Ravaging Times

chapter 459

{the Qu River}

[?]: Nothing to see here. Get back!
[?]: No crowding. You hear me?

[?]: Look, officer, that guy’s coming to shore!

chapter 459 Yi De And Wen Chang
(courtesy names of Zhang Fei and Wei Yan)

[?]: Third master! Get on!

The third battalion is in the hills.

At the river bank there are…
[Zhao Tong]: Have some balls and don’t run, Zhang!
(“…have guts will stay”)

[Zhang Fei]: Haha, so annoying.

[ZT]: Damn it, I ain’t done with you!

[?]: Give it up, Zhao Tong, you won’t catch’em!

[ZT]: Your granddad ain’t giving up!

[?]: Make way! Make way!

{galloping sfx}

[ZT]: Send troops to block the mouth of the river!

[ZT]: They’re turning toward the crossing!

The second battalion has two thousand men.

The path is at the valley entrance with woods on the left and river on the right.

[?]: The third battalion’s position is in the seventh painting.

[?]: The second battalion’s position is in the eighth. He captured it all.
[?]: Boss, this spy is quite amazing.

[?]: He recorded it all. Do we have time to redeploy?
[?]: Might be too late.

[?]: By the way, where is Wei Yan?
[?]: He already set off.

{sfx: ta~}

[?]: Third master, up there!

[?]: That boy’s up there!

Not bad, young man, not bad!

[ZT]: Make way! Make way!

{sfx: pong~}

[ZT]: Hoo.

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Third master, we’re home free once we pass through here!

{sfx: ta}

[ZT]: Think again.
(“not that easy”)

[ZT]: Bull’s eye.

{sfx: zing~}

{sfx: pong~}

Five streets with four sentries. A defense force of a few hundred.

{sfx: ka}

The battalion in the hill would be the archers.

[ZF]: Don’t kill him.

[?]: Yessir.

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Let’s go, third master!

[ZF]: Boy,

[ZF]: see you later.

[ZT]: Get back here!

[ZT]: We’re not done yet!

{sfx: ta~}

[ZT]: Huff.
[ZT]: Huff.

[ZT]: Huff.

Twenty large ships and thirty small ships in the last painting.

All memorized.
[?]: Oh, they’re here.

[?]: Third master, the vagrants have donned their armor and are ready for action!

[ZF]: Listen up, the maps are lost, so I’ll direct in person!
(“all generals listen orders…”)

[ZF]: Unit one head down the hills and straight for the enemy camp!

[ZF]: Unit two with me! We’ll head for their third battalion!

[ZF]: The second battalion is near the hills. Keep one unit in the hills!
(I’m very confused about whether it’s “unit one” or “one unit” in this current context)
[ZF]: Notify our men in the city to start burning ships once they see the signal!

[?]: Third master, noise in that direction!

{cavalry sfx}

[ZF]: Must be new arrivals.

[ZF]: I might’ve been followed.

[?]: Listen up, Liu Bei’s troop is down below.
(“generals soldiers listen orders…”)

[?]: Use arrows to fend off their first unit closest to the hills!
[?]: Have infantry block their second unit at the road’s entrance!

The third unit will be rear guard…

[?]: Their third unit is rear guard, so I’ll block the valley’s entrance!

[Wei Yan]: Zhang Fei is out of reinforcements!
(“enemy zhang fei…”)

He moved fast, then redeployed his men faster than me!

[WY]: Have you painted this hill yet, Sir Zhang?


No, unfortunately…
(“unfortunately [you] predicted”)

Yet how fortunate it is to meet an even match.

This makes the battle worth it!

And he could feel that his opponent shared the same thought.


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