Ravaging Times

chapter 326

[?]: Oh!

[?]: No need to report ahead.
[?]: Yessir.

chapter 326 Unbound by Command
(“not accept lord’s/ruler’s command”; based on this phrase; trying to tie back to my version of chapter 314 title, “Bound by Friendship”)

[Zhang Liao]: Up.


[ZL]: Hoh!
(sounds more like “huh”)


[ZL]: You haven’t slept, my Lord?

[Cao Cao]: This blade is too heavy of a weapon for you, Wen Yuan.

[ZL]: Yun Chang sent it in for repairs but have yet to retrieve it. I was playing with it because I couldn’t sleep.
(“…took it wildly dancing a little”)

[ZL]: And just like you said, my Lord, it’s not easy to wield this heavy blade.
(“like master says, blade is heavy, not easy to use”)
[CC]: You’ve used Lü Bu‘s halberd before. How does it compare to Guan Yu’s blade?

[ZL]: Yun Chang’s blade is heavy because it’s single-edged. Master Lü’s halberd is lighter because it’s double-edged. It’s hard to say since they both have their strength.
(“yun chang’s blade is sharp on one side, thus heavy. sir lü’s halberd have two side edge, thus slightly lighter. both have strength, difficult to tell higher lower”)

[CC]: The weapon explains the warrior.
(“warrior, observe his blade, know his heart”)

[CC]: Yun Chang is too stubborn for me to persuade.
(“…not I could keep”)

[ZL]: He is bound by honor. It’s understandable…

[CC]: Wen Yuan…

[CC]: a general in the field is not bound by his lord’s command.

[CC]: Don’t pursue him. He’s serving a different master after all.
(“each serve different master, don’t chase”)

[CC]: Besides,

[CC]: how big of a loss is it when I still have you?
(“today/now I have wen yuan, what’s the difference”)
{flags read: Cao}

[ZL]: Hm.

[?]: Remember, leave behind everything that was given by lord Cao.
(“…bestowed upon by…”)

[Guan Yu]: Let’s go.

[GY]: Sun Qian, has Cao Ren left?
(spelling in wikipedia and kongming.net says “qian” instead of “gan”)

{Liu Bei‘s Attendant Clark, Sun Qian}
[Sun Qian]: Yes. Cao Ren has transferred his troop to the outer pass. You’re the highest ranking officer here.

[SQ]: Our Lord is in Runan. Now is the perfect opportunity for a rendezvous.

[GY]: So… what else did big brother say?

[?]: Second Master, are you still worried?

[SQ]: Our Lord said if he loses a son, he can have another.
(“master said, son lost, can still born another”; let me know if there is a precedence about such quotes; I didn’t read the English version of Ro3K)

[SQ]: But when a brother is gone, that missing arm will never recover.
(“but, brother left, how can broken/amputated arm recover”)

[?]: This path was paved by the three brothers.
(“this path was walked by three brothers”)

[GY]: Oh big brother…

[GY]: After all these years, I finally know your weakness…

[GY]: Our lofty ideal
(“…aspirational path”)

[GY]: will one day be ruined by your sentiment over this brotherhood!

Guan Yu bade his farewell in writing that day, then sealed off every gift that was given by Cao Cao.

With permission from Cao Cao, Guan Yu led all of Liu Bei’s family members and servants

on their way to Runan.

{Yingshui Pass}

[?]: Advisor, you mean…

[?]: Guan Yu has left our Lord and will be passing through this area.

[?]: But didn’t our Lord grant his safe passage?

{Cao Cao’s military advisor, Jia Xu}
[Jia Xu]: An officer in the field is not bound by his lord’s command.

[?]: You know that Liu Pi gave us hell. Having Guan Yu with them will just fan the flame.
(“daren also know that we have been hurt by Liu Pi, if Guan Yu joins in, will definitely pour oil over fire”)
{Grand Administrator of Yingshui, Shen Liang}

[JX]: Our Lord granted safe passage, but not for his brother Liu Bei.

[JX]: We should fulfill our duty as loyal subjects whenever we can.

[Shen Liang]: So you mean…

[?]: ambush Guan Yu to lure out Liu Bei?

[?]: Boss, this is the chance of a lifetime!

[SL]: Carry it out then.
[?]: Yessir.

[JX]: Deputy,

[JX]: notify our Lord that Runan’s rebellion is nearly over.

[JX]: I’ll return to Guandu soon.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Ugh.

[?]: You stink, beat it!

[?]: Disgusting. Shoo, away with you!

[?]: How was it?

[?]: Sixty people have been inside until nightfall.

[?]: Ten servants, forty henchmen, and ten family members.

[?]: The two are in the middle room, conspiring.
(“target in middle room, two are in conspiracy/discussion/scheming”)

[?]: Mm.

{sfx: cha}

{sfx: cha}

{sfx: ka}

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Second master will arrive soon, brother Zhou. Please guide him.
[?]: And pass this on: Jia Xu plays, danger awaits.
(“…Jia Xu enters situation, definitely very dangerous”)

[Zhou Cang]: Understood.
(“zhou cang accepts order”)

[?]: Keep watch.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I’m going in.

Some say, be open and candid.
(I’m tempted to translate this as “be upfront and upright”)

Yet others say, conduct in secret.
(“dark for taking action”; not sure how to interpret this)


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