Ravaging Times

chapter s2

The fighting between Imperial Han and Yellow Turbans rocked the whole court with its intensity.
Even a little well-to-do government position had its value boosted by more than a factor of ten.

That day I bought a bun as I passed by a shop.

[peasant 1]: Here’s (the fee) for this month, officer.
[officer]: Put it down.

[officer]: The protection fee will go up again next month.

[officer]: The Sima clan is making quite a profit these years.

The Ravages (of Time) Side Stories chapter 2 Liaoyuan Huo, Leader of the Handicapped Warriors

[officer]: STOP!

[officer]: Stinking brat! Stop!
[peasant 2]: Whoa! Even the officers got robbed.

[peasant 2]: So many foreign beggars now that the world is a mess.
[peasant 3]: Yes, and they’ll do anything for food.

[officer]: He’s heading for the back alley!

[officer]: Damnit! Go to hell!

{sfx: cha~}

[officer]: Bull’s eye.

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: ta!}

[officer 1]: Not… not dead?
[officer 2]: Don’t just stand there! After him!

That day I asked him what he wanted. He said…
just a bun.

I said if you can steal a (record) book from the officers,
and run to the ruins, then I’ll give you one.

[boy]: Huff!
[boy]: Huff!

He agreed (to it) without a second thought.

A life for a bun. Sadly that was how we lived in that day and age.

[officer 1]: Stink… stinking brat, some strength you got there!
[officer]: Huff!
[officer]: Huff!
[officer 1]: Give us the record book!

[officer 2]: Give what? Nothing short of your life would appease me.

[cripple]: Officer… you want to kill him…?

[officer 2]: None of your business, cripple. Step aside.

[cripple]: Yes, here no one will see…

[cripple]: me,
[cripple]: kill (you)!

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

You know, living in a crazy world like that,

who doesn’t bloody their hands?

{sfx: pa~}

People in the Yanzhou region kept hearing about the legend of an one-eyed assassin that year.

[Liu Da]: To kill a man, first wear him out – doable.

[LD]: Second, choose your locations – doable.

[LD]: Thirdly, strike when he’s least expecting it – doable.

[LD]: Excellent. Now you can rightfully take my place.

[cripple]: Looks like you have saved enough to buy a government job, boss?

[LD]: I’ll leave you my eye-patch. I hope you can carry on the legend of our group.

[boy]: You… you agreed…

[boy]: Lure them here… a… a bun.

[LD]: What’s your name?
[boy]: A lowly name… isn’t worth mentioning.

[boy]: I held on… just to see you.

[LD]: I’m glad that this investment cost me so little.

[boy]: Yes, we are helpless like that.

Upon hearing those words –
I felt pity.


[cripple]: Boss, behind you!

That is why
we must strive for a better life.
(“climb up in life”)

{sfx: cha~}

By whatever means necessary.

[LD]: Fourthly,

[LD]: to complete the mission,

[LD]: sacrifice everything – doable.

[LD]: You must know these by heart,
[LD]: the Assassin’s Creed.

[boy]: Keh… damn!

[boy]: Damn!


{sfx: pa~}

[boy]: Fifthly!

{sfx: cha~}

[boy]: Blood cannot be wasted!

[boy]: I’ll eat as much as I bleed!

{sfx: cha~}

What… is he counting on?

[boy]: The goal has been reached.

[boy]: One bun… for three lives.

[boy]: I wonder how much saving that did you, old man?
(“…old brother”)

[LD]: What are you trying to say, boy?

[boy]: My lowly life is my capital.
[boy]: Feed me, and it’s yours!

I bought a bun and another me that day.

[LD]: Ha…

[LD]: Haha! Hahaha!

That day in the ruins I laughed.

After that I took him in.
In the winter of that year I left the Sima clan for a government post.

It was then that I learned what living hell is like. Men in those positions were more vicious than wild beasts.
A few years later Dong Zhuo came to the capital and retired us all.

Having lost everything, I had to pick up my sword and the old ways once again.
I looked forward to my second chance.

I don’t even remember how many people I have killed.

But whenever I pass by a bun seller,
I would occasionally be reminded of that boy.

And still remember… the bun he liked to eat.

And still remember… how I lived my life.

And still remember… that fearsome one-eyed assassin.

[Sima Yi]: You’re right. Can’t argue with that logic.
(“(your) calculation is correct. I have nothing to say.”)

[SMY]: And just when we need a talent like you to replace the dead fifth (generation) leader.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I, Liaoyuan Huo, am willing to empower the Sima clan.

I think that maybe… my era is about to end.

What will I be doing years from now?
(another possible reading is: “After all these years, what am I doing?”)


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