Ravaging Times

chapter 196

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[?]: Even if it’s hard to believe,

[?]: that’s what happened.

[?]: We must be wary of anything out of the ordinary here in the county.

[?]: Arrest any suspicious individual.

[?]: And beware of rumors.

chapter 196 Number One General

[Cao Ren]: We don’t know if our Lord is alive or dead; we can’t let morale suffer.

[CR]: Everyone, when will the reinforcements head out?
{Cao Ren}

{Yue Jin}
[Yue Jin]: I have called for mobilization from various counties. I believe they will head for Wuyin tomorrow morning.
[officer 1]: What we need now we can take from the Imperial Treasury.

[officer 2]: But in the long run we still need rations from our supporting merchants.
[officer 3]: I’m afraid with such a rush they’re in a bind too.

[CR]: Then take it by force! If we lose Wuyin we lose a buffer zone, making our position even more dangerous.

[CR]: Guess who will come first if our main force leaves?

[Cheng Yu]: It can only be Lü Bu from the east; Liu Biao, the leading figure of the Imperial clan, is also a threat.

[CR]: Then within our own borders we must guard against Chen Kingdom’s Liu Chong too.
{note: Liu Chong is East Han Emperor Ming’s son “West Prince of Peace” Liu Xian’s great grandson}
/* not sure */

[CY]: This campaign against Zhang Xiu was thought to be riskfree, and yet…

[?]: Life is unpredictable. Who knew such a sizable army could lose.

[CY]: Though I’m certain Lü Bu and the Liu clan have long been working together.

[GJ]: Sure, or the Nanyang faction wouldn’t have acted as they did.
[CY]: Therefore we must first do what we’re supposed to in order to prevent future problems.

[CR]: Guo Jia, we’ll go make preparations. Give me your counter measure by this afternoon.
[GJ]: I’ll do my best.

[?]: Generals, go and get ready!

[GJ]: It’s frightening that this little Zhang Xiu could raise such a storm.
[CY]: It’s more frightening that we could not see it coming.

[GJ]: Right. Who’d have thought that Lü Bu and Liu Biao could come to an agreement?

[CY]: There is only one mastermind – a genius who is good with words and coordinative strategies.

[GJ]: A genius… So Advisor Cheng has realized it too?

[Xun Yu]: Water Mirror’s Eight Geniuses differ in opinion…

[GJ]: Who do you think… has the skills to pull us together…

[XY]: A teacher.

[XY]: Sixth has entered the scene.

{sfx: shoo~}

[Liang Ping]: Shoot’em dead, hahahaha!

[Li Dian]: Our rear flank is gone, all gone!

[LD]: Damnit they haven’t lost a single man!

[?]: Stat.

[Xiahou Dun]: Since the night ambush till now, the entire Qingzhou army has been wiped out.

[Cao Cao]: Forty thousand… How many years will we need to recover that amount!

[XHD]: They crushed us with only a few thousand men, not to mention their main force is still around.

[?]: I say Wuyin’s loss will only be a matter of time.

[?]: When reinforcements come, our backs will be wide open for the enemy to close in…

[CC]: Now we can only wait for a miracle.

[?]: My Lord, they stopped.

[CC]: S… stopped.
[XHD]: Miracle?

[CC]: No…

{flag reads: Zhang}
{sfx: long~}

{sfx: long~}

[CC]: The miracle has always been on their side!

[LP]: Haha, Zhang Xiu arrives just when we run out of arrows!

[LP]: Brothers, work with Zhang Xiu!

{shouting: kill~}

{shouting: kill~}

[XY]: Our enemies are on various fronts, so we must deal with them separately. Advisor Cheng should keep order within our territories.

[XY]: Guo Jia should deal with military affairs.

[XY]: Once our main force arrives we must guard against Liu Biao in the south.

[XY]: In addition, please send troops to Yushui, and Yu Jin will take it from there.

[XY]: And please cover for my post, Advisor Cheng.
[CY]: You… you’re not going to take part in this?

[GJ]: I take it shixiong is going to deal with Lü Bu personally?
/* shixiong = male upperclassman */

[XY]: Wouldn’t that make your jobs easier.

[GJ]: Thanks.

[GJ]: Xun Yu,

[GJ]: is it a miracle that we’re working together?

[XY]: Save it. Just do as I said.

[CY]: Oh, so he understands the urgency as well.

[GJ]: He assigned us to where we excel.

[GJ]: But this is only the appetizer. Sixth has yet to present the entree.

[CY]: This appetizer is already deadly poisonous. I’m afraid Yu Jin can’t take it.

[GJ]: Fear not.

[GJ]: Xun Yu always picks the right person for the job.

[?]: Formations!

[Song Li]: It’s time. Chen Nan should have begun.
[Hu Ju Er]: Ok!

Move out!

{shouting: kill~}

[Yu Jin]: Of all the training sessions,

[YJ]: I always come out on top.

[YJ]: Do you know why?

[YJ]: I’m not an overachiever. I do what I must.
/* distorted */

[YJ]: Xun Yu entrusted the main camp to me, and I will protect it with my life.

[Chen Nan]: Di… didn’t you leave with your troops?

[YJ]: That was my subordinate. I went to transfer troops from the rear to cover our losses, doubling our numbers.

[YJ]: After all that training, how can I not recognize an insider?

[YJ]: I made you gather your men to the back, just so it’ll be easy to finish you all.

{shouting: kill~}

[YJ]: They’ve come. A little closer.

[YJ]: They’re swarming us because they think we’re outnumbered.

[CN]: Damnit!

[YJ]: Ah, what a big target.

[CN]: Goddamnit!

[YJ]: Tasty.

[YJ]: This appetizer is really tasty.

{sfx: shoo~}

Yu Jin does not like to restrain himself, but he endured.

Then the ill intention tears through the smiling disguise, cutting flesh and spilling blood.


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