late,

[CC]: go train the troops!
[general]: Yessir.

[CC]: So what are you going to give me?

[JX]: A mobilization date.

[JX]: Li Jue and Guo Si’s internal conflict has gotten out of hand, making a mess at Changan.

[CC]: You mean… you serve Zhang Xiu just so you can pave the way for me?

[JX]: Zhang Xiu regards me as a god, so if lord Cao wants to advance to Changan, he will not intervene.

[CC]: If you’re meaning to serve me… why do you sound like you have a problem with me?

[JX]: Lord Cao might not be righteous, but… Heaven is on your side.
[CC]: Why do you say that?

[JX]: Puyang’s campaign showed how lord Cao is favored even by Heaven.

[CC]: Everything went according to my plan, what’s Heaven got to do with it?

[JX]: Bullshit. Lv Bu would’ve killed you if it wasn’t for your luck. Isn’t that… Heaven’s favoritism?

[JX]: The right timing, right place, and right people are important to one’s conquest, but… so is luck.

[JX]: I believe in Heaven’s power.

[JX]: Only you have the guts to bet your life against Heaven.
[JX]: One day I will certainly obey Heaven’s Will and serve the right Lord.

[CC]: I can hardly wait. But, I seem to owe Zhang Xiu a favor.

[JX]: So just let him live.
[CC]: Mister Jia thinks I can’t handle him?

[JX]: Only if you want to bet your life against Heaven one more time!

[CC]: Hoo.

[?]: I get it.

[Sima Yi]: Faking his death will, one, help Sun Ce avoid his enemies;

[SMY]: two, give his former subordinates a chance to regroup and join those at Wan. Planting the seed of trouble for Yuan Shu.

[SMY]: The other goal is… let Yuan Shu take the throne.
[SMY]: Once he does, he and his brother will feel more divided, causing their clan to split up, and create enemies out of all the lords!

[SMY]: If this works… Yuan Shao will alienate his brother for his own face. Lord Cao can then shuttle between them, gaining benefits as he proceed with his plans.

[SMY]: Amazing, amazing! I finally understand why lord Cao values the Tians so much.

[Shan Wu Ling]: Unfortunately I will lose it all as a price for my mistake…

[SMY]: Milady’s story really did raise my spirit.

[SMY]: This setup is quite crafty, no one would believe it.

[SMY]: In that case, I’ll return the courtesy…

[Sima]: and tell you a story too!


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