Ravaging Times

chapter 306

[?]: Cao Cao is dead!

[?]: Cao Cao is dead!
[?]: Ignore that rumor! Maintain formation!

[?]: Stay calm, calm I say!

[?]: Stop retreating!

chapter 306 The Righteous Spirit of the Universe
(I am only able to associate this title with a song/poem written during the Song dynasty… translation 1; this reference would be anachronistic because the song/poem was written in a much later time period)

[Lü Meng]: The enemy’s pissing outta their asses!

[LM]: We’ve confused them. Attack’em from both sides!
(“the confusion strategy…”)
[LM]: Crack their asses open!
(“crack their butts”)



{sfx: don~}
(rhymes with “on”)

[Zhou Tai]: Huff!

[Xu_Chu]: Huff!

{sfx: zing~}

[ZT]: Come.

[XC]: Sir Dun, withdraw!

Our main force is on the run. This battle is lost!

[Taishi Ci]: Huff.

Damn it boy…

[Xiahou Dun]: Take that.
(“hit” ~ “score”)

[XHD]: Save your strength! Don’t fight them head on!

[?]: Retreat!

[?]: Retreat!

[Sun Ce]: Guan Yu‘s name has been lauded by all.
(“…spread all over the world”)

[SC]: And I admire you too.

[?]: Heaven has been so kind to me

[?]: to bring two famous men here.
(“for allowing me to meet two personages here”)

[Cao Cao]: You’re right. Kill the most hated criminal first,

[CC]: then win against the world’s number one warrior.

[CC]: Lumping difficult tasks together to make them easier to handle, right?

[SC]: So you agree that life is short.
(“Cao Cao also knows that life is too short”)

[?]: My Lord, that’s our third division!
(the same group as “team three” in the previous chapter)

[?]: General, look!

[?]: Am I seeing things? Is that him?
[?]: Yes it’s him! He’s here!

[?]: Guan Yu is here!

[?]: Guan Yu’s here!
[?]: Let’s go!

[?]: Formations!

[SC]: Haha, Cao Cao,

[SC]: Guan Yu stole your spotlight!
(“Guan Yu’s arrival makes you shine less bright”)

[?]: Guan Yu’s here!
[?]: Shi…shit!

[?]: Our Lord is right here; what the hell are they doing!

Guo Jia was right.

While he’s with us, Liu Bei means nothing.

But keeping his loyalty is another matter.

{sfx: pa}

{horse neigh}

Are you testing me, Guo Jia?

[Guan Yu]: Huff.

{sfx: ta}

[CC]: Sun Ce,

[CC]: I believe in heaven too.

[CC]: Even with all the power in the world, I am still loyal to Imperial Han.

[CC]: Manipulating power lets me
(“I manipulate power so as to control it”)

[CC]: keep corrupt vassals in their place!
(“forcefully press down on the treacherous ministers”; the Chinese fandom is having a field day with the innuendos in this chapter ^^;)

{horse neigh}

{horse neigh}

{more horse neigh}

[CC]: Even if no one else understands (my intention),

[CC]: heaven and earth will make it clear.

[CC]: Your ambition has led you down a wayward path from Sun Jian‘s loyalty.

[CC]: Heaven behaves in a constant manner. A renegade like you…
(the first part is the beginning of a quote from Master Xun‘s text, see the black page of chapter 309 for the citation link)

[CC]: won’t receive its blessing.
(“…protection from heaven”)

“Who gave you the right?” Sun Ce sneers.

He looks to Heaven for an answer, but Heaven does not speak.


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