Ravaging Times

volume 35

Back Cover Couplet
The dream of empire shatters; forcefully forging the Conqueror’s nation

Previously on Ravages
A carnage over the mass grave; a swordplay in the burial mount

Ravages Afterword
I often receive severe scolding from readers on the web whenever I miss the deadline for a new release.
This is unforgivable for a comic artist who has a responsibility toward the readers.
I have done my best, but my ability has limits. So I can only do my best.
The writing of Ravages has been going on for a little over eight years, while the history in the story has gone over eight years as well.
If we calculate based on this speed, my son will be drawing Red Cliff, and my grandson will be drawing Wuzhang Plains.
Spanning many decades – this shall become the most money-swindling comic in Chinese history.

Son, grandson~ Look, I have already paved the way for your future~
Granddad, people have stopped reading it a long time ago.

Next on Ravages
The God of War is killed (after) Xiapi is flooded;
a Conqueror is born (when) the waves crashed onto Shaxian
Volume 36
A Legend That Shocked The World


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