Ravaging Times

chapter 84

[Jia Xu]: Now that you still have time,

[JX]: will you accept my well-meaning advice,

[JX]: or… choose a total defeat?

[Ma Teng]: Meng Qi, know what you should do?
{note: Ma Chao, courtesy name Meng Qi}

chapter 84 Galloping To Success

[Ma Chao]: I can’t wait to get you out of my sight, boy.

{sfx: pa}

[MT]: You numskull, is that how to treat the man who saved you?

[MT]: Why use an ox-cleaver to kill a chicken? Someone else will do it for us.
[MC]: What?

[MT]: He’s right. No matter how tasty the noodles here are, they don’t have that “taste of home” like Xiliang.

[JX]: May you gallop to success!

[MT]: Meng Qi, send word to Liangzhou, tell them to prepare. And as for Han Sui up north…
[MT]: remind him of that strategy when he pulls out.

[MC]: Take out that guy? Got it.

By noon, Ma Teng’s army gradually withdrew from Changan.

{city sign: Changan}
[JX]: Open up.

[JX]: The enemy has retreated. Whether you decide to pursue them or let me in, just say something.

[Li Jue]: I just received Xiliang’s news about the plan to eliminate Lü Bu. Why wasn’t I informed?

[JX]: Because there might be Lü Bu’s spies around you, so I took the liberty…

{sfx: cha~}

Ma Teng was right;
someone else will do the deed for him.

[LJ]: You and your hidden agendas will bring us more trouble.

Yes, you will be sidelined… if I live.

My Lord! I have done my best to save Changan, but your men don’t get it. Forgive me!
(more literally the last part is “don’t blame me”)

This arrow is a sign from you, right?

What I can do now…

is to complete my grand scheme!

But… I am more thrilled by something else at this moment…

[JX]: Fourth, you are alive!
[Fourth]: Yes!

Jia Xu left Changan that afternoon.
There were many rumors of his reason. Some said he quit because of his mother’s passing; some said he left because he could not gain the trust of his superiors.

Lü Bu’s remaining army is currently facing the onslaught of Dong Zhuo‘s loyal forces at Liangzhou.

[captain]: Sir! Lü Bu’s mercenaries are all dead!

[soldier]: Sir! Lü Bu’s third battalion is finished! His fourth battalion is nearly wiped out as well!

[soldier]: The fifth battalion is finished too!

{banner reads: “pay homage to the dead” or “in mourning”}

[general]: So is the commander…

My Lord!
We have avenged you!

We have avenged you!

We have avenged you!
We have avenged you!

[captain]: Sir! We have avenged our Lord!

[captain]: Good news! General Chen Xiu has taken Lü Bu’s head inside the city!

[general]: Lü Bu? You sure you weren’t seeing things?

[general]: His body is right here!


{Liangzhou’s south gate}

[captain]: How is it?
[scout]: Something’s going on in the city.

[captain]: Is there an attack signal?
[scout]: Not yet.

[scout]: Master might be in trouble.

[?]: Whoa man, you’re tough!
[?]: You look dignified, must be Lü Bu’s number one man.

[?]: What a mess, brother Zhang Liao, have you been ambushed?

[Zhang Liao]: If you want a piece of me too, just try.

[?]: We each take what we need. I doubt you want to keep fighting.


[?]: I want in, you want out, no conflict of interest.
[captain 1]: Go!

[ZL]: I certainly can’t refuse such courtesy.
[captain 2]: Make way! Let them go in!

{gate sign reads: south gate}
[ZL]: By the way, what is your name?

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: One of your kind.
(assassin-like, nameless)


[ZL]: Ma Chao’s vice commander Pang De?
[ZL]: No wonder he’s that skilled. Looks like Ma Teng has seen through our plot.

[?]: Now… we’ve lost our army strength and resources, right?
[?]: Yes, and without resources… Yuan Shu won’t take us in.

[ZL]: I think… perhaps Jia Xu didn’t expect to lose his home base after killing us.

[Lü Bu]: No, I think he has accounted for that too. Don’t you see how Liangzhou is now its own power?

[LB]: In other words, Ma Teng and Li Jue will keep each other in check.

[LB]: Jia Xu must’ve already left Changan.

[LB]: A man is freed when he loses everything; his thoughts will become clearer than before.

[LB]: I finally understand Jia Xu’s goal.

I see the light of dawn beyond the darkness.
The Darkness Ideology!

Ma Teng’s subordinate Pang De breached the south gate the next morning. Ma Chao arrives by the next day, taking Liangzhou, Dong Zhuo’s home base.

Ma Teng set a scheme in motion on his way out of Changan.

It is said that Fan Chou did not pursue Han Sui’s retreating forces because they were from the same town.

Li Jue’s faction believed the rumor and charged Fan Chou with treason so he could be executed during the banquet. Though another explanation is that Li Jue killed Fan Chou for his share of military power.
Without Jia Xu around, the remaining three begin to alienate each other, until they eventually destroy themselves.


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