Ravaging Times

Volume 45

Back Cover Couplet
We find real Loyalists in time of turmoil; we seek righteousness through a narrow path

Previously on Ravages
Water Mirror’s First Genius falls to assassin; the bubble of Yuan clan’s world domination bursts into nothingness

Ravages Afterword
My son’s name contains the hanzi 溥. Hundreds of people have spoken that name since his birth, but only two people knew its pronunciation as “pǔ” instead of “bó”.
At first I tried correcting them, but eventually I stopped bothering.
I regarded it as a literacy test for the speaker.
For this volume we got ourselves a genius illustrator named Michael CTY.
He’s an illustrator for MMORPG.
This time he painted a gorgeous book protector for the readers. The classical western painterly style has long been an inspiration, and I can’t take my hands off of it (making the book protector cost more money, hence the price increase; just this once; Hong Kong version only).

I moved to a new office, but those roaches just won’t leave my desk alone…
British Museum, hurry and make the purchase!

Next on Ravages
Or maybe he is getting used to the fact that,
one by one, his beloved students are going to leave him.

Volume 46
The crow returns nurturing to its parents

(really didn’t want the book protector, since it increased the price; but kinda don’t have a choice. T_T)


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