Ravaging Times

chapter 206

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Everything remained the same that day.

Except with a different face.
{banner reads: guests come like the cloud}

[official]: Ten from shop one!

[official]: Five from shop three!

[official]: Three from shop four!
[official]: To the back quarters!

chapter 206 Finest Dame

[official]: Interrogate them!

[?]: They don’t even serve the Sima clan anymore, and yet… ay…
[owner Zhang]: All these interrogators. Cao Cao is thorough this time.

[owner Li]: Officer, don’t you know how we are with Lord Cao? How… how can you…
[officer]: It’s just protocol, mister Li, don’t make it difficult for us! Take them!

[?]: Oh, even the Shan clan is effected.
[Z]: Looks like they haven’t caught the main culprit of the Sima clan.

[official]: Where is mister Zhang?
[Z]: I’m here!

[Cheng Yu]: Mister Zhang, your business is doing well.
[Z]: Nonono, I bought this shop from the Sima clan, but I didn’t change anything else, not so well.

[CY]: Most of Sima clan’s shops are now in your hands.
[Z]: I always felt that Lord Cao’s territory is a good place to invest in.

[CY]: Your confidence in my Lord is praiseworthy.

[Z]: But this incident is making us investors very nervous.

[Z]: In order to catch Sima clan’s followers you have taken many of my workers.
[Z]: You must know that they are the vital work force.

[CY]: This is just for safety reasons, you understand.
[Z]: Please don’t take it the wrong way. We just want an explanation.

[CY]: Oh right, mister Zhang has a strong foundation in Henei,

[CY]: ever thought about taking a step further?

[Z]: You mean…

[CY]: My Lord is interested in recruiting a business partner to replace the Sima clan.
[Z]: Yes… yes! Please recommend us, Sir Cheng.

[CY]: Sure, sure.

Everything remained the same.

But true intentions are unpredictable.
{banner reads: Shan residence}

[officer]: Remember! News of the Sima clan must be reported immediately!
[servant]: Yes, yessir.
[officer]: Let’s go!

[?]: Searching at will; fucking Cao Cao forgot how loyal we are to him?
[?]: Bastards those Hegemon all are!

[Shan Cheng]: Stop cleaning. They’ll return tomorrow.

[SCheng]: I opposed Wu Ling’s marriage to Sima Yi. Now she’s in for it.
{Shan clan elder, Shan Cheng}

{Shan clan elder, Shan Chi}
[Shan Chi]: We made a choice; what else can we do now? You certainly didn’t oppose making a fortune.

[?]: Now old Tian at Puyang will be in trouble too. I heard that Cheng Yu has sent someone after him.
[?]: That boy’s the blame.

[?]: I say only Sima Yi’s death will make our lives better.
[?]: Don’t even think about it, bro. Our “demoness” would make you pay.

[SCheng]: This “demoness” is devoted to her sweetheart. If that boy’s dead, we’ll soon follow. Wise up.

[?]: Hmm, so quiet today.

{screaming: yah~}

[SCheng]: Not again.

[Xiao Qiu]: Master… help…

Dirty bitch~

[SChi]: Wu Ling! Don’t…

[Q]: Help…

{sfx: cha~}

[servant]: Xiao Qiu!

[?]: Somebody! The Misses…
[?]: She killed someone!

[SCheng]: Wu Ling, stop it!
[SCheng]: Do you know what you’re doing?

[?]: Keep her still, don’t let go!
[Shan Wu Ling]: Zhong Da!

[SWL]: Zhong Da! Are you dead?
[SWL]: That dirty bitch said you’re dead!

[SWL]: You must come back! Come back!

[servant 1]: Xiao Qiu, how… how is she?
[servant 2]: Ay…

[SCheng]: Don’t cry, Wu Ling! Zhong Da’s gone; he’s not coming back!
[SWL]: I… I can’t find him…

[SWL]: Can’t find him… Not in the city…
[SWL]: Why is there… no word of him…

[SChi]: Wu Ling, Zhong Da made a big mess, and we’re doomed as well.
[?]: You’re our pillar, please keep it together.

Everything remained the same.

Except a storm is coming.

[Xu Ding]: Xiao Qiu died?

[spy]: Yes. Their misses has lost her mind to the devils.
[spy]: Whoever we send to watch her either gets chased out, or killed like Xiao Qiu.

[XD]: Maybe they were found out?
[spy]: Impossible. We’ve been there for a long time.

[XD]: You men stay. Keep me posted of any news.

[subordinate]: Boss, it’s been a while now; maybe Sima Yi has gotten away.

[subordinate]: Besides, the Shan clan is Lord Cao’s main support. If we continue the search it might backfire…

[XD]: Yes. Let’s stop for now.

[XD]: I’m exhausted too.

[Lao Da]: Hoo!

[LD]: Those two really are spies.

[subordinate 1]: Luckily you found out, boss, or who knows what would happen.
[subordinate 2]: You sure are our boss, more so than the one down there.

[LD]: Haha, let them live for now. Might come in handy.

[?]: You sound cheerful, boss.

[LD]: I left the Sima clan because their lack of ambition sickens me. Now…

[LD]: Hahaha.

Everything remained the same.
And yet…

[SWL]: Letting Xiao Qiu spot you, how can you be so careless?

[SWL]: Now is not the time for a stroll.

[SWL]: If you want a book I’ll send it over.

[Sima Yi]: Thank you.

[SWL]: Your family is well, though the kids are not used to the place. I’ll think of something.

[SWL]: And the elders all listen to me, so no worries.

[SMY]: Wu Ling, go to Yuzhou for me.

[SMY]: I kept some funds there; reward some of local officials while you’re there.

[SWL]: I knew you had something else planned.

[SWL]: Speaking of which, the Shan clan had risen to Sima clan’s status for that very reason.
[SWL]: Choosing to support Cao Cao is one path, but a foolproof scheme is needed to prevent a misstep.

[SWL]: Thus the Shan clan never just support one power. Anyone with a potential can be invested in. Profit knows no friend or foe.

[SWL]: Whichever falls will be replaced by the other.

[SMY]: That means…

[SWL]: You bet. We’ve planned this out long ago.

[SWL]: Remember this mister Zhang who bought your shops?

[SWL]: He’s my godfather Zhang Wang, who has now infiltrated the Cao clan.
/* real person; historically the real father of Sima Yi’s wife; here changed to godfather */

[SWL]: With his influence, Sima clan’s former subordinates can be protected.
[SWL]: That’s essential for your future resurgence.

[Zhang Wang]: Young Mister Sima, my daughter has given you this insurance.

[ZW]: So even if you fail again, there would still be money to help you.

[SWL]: How about it? Don’t you have that crazy idea of becoming a hegemon?

[?]: Support a hegemon, empower him, then…

[SMY]: swallow everything Cao Cao has.

[SMY]: I swear, never again would I let my followers throw their lives away in vain.

[SMY]: And I know how to make Cao Cao employ me again.

[SWL]: Take it slow.

[SWL]: I know this is a long battle, and you need a strong supporter.
[SWL]: I now bet all of Shan clan on you.

[SMY]: Wu Ling, I have begun my journey of no return,

[SMY]: and I have also found my Lü Bu Wei.
/* the investor/supporter/profiteer of First Emperor of China */

That wolf glances back at Cao Cao while keeps walking forward.


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