Ravaging Times

volume 52

Back Cover Couplet
Raging fire lights up the clouds; layered ships make a clean sweep

Previously on Ravages
Warriors of Shenting fought against the Cao army; gives one’s life at Haihun to repay one’s Lord

Ravages Afterword
Getting older again, and wiser still.
If you ask me what my recent eye-opening experience was, I’d say it’s the 2012 End-of-the-World conspiracy- that one where the business sector used a snowball-effect tactic collectively, using the unprovable prophecy by the Mayans and the push by the media to motivate frightened people into spend their money before death takes them, or stock up for the apocalypse. And then after the crisis is over, maybe they’ll spend money again to celebrate.
The scheme that exploited mass psychology created a miracle during the financial crisis.
There is a rise in birthrate in recent years, and a group of educators in both Hong Kong and Taiwan regions proposed a “Don’t Fall Behind At the Starting Line” theory. They are using timing to create a crisis.
I believe that many loving parents paid for this crisis.
One must wise up to certain things. The business world is an unfathomable place.
Dad, I don’t want to learn “Erhu“.
My child, the experts say that is a shortcut for getting into Cambridge!

Next on Ravages
And this place shall be called:
Gentleman Zhou’s Red Cliff
Volume 53
Showdown Against Cao Cao


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