Ravaging Times

volume 22

Back Cover Couplet
Find common ground beneath trickery; wake loyal souls with battle cries

Previously on Ravages
Battle of Shenting frightened even the gods; Sun Ce showed his might in the Eastern Region

Ravages Afterword
In these past months, a few things always make me tremble with fear…
One, I partook an important event of life.
Two, I continue to discover sophisticated readers of Ravages.
Three, the very moving book signing event in Taipei.
Four, I drew Side-stories of Ravages for a major Taiwan newspaper.
Five, I heard there will be an even bigger project to take on.
Six, the constant break in syndication angered a lot of readers.

A great number of people attended Chen Mou’s book signing event, making headlines.
Mou’s Book Signing
I want a refund, you stupid comic artist!
So you showed up. Get him!
You hit the wrong guy, that’s Gu De…
(Gu De Zhao, or Vincent Kok, is a Hong Kong actor who sort of resembles Chen Mou; as seen in God of Cookery)

Next on Ravages
Facing a gorgeous flower,
but it is a rose with thorns.

Recalls a promise,
takes a life,
and begins a journey of no return.

Volume 23
Brave Souls Lost For Lust


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