Ravaging Times

chapter 175

{Xuzhou . Xiapi}

[Zhang Fei]: Big Brother! Are you crazy?

[ZF]: Raising a tiger has already become a joke, but this is even…

[Liu Bei]: My brother, this is His Majesty‘s wish.

[ZF]: But…

chapter 175 Each has His Enemy

[Jian Yong]: Don’t worry, Sir Zhang, lord Liu knows what he’s doing.
{Jian Yong}

[LB]: You can stay if you’re worried.

[ZF]: Go and get yourself killed.
(“no one is there to stop you from heading to your death”)

[Liaoyuan Huo]: From Sir Zhang’s expression…

[LYH]: must be the Emperor’s Edict to have lord Liu fight the ambitious Yuan Shu, right?

[ZF]: We all know this is Cao Cao‘s diminution tactic.

[LYH]: Then our plan to deal with Lü Bu must be set aside for now.

[ZF]: I can’t accomplish anything with a foolish brother like him.

[LYH]: Why do you criticize a man who puts righteousness first?
[ZF]: I have always been rational.

[Guan Yu]: Though the history books may say you’re foolhardy.

[ZF]: Historians, too, are under the control of others; what do they know?

[ZF]: Take this.

[GY]: Map of the nearby battlefield… When did you go?

[ZF]: Going by this route will reduce casualties.

[GY]: You’re not going?

[ZF]: Xuzhou wasn’t easy to get. I want to guard it personally.

[ZF]: Besides, you’re more skilled than me on the battlefield.

[GY]: What about you?

[LYH]: I’m just an assassin, not a soldier.
(“…don’t know how to fight war”)

[GY]: Both of you are staying?
[?]: Ah, Chen Deng has come too.

[Chen Deng]: The Chen clan will provide the military funding.

[CD]: Don’t worry; this is how reputation is accumulated.
{Chen Deng}

[GY]: Right, a rare opportunity.

[ZF]: Cut the chatter on the battlefield, brother; just take care of big bro.

[GY]: Tsk, why don’t you?

[LYH]: Bad news?
[CD]: Yes.

[CD]: No amount of money would be enough if you keep searching like this.

[LYH]: Keep searching. Bones can’t be wandering about either.

[ZF]: Search for whom?

[LYH]: A “younger brother” of mine.

[ZF]: Didn’t take you for the sentimental type.
(“Didn’t think you would value comradship.”)

[LYH]: I see what you’re up to, Sir Zhang.

[ZF]: Less talking; let’s go drinking with somebody.

[LYH]: Cao Bao again?

[ZF]: Yes! Cao Bao again.

[?]: I knew you like to fake drunkenness.

[ZF]: Haha, Chen Deng.

[ZF]: I want you to spread the rumor about me being reckless. Make sure everybody around here knows.

[CD]: What’s your intention!?

[LYH]: After Lord Liu is sent away,

[LYH]: wouldn’t that man come?
[CD]: You mean…?

[ZF]: Lü,
[LYH]: Bu.

{Yuan Shu’s territory}

[Ji Ling]: You mean Liu Bei will take action?

[Zhang Liao]: I’ve been observing the mobilization, and it seems Liu Bei has accepted the Imperial edict.
{Zhang Liao}

[JL]: My side has already done preparing. What about yours?

[ZL]: Proceed as planned – attack from behind.

[ZL]: Don’t worry. By now I already know everything about Xuzhou.

[?]: Cao Cao’s timing is perfect. He’s doing this when Liu Bei’s influence is still weak.

[JL]: Liu Bei has two powerful subordinates.

[JL]: I want to know who I’m up against this time?

[ZL]: Strategically speaking, the mighty and inspiring one will lead the offensive;
[ZL]: the wise one will maintain the defenses.

[?]: Guan Yu.

[JL]: Then your opponent is Zhang Fei.

[ZL]: He and I have always shared a “common ground”.

[?]: Based on this number of supply wagons, I say Ji Ling has a sizable army.
[?]: This foolish Liu Bei doesn’t even know his own limits.

[?]: But his Loyalty is admirable.

[?]: Oh no, Master wants us to go to the Eastern region to congratulate Zhou Yu, but someone…

[?]: Sixth, I want to see how this turns out.

[Sixth]: Is this your excuse, Seventh?

[Seventh]: What are you trying to say?
[Sixth]: You’ve always had a prejudice against Fifth.

[Seventh]: I just respect people who aspire to save the country.

[Sixth]: It’s funny that you always dislike the same type of people.

[Seventh]: Who else?
[Sixth]: Haha, you know.

{an outer city of Xuzhou}

[Sima Yi]: Two hundred thousand picul of food rations; please check.
(石 here may be pronounced as “dan4” instead of “shi2” as I previously translated, see page 8 of this; Chinese source)

Two hundred thousand picul for whom?

It looks as if everything has been decided.


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