Ravaging Times

chapter 110

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

One month later.
In warfare, the one who hits the opponent’s vulnerable point wins. The two sides stay put, until the enemy momentarily exposes its vulnerability.

Before the battle one must use diplomacy, psychology, strategy,
and also…


chapter 110 Timely Death

[Lv Bu]: Haha, what a timely death.

[LB]: Chen Gong, what do you think of this head that Xu Chu sent us?

[Chen Gong]: We used to work together, so how could it fool me? Though… it really looked like him.

[Gao Shun]: He has learned your bad habit of faking death, my Lord.
[LB]: Oh yeah, how many times have I died?

[?]: Then Xu Chu would use this as an excuse to stay in the Cao camp to wait for our next command?
[GS]: You mean Cao Cao intends to tempt us to attack the western part of the city, then ambush us there?

[LB]: With their rations gone, they’re looking for an opportunity like this to finish things quickly.

[CG]: Our spies report that the Juan and Chang regions may appear chaotic, but there are troop movements.

[general]: Since we have more rations than Cao Cao, why don’t we just drag it out, save some casualties…

[CG]: Absolutely not!

[CG]: Don’t forget that we’re surrounded by hostile warlords. How would we fend them off if we run out of rations?

[CG]: This battle must be decisive. And Cao Cao faking his death is just what we want.

[LB]: That’s right.
[LB]: And from now on, you all should ask the Advisor for orders, not from me.

[GS]: So is your strategy in full play, my Lord?

[LB]: Almost, except the last step.

[LB]: Cao Cao once said that wars can get tedious, and he likes pleasant surprises.

[CG]: When did Cao Cao say that?

[LB]: Of course I heard that from the man he trusts the most.

[LB]: He knows my next step, and I know his next step.
[LB]: The strategies are in contention, but… I say, Cao Cao!

[LB]: Have you awaken yet?

{west city}

{banner reads: homage to the dead}

{banner reads: for vengeance}

[captain]: The news has been spread to the neighboring provinces. The warlords are ready to take action.

[captain]: Then once Lv Bu tastes a bit of victory, the warlords will…

[Cao Cao]: They will help Lv Bu in the name of eradicating evil, hoping to have a say in Yanzhou.

[CC]: On the other hand, if we win, the warlords would accuse Lv Bu of being a dishonorable scoundrel and fight him to take Chenliu.

[CC]: Men are like that. Self-interest comes before honor. Once this war is over…

[CC]: Whoever got involved would just give me an excuse,
[CC]: and dirty his hands before any justification.
/* not sure */

[captain]: My Lord, you are right, except right now you…
[soldier]: A living man sleeping in the coffin is ominous. Please get up, my Lord!

[CC]: Lv Bu probably wants me to sleep in here for real.

[CC]: Oh right, how did you handle the assignment?
[general]: Ever since their “assassination” of you, my Lord, I have already captured the Lu Jin faction.

[general]: I have also placed Xu Chu in the back camp, who will be waiting for your next order. And I have deployed troops around the west city as well.

[CC]: Everyone, the decisive battle is about to begin.

{sfx: pa.}

[Xiahou Dun]: Yuan, time to wake up.

[CC]: I want good news.

[XHD]: And you shall receive.
/* “please wait for the good news” */

[?]: First infantry, get ready!
[?]: Third cavalry…

[captain]: General Dian Wei, please do as I said…

[Dian Wei]: No, I have a task to complete.

[CC]: How could Lv Bu not know that I sent him a fake head.

[CC]: That’s why I would certainly place ambush around the west city, waiting for his coming. However…

[CC]: What would happen to my men if I am killed for real?

[CC]: Before the battle one must use diplomacy, psychology, strategy, and also…

[CC]: assassination.

[CC]: Dian Wei, I heard that you used to be an assassin too.

[CC]: There are two kinds of assassins. One is the straightforward kind, while the other only strikes after gaining the trust of his target.

[CC]: Do you remember Niu Fu’s death?

{sfx: cha~}

[DW]: I do.
[CC]: Lv Bu likes to place assassins near his target. Hu Chi Er was like that.

[DW]: The Lu Jin faction was better known, so they were the bait.

[DW]: But I’m the assassin.

Jin Ke’s assassination attempt of Emperor Qin, every step is closer to victory.
/* not sure about the second part */

{sfx: cha~}

[DW]: How could I not recognize assassins like you!

[CC]: Dian Wei, send out the news of my death.

[CC]: I want Xiahou Dun and the rest to lose control!
[DW]: Yessir!

At dusk, all of Lv Bu’s insiders who tried to take advantage of the chaos are captured.


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