Ravaging Times

chapter 170

He was close to the heavens.
Some say Sun Ce was the closest mortal to god during that era.
(“close” can be interpreted as physical proximity, or likeness)

Therefore he also saw ghosts more often than the average man.

[?]: Haha…

[?]: Unbelievable.
(“(I) saw ghost”)

[?]: Unbelievable…

chapter 170 Ghostly Shadows
(layers upon layers of ghost shadow”)

[Lao Da]: You too.

[LD]: I’m also… responsible… for your father’s death…
[LD]: Why… why are you still saving me?

[Ling Tong]: The Ling family exists solely for the Sun clan.

[LT]: It’s the duty of a family subordinate.

[LT]: We must do everything that benefits the Sun clan.

[LD]: Kid… are we friends too?

[LT]: Whoever’s loyal to the Sun clan is my friend.

[LT]: Even if they… had killed my father!

[LT]: Lao Da, your breath really stinks…

[LT]: Even ghosts couldn’t bear it anymore.

[?]: Haha, a squirt and a geezer.
(word-play, “small ghost” for a young person, “old ghost” for an old person)

[LD]: Ha… how I wish… they’re really ghosts.

[LT]: No problem. We can still be friends in the Underworld.

[?]: Move.
(“step aside”)

[?]: Don’t stand in the way.

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Kid, the gates to hell isn’t open yet.

{sfx: ta}

{sfx: don~}
{Zhou Tai}
[Zhou Tai]: Go this way.
[LT]: Got it.

[LD]: Haha.

[?]: There’s an ambush?

[?]: Stay calm. No one’s around; he’s alone!

[?]: He’s dead meat. Go!

[ZT]: I…

[ZT]: like being alone!
(“got used to being alone”)

{sfx: cha~}

[ZT]: Go together.

[ZT]: Have some company down there.

{sfx: pong~}

[ZT]: Hmm, he really is down there.

He… he’s just like Dian Wei…

[ZT]: Young Master is near the river downstream. You two go first.

{sfx: pa~}

[LT]: So…
[LT]: they were ghosts.
(“(I) saw ghost”; the sudden return to calm, as if no enemy soldiers showed up)

[?]: The main camp is lost, retreat to the second camp!
[?]: Stay calm! Our Lord is okay!

[Sun Ce]: Wait.

[Huang Gai]: Stop fooling around! Everybody’s waiting for you!

[SC]: Hold on.

[Taishi Ci]: Huff…
[TSC]: Huff…

[SC]: Aren’t you hungry, Taishi Ci?

[TSC]: Very… but, only your death… can satisfy my hunger!
(“only by eating you up can my hunger be filled”)

[SC]: You win, hungry man.
(literally “I’m afraid of you”, because Sun Ce doesn’t want to kill Taishi Ci even if he could, and not sure how to stop his pursuit; also, another pun! “hungry ghost” is just a way to call a very hungry person)

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pa!}

[TSC]: What… is the meaning of this?

[SC]: That’s my “head”. Use it to avoid punishment.

[TSC]: I don’t need your pity.

[SC]: I have to take the Eastern region. No time to visit your grave.

{sfx: pong~}

[sfx: pa~}

[ZT]: Keep or not?
(as in “should I take his life?”, but could also be “stay or not?”)

[SC]: It’s easy to die, Taishi Ci…
(“it’s easy to be a ghost”)

[TSC]: (but) It’s hard to live!
(“be a human”; in the sense of living according to rules and morals and responsibilities)

{sfx: don~}

[TSC]: This,

[TSC]: a trade.

[SC]: I will “treasure it”.

[?]: Just let him get away like that?
[HG]: No one knows what goes on in our Young Master’s head.
(“only ghosts understand”)

[SC]: “Lone Paladin”, what do you think?

[ZT]: Both are excellent.

[SC]: Both?

[ZT]: One I just got a taste of; the other… a very dependable youth.

[SC]: Then I want to put them together…

[HG]: Let’s go, Bo Fu.

[ZT]: Are you planning something, Young Master?
(“…you want to use a tactic/trick/scheme?”)

[SC]: Yes.

[SC]: Take a few men and go up the mountain.

[SC]: Invite a ghost out for me.


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